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Basic Info

What is Ethyl L-lactate?

Ethyl L-lactate, also referred to as ethyl lactate, is a natural compound with the molecular formula of CH3CH(OH)CO2CH2CH3. It is the ethyl ester of lactic acid. Colorless fluid is a chiral ester. Since it is normally acquired, it is very easy to obtain in the form of a solitary enantiomer. It is normally made use of as a solvent. The substance is taken into consideration naturally degradable and also can be used as a degreasing representative for washing. Ethyl lactate is naturally located in small amounts in various foods, including red wine, chicken and also different fruits The diluted ethyl lactate has a mild odor, butter taste, lotion flavor, as well as light fruit as well as coconut taste.

Ethyl L-lactate is produced from biological sources, which can be in the form of left-handed (S) or right-handed (R), relying on the microorganism as the source of lactic acid. A lot of biological sources of ethyl lactate are (−) – L-ethyl lactate (ethyl (S) – lactate). Ethyl lactate is also created industrially from petrochemical resources. This kind of ethyl lactate is made up of racemic combinations in the form of left-handed and also right-handed.

Ethyl L-lactate is an economically feasible green solvent for organic synthesis. It is widely used in multi-component reactions, cycloaddition reactions, asymmetric induction, photochemical synthesis, ligand-free coupling reactions and other organic reactions.

Ethyl L-lactate Uses

  1. Ethyl L-lactate is a naturally occurring compound, usually used as an industrial solvent in chemical reactions.
  2. This product is a nitrocellulose and acetate fiber solvent, and also an advanced solvent for artificial pearls. Ethyl lactate has a wine aroma. It is used to prepare wine essence and food essence.
  3. Ethyl lactate is an edible taste allowed in China, which is frequently used to make fruit flavor, incense taste and white wine significance. The dosage is normally 1000mg/kg in liquors according to regular production demands; 580 ~ 3100mg/kg in periodontal; 7lmg/kg in baked food; 28mg/kg in candy; 17mg/kg in cool beverages.
  4. L-Ethyl lactate is used to prepare food additives, aryl aldehydes and also imines, spices and pharmaceutical preparations. As a result of its biodegradability, it can be regarded as an environment-friendly solvent in the chemical market. As a solvent, it is used to create nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate and also cellulose ether.

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Preparation of Ethyl L-lactate

  • Steel halide catalysis
    Making use of steel halides as opposed to focused sulfuric acid to catalyze the synthesis of ethyl lactate with a return of 65% to 71%.
  • Rare earth compound catalytic approach
    Add 0.22-0.33 mol of ethanol, 0.11 mol of lactic acid, 25mL of water-carrying representative and rare earth compound (the molar proportion of acid to acid is 1:100) right into the flask, as well as reflux for 2.5-3h. The reaction service was evaporated to get rid of excess ethanol, water-carrying agent as well as unreacted lactic acid, and afterwards the item was gathered under reduced pressure, with a return of 74% to 79%.
  • Sulfuric acid catalytic approach
    Under the catalysis of sulfuric acid, lactic acid is esterified with excess ethanol to obtain ethyl lactate; it can also be dehydrated by heating under reflux in carbon tetrachloride for 24-hour, recuperating excess ethanol by climatic purification, and then distilling the completed item under decreased pressure. CH3CH( OH) COOH+C 2H5OH [H2SO4] → CH3CH( OH) COOC2H5+ WATER.
  • Solid acid catalyzed approach
    NaY molecular sieves are cleaned with water, dried out, as well as burned at heat, then heated as well as fertilized with a specific concentration of NH4C1 option for ion exchange, and NH4Y is filtered, cleaned, dried out, and activated at a high temperature of 550 ° C to get the solid acid HY. After that include lactic acid, ethanol, benzene, and HY into the reaction flask, HY/lactic acid= 25/100 (mass), lactic acid/ethanol (mol)= 1/3. Reflux water splitting up response at 100-160 ° C for 8-10 hours, and also the esterification price is above 60%.
  • Distillation esterification
    225g80% lactic acid, 475ml. (380g) 95% ethanol, 100mL benzene, 2mL concentrated sulfuric acid and a little zeolite were contributed to the flask (1000mL) of the water separation distillation device. Heating the reaction fluid to boiling, vapor (ethanol, benzene as well as water) gets in the condenser after going through the distillation column, and also returns to the distillation column after dividing the water layer, and the column leading temperature is secure at 64.9 ° C. After dividing 240 g of the aqueous layer (which had 119 g of ethanol, 99 g of water, and 22 g of benzene), substantially no water was separated out, as well as when the column leading temperature rose to 68 ° C., the esterification was completed. After the reaction service was cooled down, 6 g of anhydrous salt acetate was contributed to reduce the effects of the sulfuric acid, as well as distillation under minimized stress was carried out. Total reflux for 1 hr, and then under a vacuum cleaner of 2.45 kPa, manage the reflux proportion to not less than 5, and the column top temperature level is 58 ° C to distill 226g of anemic and clear ethyl lactate with a yield of 96%.


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