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Basic Info of Fulvic Acid

What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is the best micro-structure of all living organisms disintegrated, and its structure likewise consists of possible solar product, originated from photosynthesis, solar power helps to advertise the special top quality and biological activity of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid deposition arises from the disintegration of large quantities of plants by bacteria. It is a normally taking place raw material obtained completely from decomposing ancient plants as well as animals. It is doing not have in contemporary food plants and is very vital to human physiological task. Fulvic acid is without a doubt the best natural acid discovered in nature. It becomes part of the humus structure in a productive garden compost dirt and also is very limited. With its acidic residential or commercial properties, just in uninterrupted virgin woodlands can numerous beneficial microbes generate very small amounts of fulvic acid in a dirt atmosphere consisting of disintegrated plant matter and also sufficient oxygen.

Fulvic acid is known as an exceptional electrolyte, which can supplement greater than 70 sort of minerals as well as trace elements required by the human body, advertise the acid-base equilibrium of the human body, feed on totally free radicals, intricate heavy metals, cleanse pollutants, enhance immunity, and trigger useful cell. In the process of life tasks, lots of natural acids directly participate in biochemical responses, amongst which numerous natural acids play a very vital duty. Some organic acids have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-mutation and anti-cancer effects; some can raise coronary blood circulation, hinder the generation of lipid peroxides in mind tissue, soften blood vessels, as well as promote the absorption of calcium as well as iron aspects; Some have the result of protecting against disease and promoting metabolic process. In the process of individuals’s life tasks, the amount of organic acids in the human body straight affects individuals’s health.

Fulvic acid is likewise called fulvic acid and also fulvic acid (mineral resource). It is an exceptionally complex black natural substance with biologically active homes, the utmost aerobic decomposition item of all living compounds, it has uncommon residential or commercial properties and capabilities to alter and also transform molecular combinations, consisting of almost all natural and also not natural compounds located in nature.

Fulvic Acid Uses

  1. As a photosensitizer, fulvic acid can generate a series of photoactive substances by absorbing ultraviolet light or solar radiation. Studies have found that fulvic acid can produce some short-lived and strong oxidizing active substances under the radiation of sunlight. Active substances can oxidize organic pollutants that are slowly degraded by direct photodegradation or cannot absorb ultraviolet light or sunlight to degrade, and promote the degradation of these substances.
  2. As a kind of humus, fulvic acid is a kind of natural photoactive component. After absorbing light, a series of free radical reactions can occur to sensitize the organic pollutants in the water body and promote the degradation of these organic pollutants to a certain extent.
  3. Fulvic acid is known as an excellent electrolyte. It can supplement more than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body, promote the acid-base balance of the human body, remove free radicals, complex heavy metals, detoxify pollutants, enhance immunity, and activate beneficial cells.
  4. Fulvic acid has the ability to chelate, buffer, adsorb and catalyze; it can effectively absorb harmful substances from the environment and the process of digestion and metabolism, and purify the internal environment of the human body; maintain vigorous metabolism and promote cell growth; A variety of intestinal diseases, improve immune function; it has the effect of calming the nerves and regulating sleep; it contains a variety of active enzymes (amylase, protease, cellulase, etc.) to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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Application of Fulvic Acid

  • Fulvic acid is the best electrolyte known to guy
    Fulvic acid is an organic natural electrolyte that can aid balance and advertise bio-carriers in contact with it, enhancing organic properties. An electrolyte is a material that is readily soluble in water or various other suitable energizable medium. The restoring buildings of electrolytes are called “stunning presentations” and “perfect experiments” by researchers. During numerous tests, when the energy of the electrolyte was gotten rid of, it caused the cells to rupture as well as pass away; when the power of the electrons was reestablished, they ended up being energetic once again. The electric potential is zero when a person dies. These research studies validate that the correct extraction of electrons is of wonderful benefit to the health of plants, animals and humans. Fulvic acid has actually been shown to be a powerful organic electrolyte that stabilizes cellular lif.

  • Fulvic acid is the most powerful antioxidant as well as totally free extreme scavenger known
    The majority of the totally free radicals are oxygen complimentary radicals. It is distinct because it can respond with both negative and also favorable electrons, turning them right into safe complimentary radicals. As a chelate for refining as well as transporting organic minerals and other mobile nutrients, it has the capability to transform bad free radicals right into good ones. If the chemical make-up of the free radical misbehaves, it will be withdrawed as well as secreted from the body.
  • Fulvic acid is an all-natural small particle chelating detoxifier
    With its unique molecular structure as well as useful teams, fulvic acid can adsorb many heavy metals as well as organic toxins in the environment, and can chelate lead, cadmium, mercury and various other heavy metals bound in the human body out of the body without harming the protein structure. While chelating unsafe heavy metals, fulvic acid can supplement the mineral elements that the body lacks and optimize the physical features of the body. It can also break down the residues of herbicides and chemicals as well as various other natural compounds in pets as well as plants, so it has a cleansing result.
  • Fulvic acid is likewise an ultrastructural compound whose distinct interaction system is triggered when it enters into contact with a microorganism
    Fulvic acid has likewise been shown to be present in the body to help trigger protective and also defense reaction, while sending information, despite a solitary exposure. All organisms can produce immune stimulating substances to shield the body versus infectious illness, including people, plants, pets and also microbes. Fulvic acid has selective residential properties and also can instantly reduce or supplement the body’s immune response according to the body’s demands.

    What are the certain features of fulvic acid to human life?
    The earliest record of the application of fulvic acid is located in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the Ming Empire, which contains carbonaceous and rot wood “Wujin Powder” to deal with sore discomfort and gynecological metrorrhagia, which implies that fulvic acid has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and also muscle-building impacts. “Compendium of Materia Medica” mentions that “Chengdong rotten wood” has “alkaloid preference, cozy in nature, non-toxic”, and appropriates for “personal pain, diarrhea, pus as well as blood in feces, centipede bite, hand as well as foot discomfort, no inflammation and also no comply with, rotten timber. It is great to prepare soup as well as heat the sore spot.” Fulvic acid plays a medicinal function in decayed timber as well as decayed wood.

Fundamental Efficacy of Pharmaceutical Quality Fulvic Acid

  1. Interior usage in the body: Promote the development, motion as well as oxygen-carrying ability of red cell, remove blood waste, advertise blood circulation, relieve anemia, soften capillary, as well as minimize blood viscosity.

    Enhances vitamin and mineral valuable micronutrient supplements, amplifies the effect of natural teas and casts, chelates all monovalent and divalent metals, chelates body toxic substances, as well as eliminates poisonous heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium from the body; likewise promotes liver metabolism, keep the balance of liver feature, boost liver detoxing feature. Is a powerful all-natural electrolyte that restores electrochemical balance. Boost immunity and also anti-cancer ability, stimulate the body’s enzyme system, rebuild the body’s body immune system, boost fitness, improve immunity and also resistance to disease, hinder the growth of cancer cells, and also relieve pain. Fulvic acid slowly repairs damaged cells in the body as well as restructures cells. Anti-ulcer, safeguard the gastritis membrane, manage the acid-base balance in the body.

  2. Exterior use the human body, anti-inflammatory, disinfection as well as blood loss, therapy of skin diseases.

    Treats open injuries, alleviates discomfort and also gets rid of melt scars, promotes injury recovery, promotes recovery of ulcer cells, eliminates discoloration due to skin bruising, is a wide range antimicrobial and disinfectant, treats breakouts as well as skin inflammations, help in cuts and Abrasion, help recover insect attacks as well as spider bites, neutralize toxin ivy and toxin oak. Skin diseases are common as well as frustrating. There are powders, fluids, and also lotions for humic acid skin. For some usual skin diseases such as chronic eczema, papular urticaria, call dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, pustules, acne, frostbite, prickly heat, It has remarkable medicinal impact on pruritus, old and wrinkly hands and also feet, tinea pedis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, and so on.

  3. Charm and also health care: humic acid cosmetics have better sunscreen, windproof as well as skin treatment results.

    Fulvic acid can properly regulate the microcirculation system of the human body, and also has physical functions such as promoting metabolism, nourishing the skin and protecting cells. Additionally, fulvic acid is one of the most powerful antioxidant as well as totally free radical scavenger recognized, which has a significant result on protecting against aging, prolonging life, reducing fat, reducing weight problems, and also beauty.

    Currently, fulvic acid has a good conditioning effect on the list below conditions:.

    Minimize negative responses after drinking (hangover), gastroenteritis illness, respiratory system illness, dysmenorrhea in women, anorexia nervosa, sleep problems and dreaminess, recuperation from weakness, looseness of the bowels, constipation, change of man and also female physiological functions, cataracts, decrease of 3 highs, diabetic issues, mind Apoplexy, coronary infarction, stroke, varicose blood vessels, lymphatic illness, piles, joint inflammation disease, neuropathic headache, joint inflammation, rheumatism, dizziness as a result of qi shortage, physical tiredness, palpitation as well as breast rigidity, lung respiratory disease, rhinitis, stone, body odor, lump Cancer, leukemia, AIDS.


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