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Basic Info of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

What is Dimethyl Sulfoxide?

Dimethyl sulfoxide (referred to as DMSO) is a sulfur-containing organic compound, the English Dimethylsulfoxide, the molecular formula is (CH3)2SO, is an anemic, odor free, transparent liquid at room temperature, a hygroscopic flammable liquid, as well as has both high polarity., high boiling point, aprotic, miscible with water, extremely low poisoning, great thermal security, immiscible with alkanes, soluble in a lot of natural compounds such as water, ethanol, propanol, ether, benzene and chloroform, called For the “global solvent”.

Dimethyl sulfoxide is one of one of the most commonly made use of natural solvents with the toughest solubility. It can liquify most organic matter, including carbs, polymers, peptides, and also lots of inorganic salts as well as gases. It can dissolve 50-60% of its own weight of solute (various other general solvents can only dissolve 10-20%), so it is really crucial in example monitoring and also high-speed drug testing.

Under particular conditions, an explosive reaction can occur when dimethyl sulfoxide comes into contact with the acid chloride. Dimethyl sulfoxide is extensively made use of as solvent as well as reagent, especially as handling solvent and also spinning solvent in acrylonitrile polymerization, as solvent for polyurethane synthesis and rotating, and for synthesis of polyamide, polyimide as well as polysulfone material Solvents, in addition to fragrant hydrocarbons, butadiene removal solvents as well as solvents for the synthesis of chlorofluoroaniline, etc.

Furthermore, in the pharmaceutical sector, dimethyl sulfoxide is likewise straight used as the raw product and service provider of some medicines. Dimethyl sulfoxide itself has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving, diuretic, sedative as well as various other effects, additionally known as “panacea”, and also is often added to medicines as an energetic element of pain-relieving drugs.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide Uses

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a highly polar, aprotic organic solvent with numerous applications in organic chemistry and molecular biology. DMSO is routinely used for polymerase chain reaction (PCR), amplification of cDNA libraries, DNA sequencing, column loading buffers for poly(A)+ RNA selection, and for competent E. coli transformation and transfection experimental methods. buffer.

Dimethyl sulfoxide has been used for –

Oligonucleotide Solvents in Array Blots

Solvents in miRNA Microarrays and Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qRT-PCR)

Cell lysis in MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) assay

Preparation of stock solutions for MMP (mitochondrial membrane potential) cytofluorescence assessment

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Application of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

In recent years, dimethyl sulfoxide has been widely used in the electronics industry and carbon fiber Field applications have increased, so the application and development prospects are very broad. At 20°C relative humidity of 65%, it can absorb more than 70% of its own weight in water, and its chemical properties are stable below 140°C. Dimethyl sulfoxide can penetrate the dissolved drug into the body through the skin, and it is harmless to the body. It can replace oral or injection, so it is also named “panacea”.

Since dimethyl sulfoxide was not found to be mutagenic in experiments such as the Ames method, it is widely used as a non-genotoxic organic solvent. However, in recent years, studies have shown that dimethyl sulfoxide has serious toxic effects, interacting with protein hydrophobic groups, resulting in protein denaturation, vascular toxicity, liver and kidney toxicity, etc.

Methane mercaptan reacts with dimethyl sulfoxide and catalyst under the conditions of corresponding temperature and pressure to generate dimethyl disulfide.

Its chemical reaction mechanism is as follows: 2CH3SH+(CH3)2SO=(CH3)2S+(CH3)2S2+H2O Methane mercaptan and dimethyl sulfoxide are fed into the reactor at a molar ratio of 2:0.95, and in the presence of an alumina catalyst Carry out the synthesis reaction, the reaction temperature is 250 ° C, the reaction pressure is 0.3 MPa, and the reaction products are dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfide, and water. After the reaction product is condensed and cooled, it is left to stand for separation, and the crude product dimethyl dimethyl sulfide is obtained by separation. Sulfur, and then rectified to obtain qualified dimethyl disulfide finished product.

At a temperature of 60°C and a pressure of 0.5MPa, using ozone (15% by volume, the rest is oxygen) as the oxidant, dimethyl sulfoxide, ozone and solvent acetone were reacted in a molar ratio of 1:1:1 . The results of the reaction for 2 hours are as follows: the conversion rate of dimethyl sulfoxide is 74%; the effective utilization rate of ozone is 76%; the selectivity of dimethyl sulfone is 99%.

As an excellent solvent, dimethyl sulfoxide is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, electronics, synthetic fiber, plastic, printing and dyeing and other industries, especially with the new quinolone antibiotics such as norfloxacin and forloxacin in the pharmaceutical industry With the development of the production of drugs and intermediates such as fluorochloroaniline, the demand for DM-SO is increasing year by year.

As a reaction solvent, dimethyl sulfoxide is widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical intermediates. For example, 3,4-dichloronitrobenzene reacts with potassium fluoride in dimethyl sulfoxide to obtain fluorochloroaniline, the intermediate is the synthesis of the third generation quinolone antibacterial drug – norfloxacin (norfloxacin) , an important raw material of ciprofloxacin. Dimethyl sulfoxide is also used in the synthesis of 2,3,4,-trifluoronitrobenzene, and this intermediate can be used in the synthesis of third-generation quinolone antibacterial drugs—ofloxacin (ofloxacin), fluorine Synthesis of rofloxacin (dofloxacin), lomefloxacin hydrochloride and rufloxacin hydrochloride.

In addition, dimethyl sulfoxide has been used in the synthesis of levamisole hydroxy acid inositol ester, levamisole phosphate, berberine, sucrose fatty acid polyester and the extraction and production of traditional Chinese medicine. Dimethyl sulfoxide itself has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, promoting blood circulation and wound healing effects, and has diuretic and sedative effects, which can increase drug absorption and improve efficacy. At present, it has been widely used in external medicines such as Guyouling, athlete’s foot medicine, and Fuhydropine ointment produced in my country and in external preparations in major hospitals.

At present, dimethyl sulfoxide in my country is mainly used in the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates fluorochloroaniline and 2,3,4,-trifluoronitrobenzene in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, a certain amount of drug synthesis, extraction of traditional Chinese medicines, and external medicines and ointments are also consumed. Dimethyl sulfoxide. Norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin and forloxacin are a new generation of fluoroquinolone synthetic antibacterial drugs, which have the characteristics of broad-spectrum, high efficiency, less toxic and side effects, and relatively cheap prices. In recent years, domestic production has developed very rapidly. , so the demand for the solvent dimethyl sulfoxide is also growing.

Dimethyl sulfoxide solvent is also consumed in the synthesis of ofloxacin, dofloxacin and intermediate – 2,3,4,-trifluoronitrobenzene; the synthesis of berberine, levamisole, mebendazole and other drugs requires approximately consumption of dimethyl sulfoxide. At present, the total demand for dimethyl sulfoxide in the pharmaceutical industry is about 3,500 tons. It is expected that the demand for dimethyl sulfoxide in the pharmaceutical industry will increase steadily in the future, and the demand in 2005 will reach about 4,500 tons.

Preparation of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

A certain amount of dimethyl sulfide and acetone were added to a 1000mL four-necked flask, a thermometer and agitator were installed, and hydrogen peroxide was added dropwise with a constant pressure dropping funnel at a suitable speed. Under the cooling of water, the reaction was carried out by controlling a certain reaction temperature and time. When the hydrogen peroxide was added dropwise, the stirring was continued until the reaction temperature dropped to below 10 ° C and the stirring was stopped.

Transfer the obtained reaction solution into a 1000mL single-necked flask for simple distillation (use capillary instead of zeolite to prevent bumping), condense and reflux with frozen brine, and collect the fraction at 35-40°C (for dimethyl sulfide) Return to the original reaction vessel for oxidation, collect the fraction at 55-60°C (to recover acetone) for recycling, and distill out the water fraction at 98-102°C to obtain a viscous oily transparent liquid. After cooling the liquid, carry out vacuum distillation in a vacuum state, collect the fraction of 100~105°C/0.084MPa, which is crude dimethyl sulfoxide, and finally add a certain amount of calcium oxide to carry out vacuum filtration to obtain Dimethyl sulfoxide.

The purification method of high-purity chromatographic grade dimethyl sulfoxide, the steps are as follows:

  1. The raw material dimethyl sulfoxide (content is about 99.5%) is pumped into the stirring tank, adding about 10% of the weight of the activated alumina adsorbent, with an electric stirrer, and stirring for about 2h, in the tank dimethyl sulfoxide Fully contact with the activated alumina adsorbent, so that the organic impurities are adsorbed. After the quality of the adsorption effluent is close to qualified, that is, the indicators of the effluent are close to the technical requirements of the chromatographic grade. The specific technical requirements are shown in Table 1. , enter the next step;
  2. Above-mentioned static dimethyl sulfoxide is pushed into still, add about 2% calcium hydride in still, underpressure distillation, distillation pressure 12mmHg column, about 76 ℃ of distillation temperatures (distillation temperature is not higher than 90 ℃ ), discard the front fraction;
  3. After passing the inspection, collect the finished product in a storage tank filled with nitrogen and equipped with 4A molecular sieve.


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