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Basic Info of Disodium Phosphate

What is Disodium Phosphate?

Disodium hydrogen phosphate is an essential chemical resources, which is widely made use of in industrial sectors such as biological fermentation, food, medication, feed, chemical market and agriculture. The production methods of disodium hydrogen phosphate generally consist of neutralization technique, extraction technique, ion exchange method, metathesis technique, straight approach, condensation approach and electrolysis method.

Phosphate is currently one of the most extensively made use of food quality improver in the world. To sum up, the features of phosphate in food handling mainly include 2 elements: one is high quality improver. The special structure of phosphate makes it complicated with metal ions. Raise the water holding ability of the product, change the pH value, buffer, as well as engage with healthy protein, which can play the duty of antibacterial conservation, buffering and also anti-caking, emulsifying and also distributing; the second is a nutritional fortifier. Calcium as well as iron fortifier for children’s food and also nutritionally prepared food. It is risk-free, safe, can boost food top quality and has the impact of supplementing iron and also zinc to the human body.

At the same time, phosphorus has a vital physiological function in the body. It joins lots of metabolic processes that are extremely vital to life tasks in the form of phosphate (PO43-): Phosphate in the blood is just one of the crucial parts of the blood buffer system. It has a buffering effect in maintaining the acid-base equilibrium of body liquids; it makes up phospholipids, and then integrates with proteins, which is the raw material for the synthesis of cell walls in the body; takes part in several metabolic reactions, specifically oxidative phosphorylation; participates in the composition of DNA, RNA and numerous coenzymes. Consequently, it is extensively utilized in numerous areas of refined food and also plays a crucial duty in the enhancement of food high quality.

Disodium Phosphate Uses

  1. Disodium phosphate is utilized in combination with trisodium phosphate in food and water conditioning treatment. In food, it is made use of to readjust pH worth. Its presence can prevent condensation in the process of compressed milk prep work.
  2. Disodium phosphate is made use of for treats as well as desserts, such as wheat lotion to quicken cooking time and also jelly prepared to consume pudding to thicken. In water therapy, it can delay the development of calcium range. It also exists in some detergents as well as detergents.
  3. Disodium hydrogen phosphate can be made use of as water softener, material weighting agent, fire retardant, and also made use of in polish, welding flux, medication, pigment, food industry as well as the prep work of other phosphates.
  4. Emulsifier top quality improver, nutritional fortifier, fermentation aid, chelating representative, stabilizer. Made use of as central heating boiler water conditioner, fire resistant for material, timber as well as paper, polish and solder.
  5. Disodium phosphate made use of in the production of cleaning agents, cleaning up representatives for printing plates and mordants for dyeing. In the printing and also dyeing industry, it is utilized as a stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bleaching, as a filler for rayon (to enhance the strength and flexibility of silk).
  6. Disodium phosphate is a basic material for the manufacture of salt pyrophosphate as well as various other phosphates, as well as a society representative for monosodium glutamate, erythromycin, penicillin, streptomycin and sewage manufacturing and treatment items. Additionally used for electroplating, natural leather.
  7. Disodium phosphate is a complementary representative for the manufacture of responsive dyes. Used in place of borax in soldering and brazing.

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Application of Disodium Phosphate

Disodium hydrogenphosphate is the precursor material required for the preparation of sodium pyrophosphate and sodium tripolyphosphate. At the same time, disodium hydrogenphosphate can also be used as food additives, medical reagents, water treatment agents, etc. , paint and other fields also have its use value.

Preparation of Disodium Phosphate


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Disodium Phosphate Supplier and Manufacturer

As a disodium phosphate supplier and manufacturer with a strict standard product quality system certificate, Zhishang Chemical has long been providing the best disodium phosphate raw materials to customers all over the world.

Over the years, relying on professional team experience and customer-centric team concept to meet customer needs in a timely manner, our company enjoys a high reputation in the world. At present, our company has served more than 6,000 customers and has established long-term cooperative relations with customers from many countries.

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