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Basic Info of Ferric Sodium EDTA

What is Ferric Sodium EDTA?

EDTA sodium iron salt is the sodium iron salt of EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid). It is a broad-spectrum molluscicide, which can kill snails and slugs and protect crops and garden plants. In particular, it can eliminate the intrusion of common snail Cornu aspersum. It functions by interacting with and destroying hemocyanin, a copper based compound that exists in the blood of mollusks and arthropods and is responsible for carrying oxygen (similar to invertebrate hemoglobin). It can kill snails and slugs in a few days. It can also be used as a food fortifier and a source of iron to supplement food for nutritional purposes.

Sodium ferric ethylenediaminetetraacetate (NaFeEDTA) is a chelated iron nutritional supplement. It is widely used in flour and its products, solid beverages because of its advantages of high absorption rate, high solubility, less gastrointestinal irritation, and less impact on the sensory and intrinsic quality of food carriers in recent years. , condiments, biscuits, dairy products and health foods, it has a good effect on improving iron deficiency anemia in large populations.

Sodium iron ethylenediaminetetraacetate (iron EDTA) has been widely used as a new iron supplement in recent years. As an essential trace element for livestock and poultry, iron plays a very important role in breeding and production, and plays an important role in sow production performance, piglet growth and development, metabolic process and physiological defense function. Iron is a cofactor of the body’s antioxidant system peroxidase (CAT), which plays an important role in preventing lipid oxidation and maintaining meat flavor.

Ferric Sodium EDTA Uses

  1. Ferric sodium EDTA can be utilized as a dietary supplement (iron) or as an iron stronghold. Sodium iron EDTA is a perfect iron supplement, which can be extensively made use of in flour, soy sauce, health care products, dairy items, medications, etc.
  2. Ferric sodium EDTA, ferric salt ethylenediaminetetraacetate, has several advantages as a nutritional fortified iron resource: efficient absorption, 2 to 3 times that of typical iron fortifiers; good taste, no rust scent; chelated iron, no Intestinal irritability, stable during food handling and storage.
  3. Ferric salt EDTA is used as complexometric titration reagent, made use of in farming to treat chlorosis of trees.
  4. Biochemical Research. Mainly made use of as oxidant; photosensitive material processing chemicals and also bleach; black and white movie thinning agent. Biochemically used to get rid of inhibition of enzyme-catalyzed responses due to map heavy metals. plant cell society.
  5. Ferric sodium EDTA has the qualities of being quickly soluble in water, having no rust smell in aqueous solution, excellent security as well as simple absorption by human body. An item with taste and also good water solubility, it is a substitute for iron dietary supplements.

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Application of Ferric Sodium EDTA

A veterinary slow-release sodium ferric EDTA premix, each 1kg of the premix contains 20g sodium ferric EDTA, 10g coating agent, 5g aspartame, 10g oregano oil, garlic 10g vegetarian, 945g starch dimension powder.

In this method, sodium ferric EDTA is prepared into a sustained-release veterinary premix after enteric coating, and the optimal process is selected, the product properties are stable, and the fluidity is good. The effect is remarkable.

After the sodium iron ethylenediaminetetraacetate is coated with an enteric coating agent, there is no rust smell, which can effectively solve the defects of the existing iron supplement preparations such as poor palatability and excessive stress, and is convenient for administration to livestock and poultry groups. At the same time, the enteric-coated sustained-release preparation prolongs the action time of the drug and has a long-acting and sustained-release effect. The active ingredients of the product are not easily lost during storage, transportation and use, which effectively ensures the stability of product quality.

This product not only has a significant iron supplementation effect on livestock and poultry, but also can increase the feed intake of livestock and poultry, reduce the ratio of feed to meat and diarrhea rate, thereby improving the growth performance and survival rate of livestock and poultry.


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