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Basic Info of Ethylbenzene

What is Ethylbenzene?

Ethyl benzene, phenylethane, colorless liquid, fragrant odor, insoluble in water, miscible in a lot of natural solvents such as ethanol and also ether, stable in nature, made use of in organic synthesis and also as solvent. It has strong irritation to skin and also mucosa, as well as has anesthetic effect at high concentration.

Ethylbenzene is an anemic, unpredictable and very combustible fluid with an odor comparable to gasoline. It is much less dense than water as well as insoluble in water. Thus floating on the water surface area. Vapor is larger than air. Ethylbenzene belongs to the chemical family members called alkylbenzene. These are fragrant compounds including benzene replaced at one or even more positions. It exists in all-natural items such as coal tar as well as oil, and additionally in completed products such as ink, insecticide and also paint. Ethylbenzene is primarily utilized to make another chemical, styrene. Various other uses include as solvents, gas and the manufacture of other chemicals. It is readily made from benzene and ethylene.

Ethylbenzene Uses

  1. Ethylbenzene is used as a raw material for styrene, also used in pharmaceuticals and other organic synthesis.
  2. Ethylbenzene is mainly used to produce styrene, and then to produce styrene homopolymers and copolymers with styrene as the main component (ABS, AS, etc.). A small amount of ethylbenzene is used in the organic synthesis industry, such as the production of intermediates such as acetophenone, ethyl anthraquinone, p-nitroacetophenone, and methyl phenyl ketone. In medicine, it is used as the intermediate of synthomycin and chloramphenicol. Also used for spices.
  3. Ethylbenzene is used as chromatographic standard substance and solvent, and also used in organic synthesis.
  4. Ethylbenzene (c6h5c2h5) is the smallest aromatic hydrocarbon molecule with a CC bond chain structure. The CC single bond adjacent to the benzene ring is much weaker than other chemical bonds and is the most easily broken bond. It is the characteristic structure of single chain alternative fuels such as n-propylbenzene and n-butylbenzene in diesel and aviation kerosene.
  5. Ethylbenzene can be synthesized as starting material: (1) acetophenone is selectively oxidized in the presence of neutral alumina supported potassium dichromate, using air as oxidant. (2) Dehydrogenation reaction of styrene on nano diamond in oxygen poor environment

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Application of Ethylbenzene

CN201210392996.6 reported a method for synthesizing p-diethylbenzene by alkylation of ethanol and ethylbenzene, which mainly solves the problem that p-diethylbenzene is selected in the prior art in the reaction of synthesizing p-diethylbenzene by alkylation of ethanol and ethylbenzene The problem of low performance and low yield. Para-diethylbenzene is an indispensable analytical agent in the process of adsorption and separation of para-xylene, and its synthesis has very important social benefits and practical value. In the present invention, ethylbenzene and ethanol are used as raw materials, and a gas inert to the reaction is used as a carrier gas. 1. Under the condition that the mol ratio of ethylbenzene and ethanol is (10:1)~(1:2), and the mol ratio of carrier gas and the total amount of ethyl phenethyl alcohol is (1:1)~(5:1), the reaction The technical scheme of generating p-diethylbenzene and water by contacting the raw material with the catalyst solves the problem well, and can be used in the industrial production of the reaction of synthesizing p-diethylbenzene by alkylation of ethanol and ethylbenzene.

CN201210324476.1 reports a method for synthesizing p-diethylbenzene from ethylbenzene and ethylene, which mainly solves the problem of low selectivity to p-diethylbenzene in the prior art. In the present invention, ethylbenzene and ethylene are used as reaction raw materials, and the reaction temperature is 180-400 DEG C, the reaction pressure is 0.1-4.0 MPa, the ethylene weight space velocity is 0.1-2.0 h-1, and the ethylbenzene/ethylene molar ratio is 2-10. Under the condition of , the reaction raw material is contacted with the catalyst to generate p-diethylbenzene; the catalyst, in parts by weight, includes the following components: a) 40 ~ 80 parts of SiO / Al O mol ratio is a MWW type molecular sieve of 10 ~ 100; b) The technical scheme of 20 to 60 parts of the binder solves the problem well, and can be used in the industrial production of ethylbenzene and ethylene to produce p-diethylbenzene.

Production Method of Ethylbenzene

Industrially, ethylbenzene is obtained by the reaction of benzene and ethylene in the presence of a catalyst, and can also be separated from the C8 fraction of naphtha reformate. About 90% of ethylbenzene in industry is now produced by alkylation of benzene.

  1. Liquid-phase alkylation method
    Usually, ethylene and benzene are reacted to generate ethylbenzene under normal pressure and 85-90°C, using aluminum trichloride as a catalyst. A side reaction is that ethylbenzene is further alkylated by ethylene to produce polyethylbenzene. In industry, the conversion rate of benzene is limited to 52-55%, and a high benzene-ethylene molar ratio (generally about 2) is used to prevent the formation of more diethylbenzene and polyethylbenzene. The average yield of ethylbenzene was 94-96%.
  2. Gas phase alkylation method
    At first, ethylene and excess benzene were subjected to gas-phase alkylation at 300°C and 4-6 MPa under the action of phosphoric acid-diatomaceous earth and alumina-silica gel catalyst to prepare ethylbenzene. Polyethylbenzene cannot be treated because the catalyst used cannot carry out the dealkylation of polyethylbenzene. Although the production of polyethylbenzene is reduced by increasing the proportion of benzene, the distillation cost of circulating benzene is increased.
  3. The aromatic hydrocarbons obtained by the separation of C8 aromatic hydrocarbons to the catalytic reforming of ethylbenzene
    After separation and removal of benzene and toluene, the boiling points of each component of the mixed xylene fraction are very close. 300-400 trays are required to separate ethylbenzene by rectification, and the reflux ratio is 75. In addition, adsorption separation and chromatography can also be used to separate ethylbenzene. The importance of ethylbenzene separation is greatly enhanced by the fact that the separation of ethylbenzene from C8 aromatics is no longer economically competitive with the alkylation of ethylbenzene with benzene, and the new generation of noble metal isomerization catalysts can efficiently convert ethylbenzene to xylenes decline.


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