Dimethylglyoxime CAS 95-45-4

Dimethylglyoxime CAS 95-45-4

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Basic Info of Dimethylglyoxime

What is Dimethylglyoxime?

Dimethylglyoxal oxime, also known as “butanedione oxime” and “diacetyldioxime”, is an organic reagent. It is often used as an organic precipitant in analytical chemistry. It can form precipitates in the form of chelates with metal ions such as nickel, palladium, platinum, and iron.

In ammonia solution, it forms bright red precipitate with nickel ions. In the presence of appropriate masking agents (such as citric acid and tartaric acid), the reaction between the reagent and nickel is special, and iron, aluminum, chromium and other ions do not interfere, and the resulting precipitate is stable , large molecular weight, easy to filter and wash, can be directly dried and weighed, is an excellent selective precipitant for nickel gravimetric analysis. It can also be used as a precipitant for the precipitation separation and gravimetric analysis of palladium.

In addition, it is also used as a chromogenic reagent, redox indicator and chromatographic analysis reagent for the colorimetric determination of trace nickel.

Dimethylglyoxime Uses

The dimethylglyoxime is added to the palladium-containing electrolyte for precipitation of palladium; the solid-liquid separation is performed, the filtrate is returned to the electrolyte, and the filter residue is washed with acidified water with nitric acid to obtain a palladium butanedione oxime crude product; the palladium butanedione oxime is dissolved in aqua regia , and then precipitate the palladium through ammonium chloride, and the obtained chloropalladate ammonia precipitation is washed with ammonium chloride solution until the filtrate is colorless, heated to dissolve with water, filtered, the filtrate is cooled, and then added with ammonia to dissolve, cool, and filter, and the filter residue is washed with ammonia. , the filtrate was acidified with hydrochloric acid, filtered to obtain dichlorodiamine palladium precipitation, and the precipitation was reduced by hydrazine hydrate to obtain palladium sponge with a grade of 99.99%.

The method does not need heating and pH adjustment, only quantitatively precipitates palladium, and has good selectivity, and the precipitated palladium dimethylglyoxime can reach high purity after simple washing, greatly shortens the process of purifying palladium, and improves the palladium concentration. Moreover, the amount of diacetyl oxime is small, except for a small amount of ethanol, no other ions are introduced, and the reuse of the electrolyte will not be affected.

The principle is: the copper alloy sample is dissolved with acid, in the range of pH 6.5~7.2 of the solution, the nickel is separated from the sample solution by the dimethylglyoxime complex, and the complex is extracted with chloroform. The nickel content was determined spectrophotometrically. Determination of nickel content range ≤ 0.50%m/m.

The method adopts the method of adjusting the copper content of the matrix in the sample solution to be consistent, separating nickel with dimethylglyoxime-ethanol, and filtering the color developing solution with absorbent cotton, which overcomes the shortcomings in the fourth method of GB/T5121.5-2008 and ensures the measurement of accuracy. It is suitable for the determination of nickel content not more than 0.50%m/m in copper alloys.

It relates to a method for preparing NiO photocathode. The purpose of the present invention is to solve the problems that the existing method for preparing the photocathode is complicated, the photocathode has low water splitting efficiency, and the hydrogen production speed is slow.

Preparation method: 1. Preparation of NiO dense layer precursor solution; 2. Preparation of NiO dense layer; 3. Preparation of slurry; 4. Preparation of NiO green sheet; 5. Preparation of ZnTHPP sensitized NiO photocathode; 7. Preparation of ZnTHPP-bpy-Codmg self-assembled sensitized NiO photocathode; 8. Preparation of ZnTPPC-sensitized NiO photocathode; 9. Preparation of ZnTPPC-bpy-sensitized NiO photocathode; , cleaning. The invention can obtain a preparation method of NiO photocathode based on the self-assembly of porphyrin zinc and dimethylglyoxime cobalt.

The active component of the absorption liquid is cobalt ion ([Co(dmgH)2(H2O)2]2+). The preparation method includes three steps: preparation of a divalent cobalt salt aqueous solution, preparation of a dimethylglyoxime (dmgH) ethanol solution, and mixing of a divalent cobalt salt aqueous solution and a divalent cobalt oxime (dmgH) ethanol solution, and finally forming the first embodiment of the present invention. It is an absorbing liquid for NO in coal-fired flue gas.

The absorbing liquid for NO in coal-fired flue gas of the present invention is applied to the removal of NO in coal-fired flue gas of coal-fired power plants. The NO absorbing liquid in the coal-fired flue gas of the invention is non-volatile and non-toxic, and is an environment-friendly NO absorbing liquid. The absorbing liquid can increase the solubility of NO in the liquid phase and realize the complex oxidation of NO. The removal rate of NO is above 70%, and there is no secondary pollution during the absorption process.

Preparation of Dimethylglyoxime

A new method for synthesizing diacetyl oxime, comprising the steps:
  1. Set a constant temperature reaction temperature of 10 to 70 ° C, add the catalyst to the mixed solution of solvent ethanol and diacetyl, and the amount of ethanol is 10 to 20 times the mass of diacetyl;
  2. Concentrated ammonia water and hydrogen peroxide are added to the mixed solution of step 1) in 1 to 3 times in 0.5 to 1 hour, and react for 0.5 to 6 hours; the mol ratio of described diacetyl, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia water is 1: 2-3.5: 2-4; the catalyst is titanium-silicon molecular sieve, and the dosage is 1-4 times the mass of butanedione.
It is derived from the reaction between butanedione-oxime and hydroxylamine-sodium sulfonate. Add dimethylglyoxime to the hydroxylamine-sodium sulfonate solution, heat it to 70°C, and keep it warm for several hours to separate out dimethylglyoxime crystals, filter immediately after cooling, and wash with ice water until it no longer contains sulfate radicals , that is. Sodium hydroxylamine-sulfonate can be prepared as follows: mix sodium nitrite with crushed ice, add a suspension of sodium bisulfite and water while stirring, then add glacial acetic acid from below the surface with stirring, and then add Concentrated hydrochloric acid and crushed ice were added to keep the reaction solution below 0°C, and the reaction was acidic with Congo red test paper, and the insoluble precipitate was removed by filtration to obtain hydroxylamine-sodium sulfonate solution.
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