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Basic Info

What is Ectoine?

Ectoine, scientific name Tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid, is an amino acid derivative, and because it is a functional ingredient derived from halophilic bacteria, it is also called “halal-tolerant bacteria extract”. Ectoine can not only balance the osmotic pressure, but also damage DNA, enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids, cell membranes and the whole cell under adverse conditions such as severe cold, high temperature, high ultraviolet rays, dryness, high salt, extreme PH value, high pressure, and high radiation. Has a good protective effect.

The original source of Ekdoin was a salt lake in Egypt. Although almost no organisms could survive in the high-concentration salt lake, a kind of bacteria survived. It’s halophiles.

In 1985, Galinski recognized as well as isolated ectoine for the first time in halophilic germs by nuclear magnetic resonance as well as mass spectrometry. Under high salt concentration, Ectoine, as an osmotic stress making up solute, collects in a huge quantity in some halophilic microorganisms to resist the change of high osmotic pressure in the exterior setting.

Ectoine Uses

Ekdoin has a special molecular structure, has a strong ability to complex water molecules, repair and anti-aging.

  • Fixing: By enhancing the safety ability of skin cells as well as enhancing the cell repair work function, the skin can effectively withstand the invasion of bacteria and allergens.
  • Moisturizing: Ectoine can make sure that extremely halophilic bacteria will certainly not pass away of dehydration in a high-salt atmosphere. It has a strong “buying” ability. By transforming the directional order of water molecules, its special molecular framework makes it have a strong ability to intricate water molecules. One particle of ectoine can intricate 4 or 5 water molecules., First, it can structure the complimentary water in the cells, second, it can continually boost the skin’s moisturizing and water-holding capacity, as well as the skin’s water-holding capability will certainly not lower immediately after stopping use.
  • Anti-photoaging: Appropriate experiments show that Ectoin can withstand the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and fix the skin damage brought on by ultraviolet rays. It can successfully lower the generation of sunburnt cells, stop damage to cell membrane structure, as well as stand up to photoaging.

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Application of Ectoine

  • Efficient repair service
    For different problems of skin tissue, elimination of small issues after acne, acne, and also mole removal, peeling off after skin peeling, inflammation, skin burns brought on by use of fruit acids, etc, and repair of skin damage after grinding, and so on. Result, boost skin slimness, roughness, scars as well as various other damaging problems, and also restore level of smoothness and also level of smoothness to the skin.
  • Remove wrinkles
    Advertise the metabolism, spreading as well as growth of fibroblasts as well as epidermal cells, promote the growth of elastic fiber cells and improve their functions, trigger the regrowth of aging cells, accelerate the metabolism as well as revival of cells, quickly metabolize maturing keratin, and also repair damaged shallow facial fibroblasts, therefore removing creases.
  • Anti-aging
    It can promote the spreading as well as differentiation of cells, reverse the distinction of fully grown cells to create “stem cell islands”, and also at the same time hinder the expression of aging genes, basically alter the composition of skin cells, lower the average age of skin cells, and make the skin smooth and also gorgeous.
  • Lighten dark spots
    For darker skin as well as various sorts of skin pigmentation, it can speed up cell expansion, advertise the circulation of subcutaneous capillary network, advertise blood circulation, accelerate the discharge of melanin in the skin, properly reduce the deposition of melanin, and play a role in whitening and also lightening areas.
  • Moisturizing and moistening
    Boost skin microcirculation, promote the synthesis and also secretion of hyaluronic acid, can advertise the synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein and various other macromolecules, boost the hydrophilicity of the skin, and preserve the wetness in the skin.

The Three Functions of Tetrahydropyrimidine

Ectoine is an osmotic pressure protective substance widely present in non-halophilic bacteria such as Halomonas Elongata and Streptomyces, Escherichia coli, and can also be used in the process of dehydration and storage of Escherichia coli play a protective role.

Ectoine is a cell universal protectant, a highly effective anti-stress protective molecule, and a multifunctional active ingredient. It prevents cell aging, repairs and regenerates aging or damaged skin.

  • Overall cell protection
    Ectrahydropyrimidine is an osmotic pressure compensating solute, which can be used as an osmotic pressure gene inducer, which can balance the osmotic pressure of cells, and provide protection for enzymes, DNA, cell membranes and the whole cell under high temperature, freezing and drying and other adversities.
  • It can stabilize the enzyme molecular structure of enzyme preparations, and ensure that the enzyme does not lose its activity under extreme conditions such as freeze-thaw and high temperature, so it is widely used as a protective agent in the enzyme industry.
  • Anti-radiation and moisturizing functions, and the whitening effect is obvious
    Tetrahydropyrimidine can provide long-lasting moisturizing (7 days), anti-oxidation (prevent aging, improve wrinkles), prevent UV damage (cell-level protection against long-wave ultraviolet/medium wave ultraviolet, long-wave infrared and “visible light”), and can be used as cosmetics. Sunscreen and moisturizer can reduce skin aging, reduce skin sunburn caused by ultraviolet radiation, and prevent skin dryness and aging.

Ectoine also has the following effects:
Anti-pollution, improving skin roughness, repairing skin barrier, anti-inflammation, “hydrocortisone-like” stress and more.


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