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Basic Info

What is Ethyl Laurate?

Ethyl laurate is a colorless or light yellow oily liquid with special fruity smell. It is widely used as essence and spice in the field of food and daily chemicals, as well as lubricant, plasticizer, softener and organic synthesis intermediate.

Ethyl laurate (additionally called ethyl dodecanoate) is a sort of laurate, which is developed by esterification of ethanol and laurate. It can be used as fruit flavoring agent. Throughout fermentation, it can be located in alcohols such as a glass of wine. It exists in a variety of fruits, such as apples, apricots, guavas, melons, etc, yet additionally in wheat bread, crisp bread, ginger, whisky, fruit brandy and white wine.

Lauric acid is a common 12 carbon saturated fatty acid, which is abundant in coconut oil and various other nut oils. Saturated fatty acids cause the expression of cyclooxygenase-2, as well as this impact is μ M is extremely considerable in RAW 264.7 cells, and also lauric acid is the most reliable fatty acid in C: 8-18. Ethyl laurate is a complimentary acid with higher lipophilicity and much less poisoning. It is a tool chain fat ethyl ester, which is launched together with cost-free acid throughout the anaerobic fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Ethyl Laurate Uses

  1. Emollient – softens and soothes the skin. Prevents skin moisture loss.
  2. Flavor/fragrance ingredients – provide or enhance a specific taste or aroma.
  3. Ethyl laurate used as gas chromatography fixed liquid, essence, likewise used in organic synthesis.
  4. Ethyl dodecanoate is a health food taste component and also an element of necessary fatty acids. It is likewise used as an intermediate for flavors, scents, spandex additives as well as pharmaceutical resources.
  5. GB 2760-96 specifies that it is enabled to make use of edible flavors. It is primarily utilized in the preparation of flavors such as cheese, coconut, brandy and also nuts. Likewise a good fixative.

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Application of Ethyl Laurate

CN201811563896 provides a cocoa flavor essence for cigarette dripping pills and its preparation method and application. The cocoa flavor essence is composed of 94.0-97.5% cocoa extract, 0.5-1.0% cocoal and 2.0-5.0% ethyl laurate. The cocoa extract uses cocoa powder as raw material, adds caprylic capric acid glyceride 8 to 10 times its weight, refluxes for 2h to 2.5h at an oil bath temperature of 120 to 150°C, and then ultrasonically treats it for 30 to 60 minutes After centrifugation, the supernatant is obtained by filtering through a 0.2-0.8 micron filter membrane.

The cocoa-flavor essence provided by the invention has better process adaptability, improves the production efficiency and yield of cocoa-flavored cigarette dripping pills, and reduces its production cost; it is easy to be used in cigarettes, enriches the aroma of cigarettes, and endows cigarettes with Characteristic flavor.

Preparation of Ethyl Laurate

The traditional preparation process of ethyl laurate usually uses concentrated sulfuric acid as a catalyst, but the preparation process has many side reactions, difficult separation of subsequent products, and serious environmental pollution, which does not meet the requirements of today’s green environmental protection. Therefore, researchers are committed to green Research and development of environmentally friendly and efficient ethyl laurate preparation process.

  • Preparation of ionic liquid [BSO3HMIM][PTSA]
    The ionic liquid [BSO3HMIM][PTSA] was prepared by a two-step method, and the specific preparation process was as follows: 0.02 mol of N-methylimidazole and 1,4-butane sultone were respectively added to a three-necked flask, and at a constant temperature of 40°C, the two The reactants continued to react for 12 h, and the stirring was continued during the period. The reaction product was washed three times with ether, and then dried in a vacuum oven at 90°C. The dried product was the intermediate 3-methyl-1-(butyl-4-sulfonic acid) imidazolium salt. Take 0.01mol of intermediate 3-methyl-1-(butyl-4-sulfonic acid) imidazolium salt and p-toluenesulfonic acid respectively and add them into a three-necked flask. Under the condition of constant temperature of 110℃, the two reactants continue to react for 12h , while stirring continuously. The product was washed three times with toluene, and then sent to a vacuum oven at 110°C for drying. The dried product was the ionic liquid [BSO3HMIM][PTSA].
  • Catalytic preparation of ethyl laurate
    A certain amount of lauric acid and absolute ethanol were added into the three-necked flask, and another certain amount of self-made ionic liquid [BSO3HMIM][PTSA] was added into the above-mentioned three-necked flask as a catalyst for the reaction. Turn on the magnetic stirring device to make them fully mixed, and continue to react under constant temperature conditions. After the reaction, cool and stand still, and the reaction system is automatically layered. The upper layer is the product ethyl laurate phase, and the lower layer is the ionic liquid phase. It can be reused after regeneration. Evaluate the catalytic performance of the ionic liquid by the esterification rate, measure the acid value of the system after the reaction according to the method described in (GB/T1668-2008) “Determination of Acid Value and Acidity of Plasticizers”, and then calculate the reaction ester The catalytic performance of ionic liquid [BSO3HMIM][PTSA] on the preparation reaction of ethyl laurate was evaluated.
  • Preparation of ionic liquid [hnmp] HSO4
    Add 9.9g of N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (9.5mL, 0.1mmol) into a 250mL three-necked flask with mechanical stirring, place in an ice-water bath and cool to (0-5)°C, and drop in 30min under vigorous stirring Add 10.2 g of 98% concentrated sulfuric acid and 10 mL of the mixed solution, stir at room temperature for 2 h, place the reactant on a rotary evaporator, and distill off water under reduced pressure at 75 ° C to obtain a colorless and transparent ionic liquid N-methyl-2- Pyrrolidone bisulfate [hnmp] HSO4.
  • Preparation of ethyl laurate
    Add a certain amount of lauric acid, absolute ethanol, 4A molecular sieve and ionic liquid [hnmp] HSO4 into a four-neck flask equipped with a thermometer, water separator, reflux condenser and electric stirrer, start the stirrer, control the temperature of the water bath, After the reflux reaction for a certain period of time, immediately increase the temperature of the water bath to exceed 90°C, evaporate the absolute ethanol, let it stand, cool, and separate the liquid by decantation. The crude product was washed successively with distilled water, saturated sodium bicarbonate solution and saturated brine, and then distilled under reduced pressure to collect fractions at (160-162)°C and 6.2kPa (the thermometer was not calibrated) to obtain the product ethyl laurate, weighing Weight, calculate the yield.


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