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What is Ethylhexylglycerin?

Ethylhexylglycerin (CAS No.: 70445-33-9) is an extensively made use of preservative synergist that acts as a moisturizer and conveys a positive skin feel to formulas. It can considerably improve the wide range of numerous typical preservatives (such as phenoxyethanol). Ethylhexylglycerin makes the disinfectant system a lot more effective and quicker by reducing the surface area tension of microbial cell walls and also decreasing the activity of bacteria.

Capryloxyglycerin (likewise known as ethylhexylglycerin) is a brand-new multifunctional cosmetic additive with antiseptic result and moisturizing as well as deodorizing impact, especially as one of one of the most vital reps of “no included chemicals”, in Japan Made use of in combination with other polyols in chemical items, it has the features of moisturizing skin care, antibacterial and also deodorising, etc. It has been extensively used in the field of cosmetics. Specifically, utilizing the collaborating result of octyloxyglycerin and also other conventional chemicals can greatly lower the amount of conventional preservatives included, minimize the toxicity of the preservative system, as well as substantially improve the safety and security of the human body.

It has actually been proved that the mix of ethylhexylglycerin and EDTA-disodium is specifically reliable for some difficult-to-preserve systems (such as high SPF sunscreen products as well as high oil phase emulsions). The basic dosage is 0.5% to 2% (mass fraction). Patent literature records that when worsened with ethylhexylglycerin and caprylyl glycol, red medical alcohol has a collaborating result on hinokitiol. At high degrees, hinokitiol may be unpredictable. If bisabolol and ethylhexylglycerin are consisted of, the dose of hinokitiol can be minimized by 100 times.

Ethylhexylglycerin in Skin Care

Capryloxyglycerin is a substance commonly used in skin care products. It can moisturize the skin, suppress sweat, and exfoliate the face. It is an ecological moisturizer. Its main functions in skin care products and skin care products are bacteriostatic agent, moisturizer, and moisturizer. The risk level is 1, which is relatively safe and can be used with peace of mind. It is generally harmless to pregnant women and has no acne-causing properties.

It can moisturize the skin, and it can also prevent allergies. Many skin care products contain such ingredients, and at the same time it can also play an anti-corrosion effect. Capryloxyglycerin has better water permeability and can also make the skin more tender and smooth.

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Application of Ethylhexylglycerin

Phenylethyl alcohol is one of the components of natural fragrances and has a certain antibacterial effect. Ethylhexylglycerin can enhance the preservative function of phenethyl alcohol. Both are not in the list of preservatives stipulated by regulations, nor are they banned substances in cosmetics. Their composition has a certain antiseptic effect, and they are often called “no added” preservatives or “zero added” preservatives. The compound of ethylhexylglycerin and phenylethyl alcohol with a mass ratio of 3:7 is used for shampoo (composition mass percentage is: deionized water 4.05, disodium edetate 0.05, hydroxypropyl trimethyl chloride Ammonium 0.5, Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ether Ammonium Sulfate 13.0, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate 6.0, Cocoyl Ethanolamine 1.2, Stearyl Alcohol 0.4, Dimethicone 3.0, Ethylhexylglycerin and Phenyl Alcohol Complex 0.8, Essence 0.3, thickener 0.2, sodium chloride 0.5) to carry out the mixed microbial challenge test.

When the mixture is added in an amount of 0.8% (mass percentage), the protection of the product is very good, and it can pass the microbial challenge test. The use of 1% phenylethyl alcohol or 1% ethylhexylglycerin alone as a preservative, respectively, cannot pass the microbial challenge test in shampoos.

Preparation of Ethylhexylglycerin

  • Synthetic method of intermediate 2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether
    In a 500mL three-necked flask, add solid sodium hydroxide, toluene, 2-ethylhexanol, and phase transfer catalyst tetrabutylammonium bromide in sequence, and stir at room temperature for 15 minutes to make the solution evenly mixed. Heating up to 45~50°C, dripping epichlorohydrin in 30~50min, the feeding ratio is 42-ethylhexanol):(epichlorohydrin):(sodium hydroxide)=1:1.1~1.2:1, stir Reaction 4h, cooled to room temperature. Suction filtration, the filtrate was transferred to a separatory funnel to separate the water phase, and the oil phase was distilled under reduced pressure. When the alkali concentration is about 50%, the yield of 2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether can reach more than 90%.
  • Preparation of ethylhexylglycerin
    Using boron trifluoride ether as a catalyst, according to the molar mass ratio of catalyst to 2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether 1:40, and the molar mass ratio of 2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether to acetone 1:6, add 2 – Ethylhexyl glycidyl ether and catalyst, react at 20°C for 3h to generate 4-alkoxymethyl-1,3-dioxane solution. According to the molar mass ratio of the terminator to 2-ethylhexyl glycidyl ether 1:8, add the aqueous solution of methylamine as the terminator, keep it for 10~20min, and distill off the excess acetone under reduced pressure. Formic acid and water were added for hydrolysis reaction at 55°C for 3h. After the hydrolyzate is separated, the oil phase is neutralized with alkali, and after washing to neutrality, a stabilizer is added. Carry out molecular distillation, temperature 135~145 ℃, vacuum tightness 40~50Pa, finally obtain high-purity ethylhexylglycerin.

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