Ethoxylated Cocoamine CAS 61791-14-8

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Basic Info

What is Ethoxylated Cocoamine?

Ethoxylated cocoamine, additionally called cocoamine polyoxyethylene ether, belongs to nonionic surfactant-polyether-amine polyether. Ethoxylated cocoalkylamines are slightly soluble in water to soluble in water. The solubility of ethoxylated cocoalkylamine boosts with the number of EO in the framework. Ethoxylated cocoalkylamine is soluble in organic solvents such as acetone and benzene, as well as has exceptional emulsifying, distributing, solubilizing, antistatic, lubricating, corrosion-inhibiting, and also anti-rust buildings, along with specific antiseptic as well as antibacterial capacities.

The performance of ethoxylated cocoalkylamine is connected to the variety of EO in the framework. When the number of EO is low, it is not resistant to alkali and also has inadequate compatibility with anionic surfactants.

Ethoxylated Cocoamine Uses

Ethoxylated cocoalkylamines serve as antistatic representatives, emulsifiers, dispersants, solubilizers, rust inhibitors and also corrosion preventions.

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Application of Ethoxylated Cocoamine

CN201510501881.X reports a preparation and application method of easily separable microemulsion for paint dyeing, which belongs to the technical field of textile printing and dyeing. The following process is adopted: (1) dissolving chitosan in dilute acetic acid solution, and then adding ethoxylated coconut oil alkylamine with an oxirane number of 5; (2) mixing butyl acrylate and styrene in proportion, adding a certain amount of hexadecane; (3) adding the mixture in proportion to the solution in which chitosan and coconut oil amine polyoxyethylene ether are dissolved and ultrasonic emulsification; (4) adding a certain amount of potassium persulfate to the emulsified mixed liquid and heat preservation treatment; The dyed cotton fabric is put into treatment; (6) The cotton fabric after color fixation is taken out from the treatment solution, the pH of the residual solution is adjusted to 8 and the temperature is raised to 90 degrees for 10 minutes. The microemulsion prepared by the invention has a good color-fixing effect on the paint particles, and is easy to separate from the raffinate after application, which is beneficial to reducing the harm to the water body environment.

CN201811049451.9 discloses a green environment-friendly softener and a preparation method thereof; the green environment-friendly softener includes the following raw materials in parts by weight: 18-22 parts of amino silicone oil, 10-14 parts of methyl rapeseed, 6-10 parts of sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, 4-8 parts of triethanolamine borate, 4-6 parts of ethylene bis-stearamide, and 2-4 parts of ethoxylated coconut oil alkylamine; Sodium phosphate, triethanolamine borate, ethylene bisstearamide and cocoamine polyoxyethylene ether are used as raw materials. It is a green and environmentally friendly softener that is easily degraded in water. It can give fabrics a softer and smoother feel. It is more comfortable to wear, and it can also improve the antistatic, antibacterial and hydrophilic properties of fabrics. The preparation process is simple, easy to realize industrial production, and is worthy of promotion.

CN201910918055.3 discloses a high-efficiency, environment-friendly and non-polluting silicon chip cleaning agent, which is made of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 11-14 parts of compounded surfactant, 8-10 parts of metal ion complexing agent, 2-3 parts of isooctyl phosphate, 3-5 parts of C6-C18 fatty acid, 3-4 parts of C4-C14 pyridine, 28-32 parts of hydrogen peroxide, and 185-195 parts of ammonia water; the compounded surfactant is A compound mixture of laurylamine polyoxyethylene ether and ethoxylated cocoalkylamine. The high-efficiency, environment-friendly and pollution-free silicon wafer cleaning agent of the present invention only contains four elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, which can effectively remove organic contamination and metal ion contamination without introducing new metal ion pollution. Since the pH of the prepared cleaning solution is less than 10, its corrosion rate on the surface of silicon materials is less than 3nm/min, does not affect the surface structure of silicon wafers, and is beneficial to improving the light absorption capacity of silicon wafers after texturing.


  1. Coconut amine ethoxylate ether (5EO)– PubChem
  2. CN201811049451.9 A kind of green environmental protection softener and its preparation method

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