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Basic Info of Ferrous Lactate

What is Ferrous Lactate?

Ferrous lactate is a natural compound with the chemical formula C6H10FeO6, which is a green-white crystalline powder or crystal. A little stinky, a little wonderful metal preference. This product comes to be yellow-brown consisting of ferric salt when wet or its aqueous remedy is oxidized. Light can promote oxidation. Iron ions respond with other preservative and are simple to color. Liquified in water, it forms an environment-friendly transparent liquid, which is acidic. Nearly insoluble in ethanol.

Ferrous lactate is generally made use of for the therapy of ischemic anemia. Iron is an essential element in the body and is an important component of hemoglobin, myoglobin and also numerous tissue enzymes. Lack of iron can trigger iron shortage anemia or various other iron shortage diseases. Ferrous lactate has a high absorption rate as well as can be utilized as an iron supplement. The primary side effects of ferrous lactate are noticeable stomach responses. After taking it, symptoms such as nausea, throwing up, as well as stomach pain might occur, which might create constipation, black stools and also various other professional manifestations. When treating anemia with dental iron, it is necessary to focus on the diet regimen, eat even more nutritious as well as conveniently absorbable food, consume even more dried out fruit food, individuals should not smoke or drink alcohol, must eat an affordable diet, and pay attention to remainder.

Ferrous Lactate Uses

  1. Iron (II) lactate is used for iron fortification of foods, especially dairy products for infants and young children.
  2. Ferrous lactate is primarily utilized as artificial additive as well as feed additive. Made use of as iron fortifier for food, fortified milk powder, biscuits, bread, rice, sweet, and so on.
  3. Ferrous lactate can be used as a pharmaceutical reference standard for the determination of analytes in pharmaceutical formulations by near-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy.
  4. Ferrous lactate can be used to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia from various causes such as chronic blood loss, hookworm disease, protein-energy malnutrition (malnutrition), pregnancy, etc.
  5. Iron is an indispensable element in the body, and it is an important component of hemoglobin, myoglobin and various tissue enzymes. Lack of iron can cause iron deficiency anemia or various other iron deficiency diseases. Ferrous lactate has a high absorption rate and can be used as an iron supplement.

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Application of Ferrous Lactate

Ferrous lactate has rich and strengthening functions. It is neutral in color and taste, and soluble. It is used in acidic foods with pH lower than 4.5. In this case, the sensitivity of oxidation and conversion to ferric form is low, which leads to discoloration. In foods with higher pH values, instability can be prevented by complexing with ligands that prevent browning and discoloration. It is used to strengthen drinks and fruit juices.

Ferrous lactate can be used as a nutritional supplement (iron fortifier). The daily requirement for adults is 16mg and that for infants is 6mg (Japanese standard). The added amount of iron agent for fortified milk powder is about 6mg/100g. The dosage for wheat flour, biscuits and bread is 2-3 mg/100g. The absorption rate (to iron) of the fortified soybean milk of this product by rats is very strong. Color regulator.


Those who dislike iron are restricted.
Use with caution in patients with alcoholism, liver disease, intense infection, digestive tract inflammation, pancreatitis, etc.
Long-lasting usage can trigger too much iron in the body as well as trigger chronic hemosiderosis.
It should not be taken with solid tea.
After taking this item, it can make the stool darken, as well as when the larger dosage is used, it can interfere with the occult blood examination of the stool, as well as it vanishes after stopping the medicine.
Please consult your doctor or pharmacologist for dose for kids.
Disabled when the residential or commercial properties of this product are changed.
In case of overdose or major adverse reaction, seek medical focus instantly.
Youngsters must be utilized under adult guidance.
Maintain this medication out of the reach of kids.


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