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Basic Info

What is Ferrocene?

Ferrocene is also known as “dicyclopentadienyl iron”. A sandwich metal compound. Molecular formula (C5H5) 2Fe or C10H10Fe. Molecular weight 186.04. Pale yellow or brown needle-like crystals with camphor odor. The melting point is 172.5-173°C, and the boiling point is 249°C. It sublimes above 100°C and does not decompose when heated to 400°C. Stable to alkalis and non-oxidizing acids. Soluble in dilute nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, alcohol, ether, benzene, petroleum and acetone, insoluble in water and sodium hydroxide solution. Soluble in dilute nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid to form a dark red solution with blue fluorescence. It is very stable to heat, ultraviolet rays, air, acid, alkali, etc., if it is heated to 400 ° C, it will not change, but it is sensitive to oxidants. Although ferrocene is not oxidized by air at room temperature, it can be oxidized to ferrocene cation by air in solution.

Ferrocene is aromatic and is a typical non-benzene aromatic compound, which can undergo typical aromatic electrophilic substitution reactions such as sulfonation, acylation, and alkylation. It can also form charge transfer complexes with tetracyanoethylene and nitrobenzene. The ultraviolet spectrum in ethanol and ethane has great absorption values at 325nm and 440nm. In the presence of ethylenediamine, using tetrahydrofuran as a solvent, the reaction of ferrous chloride with cyclopentadiene, or the removal of cyclopentadiene with potassium hydroxide in dimethoxyethane and dimethyl sulfoxide solvents Protons can be obtained by reacting with ferrous chloride hydrate. Used as an ultraviolet light absorber, catalyst, rocket fuel additive, gasoline anti-shock agent, silicone resin and rubber curing agent.

Ferrocene Uses

Ferrocene is a natural shift steel substance with fragrant properties, likewise referred to as biscyclopentadienyl iron and dicyclopentadienyl iron, the molecular framework contains a divalent iron cation as well as 2 cyclopentadienyl groups Anion is the raw product for the manufacturing of ferrocene formic acid. It was first produced by the reaction of cyclopentadiene magnesium bromide and also anhydrous ferric chloride in the 1950s. It is orange-yellow needle crystal as well as powder at room temperature, as well as has a comparable camphor Smell, coming from non-polar compounds, quickly soluble in numerous organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, ether, petroleum ether, fuel, kerosene, diesel oil, methylene chloride, benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. Due to the reasonably big polarity of ethanol, It is generally best to liquify in toluene. Insoluble in water, soluble in focused sulfuric acid, insoluble in steaming caustic soda remedy as well as hydrochloric acid, does not decompose. Its particles are polar, with high thermal security, chemical stability as well as radiation resistance. It has a large range of applications in industry, agriculture, medication, aerospace, energy conserving, environmental protection as well as other markets. The major applications are introduced as follows:

  1. Energy-saving smoke suppressant and antiknock representative used as gas. For example, it is utilized to make fuel antiknock agent, shedding rate driver of rocket propellant, strong fuel for aerospace, etc.
  2. Made use of as a driver. As an example, it is made use of to make artificial ammonia driver, as a healing agent for silicone material and also rubber, which can protect against polyethylene from derogatory light, and also when utilized in agricultural compost, it can be naturally degraded and also damaged within a certain period of time, without affecting farming and also fertilizing.
  3. Utilized as gas antiknock representative. It can replace the toxic tetraethyl lead in gasoline as an antiknock representative to make top-quality unleaded gas, so as to remove the environmental pollution as well as human poisoning caused by gas discharge.
  4. Made use of as radiation absorber, heat stabilizer, light stabilizer and also smoke prevention.
  5. In terms of chemical residential or commercial properties, ferrocene resembles fragrant substances and is not vulnerable to addition responses.

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Application of Ferrocene

Ferrocene and many of its derivatives have not been widely used, but have many niche uses, using unusual structures (ligand scaffolds, candidate drugs), robustness (antiknock formulations, material precursors), and redox (reagents and redox standards).

Addition of Ferrocene to Gasoline and Diesel

Gasoline and diesel are mainly used as fuel for automobile ignition-type internal combustion engines. Fuel oil burns in a very short moment in the combustion chamber of the engine, that is, it is discharged. Such fuel combustion is not complete, and the remaining fuel combustion is an intermediate product or even unburned. This will not only reduce the fuel usage rate, but also cause a large amount of harmful gases, such as hydrocarbons and intermediate products of incomplete combustion of fuel oil, to be discharged into the air and pollute the environment.

Gasoline is a substance added to automobile fuel for the purpose of “energy saving and emission reduction” to improve the combustion performance of gasoline, increase the mileage of a car that consumes a certain amount of gasoline under the same conditions, and reduce the emission of harmful substances. This substance is a fuel additive, and ferrocene is one of the fuel additives. The method of adding ferrocene to fuel to improve the combustion efficiency of fuel in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine has been widely used.

The main function of adding ferrocene to gasoline is to reduce the incomplete combustion of fuel, so that the carbon deposit and the emission of harmful substances in the exhaust gas will be reduced accordingly, saving fuel, eliminating black smoke, etc., which can greatly reduce pollution and improve the environment; Adding 0.1% ferrocene to diesel can save fuel oil by 10-14%, and reduce the smoke level in exhaust gas by 30-80‰. In addition, adding 0.3‰ to heavy oil and adding 0.2% ferrocene to coal can reduce fuel consumption and reduce smoke by 30%; adding ferrocene to gasoline can also increase the octane number of gasoline and improve Anti-knock combustion performance of fuel oil.


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