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Basic Info of Folacin

What is Folacin?

Folic acid, also called vitamin B9、folacin, is a water-soluble vitamin. One of the vitamin B complicateds of folacin, comparable to pteroylglutamic acid (PGA), was removed as well as purified from spinach leaves by Mitchell (H. K. Mitchell, 1941), for this reason the name folic acid. In 1981, the Language Board of the American Academy of Nutrition (CNAIN) jointly described folic acid as well as relevant compounds with folic acid biological task as fo-lacin. Biological activity is usually expressed in devices of weight.

Most of the folacin in the diet plan is a polyglutamic acid substance, which can not be totally taken in right into the blood. Experiments were done with 14C-labeled pteroyl polyglutamic acid for the second glutamyl residue, which is broken down to pteroyl glutamic acid throughout absorption, radioactive folic acid complimentary in lotion, and also 14C in breathed out breath. The break down of polyglutamate chains occurs within digestive mucosal cells. Folacin is saved in percentages in the liver.

There are a number of forms in nature, as well as its moms and dad compound is composed of 3 components: pteridine, p-aminobenzoic acid as well as glutamic acid. Folacin, in the form of the cofactor tetrahydrofolate, is an important nutrient for several metabolic functions, such as the formation of red blood cells in the blood (which needs vitamin B12 to work together), as well as the metabolism and use of healthy proteins as well as amino acids.

Folic Acid Uses

  1. Biochemical study; professional drug is vitamin B team, used for the therapy of pregnancy and also infantile huge cell anemia; as food fortifier; additionally made use of in pharmaceutical market, etc.
  2. The anti-anemia medication, folacin, is utilized for symptomatic or nutritional gigantic cell anemia, and also is additionally able to avoid most neural tube problems (NTDs).
  3. Folacin is an anti-anemia medicine. When animals as well as chicken lack folic acid, cravings is lowered, development is stunted, as well as plume growth is poor.
  4. Folacin can be made use of in baby food, the dosage is 380Chemicalbook ~ 700μg/ mg; in the special food for pregnant females as well as nursing moms, the dose is 2 ~ 4mg/kg.
  5. In the polyamide sector, folacin is made use of to prepare nylon and is additionally utilized as a resources for saturated polyurethane.
  6. Folic acid is utilized in feed, medication and also food, yet generally for feed.
  7. Substrate for dihydrofolate reductase.

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Physiological Feature of Folacin

  1. As a coenzyme of the one-carbon unit transferase system in biochemical responses in vivo, it acts as a one-carbon device transfer body.

  2. Participate in the synthesis of purine as well as thymine, and also additional synthesize DNA and also RNA.
  3. Join amino acid metabolic rate, and also serve as a one-carbon unit service provider in the interconversion process in between glycine and serine, histidine and also glutamic acid, and also homocysteine as well as methionine.
  4. Take part in the synthesis of hemoglobin as well as methyl compounds such as epinephrine, choline, and creatine.

Folacin plays a crucial function in the synthesis of healthy proteins as well as nucleic acids as well as the metabolism of various amino acids.

Take part in purine and pyrimidine synthesis: As a coenzyme, it joins the development of purine as well as pyrimidine in nucleic acid synthesis, and also contributes in mobile DNA synthesis.

Participate in the common conversion of amino acids: Participate in the common conversion of two-carbon amino acids as well as three-carbon amino acids. Advertise the conversion of phenylalanine and tyrosine, histidine and also glutamic acid, cysteine as well as methionine. Furthermore, folic acid is a component of iron hemoglobin.

Human Folic Acid and its Causes


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