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Basic Info of Dimethyl Malonate

What is Dimethyl Malonate?

Dimethyl malonate is a diester derivative of malonic acid. It is a typical reagent in organic synthesis, for example, as a precursor of barbituric acid. It is additionally utilized in the synthesis of malonate. It can be manufactured from Dimethoxymethane and carbon monoxide.

Dimethyl malonate, likewise called Dimethylmalonate, is a general-purpose natural reagent. As an important organic synthesis raw material, dimethyl malonate can take part in various sorts of chain reactions, including: hydrolysis, decarboxylation, alkylation, Michael response, Knoevenagel response, nitrosation reaction as well as other reaction kinds, which additionally identify its broad use in the field of natural synthesis.

In a nutshell, dimethyl malonate is a crucial pharmaceutical intermediate as well as a crucial resources for the synthesis of fragrances, dyes, anti-oxidants, light stabilizers as well as several other fine chemicals. As well as the world need is very large, with an annual demand of 10,000 bunches. At present, dimethyl malonate abroad is mainly used as a resources for the production of pipemidic acid by non-ethoxymethylidene procedure, as well as reacts with orthoformate as well as urea to produce pipemidic acid. With the exception of export, the majority of the dimethyl malonate produced by associated enterprises in my country is made use of to create pipemidic acid.

Dimethyl Malonate Uses

  1. Dimethyl malonate is a reagent used in natural synthesis. It is a precursor for the synthesis of monosubstituted and also disubstituted acetic acids, barbiturates, vitamin B1 as well as vitamin B6.
  2. Dimethyl malonate is used in perfumes as well as some synthetic perfumes.
  3. Dimethyl malonate is a vital basic material for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical pipemidic acid. Dimethyl malonate abroad is mainly utilized as a raw material for the manufacturing of pipemidic acid by non-ethoxymethylidene procedure, and reacts with orthoformate and urea to produce pipemidic acid. Today, the majority of the dimethyl malonate generated by related business in my nation is made use of to produce pipemidic acid besides export.
  4. It is used in the pharmaceutical sector to prepare chloroquine, buconazoline and also other medications. Dimethyl malonate reacted with 1,3-diphenylprop-2-enyl acetate in an enantioselective palladium militarized allyl substitution response to generate diastereomeric pure thiophenylpyridine.
  5. Dimethyl malonate is made use of for gold militarized oxidative esterification of glycerol, 1,2-propanediol and also 1,3-propanediol.

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Preparation of Dimethyl Malonate

The prep work of cyanoacetic acid: make use of 20) 3 to manage chloroacetic acid remedy, make its pH worth between 7.0-7.5; Sodium cyanide solution is added salt chloroacetate solution, executes cyanidation in between specific 100-110 ℃ Response; Add focused hydrochloric acid to execute acidification response in the cyanide remedy, after the reaction is accomplished for a time period, vacuum cleaner concentration, dehydration till the weight proportion of cyanoacetic acid as well as water is in between 2-3: 1;

Esterification: in the remedy of cyanoacetic acid, include the hostility oil, include 4-6 times the methanol as well as catalyzer of chloroacetic acid weight, catalyzer contains 8-10% weight percent lead chloride, 65-72% weight percent triphenylphosphine, 10-15% weight percent dimethyl sulfoxide and 8-12% weight percent hydrazine hydrate, at 60 ℃ -80 ℃ temperature level, continue to react 5-6 hrs, vapor excess methanol at regular pressure, and also the unrefined product is After neutralization, water cleaning and drying, the product is dimethyl malonate acquired by correction.


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