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Basic Info

What is Dimethyl Disulfide?

As a naturally occurring substance, dimethyl disulfide can be used as a food additive at low doses and has no destructive effect on the ozone layer. It has been proposed by the United Nations Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee as the most promising new methyl bromide substitute. DMDS has a high saturated vapor pressure and kills harmful organisms in the soil mainly through gas diffusion.

Dimethyl disulfide is widely found in nature. It is emitted by bacteria, fungi, plants and animals. Along with dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl trisulfide, it has been shown to be a volatile compound released by a fly-attracting plant called Helicodiceros muscivorus. These flies are attracted by an odor similar to bad meat and thus help pollinate the plant.

Important reactions include chlorination to produce methanesulfonyl chloride (CH 3 SCl ), methanesulfonyl chloride (CH 3 S(O)Cl), and methanesulfonyl chloride (CH 3 SO 2 Cl) and oxidation with hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid, Methyl thiosulfinate (CH 3 S(O)SCH 3 ) is obtained.

Dimethyl Disulfide Uses

  1. Used as solvent and pesticide intermediates, fuel and lubricant additives, coking inhibitors for ethylene cracking furnaces and refinery units, etc.
  2. Methylene disulfide reacts with cresol to form 2-methyl-4-hydroxyanisole sulfide, which is then condensed with O,O-dimethylphosphorus sulfide chloride in an alkaline medium to obtain fenthion. This is a highly efficient and low-toxic organophosphorus insecticide with excellent control effects on rice borers, soybean borers and gadfly larvae. It can also be used as veterinary medicine to eliminate cattle fly maggots and cattle ticks.
  3. Dimethyl disulfide has a sulfur odor similar to garlic and rotten fish. Due to the unique odor similar to DMDS, sulfur compounds are usually added to natural gas and propane to warn of leaks and protect personnel. Therefore, the odor of DMDS fumigation may be mistaken for gas leakage. The odor threshold of DMDS is about 7 ppb, which is about 8 times lower than the EPA’s perceived health and safety level (55 ppb).
  4. Dimethyl disulfide is used as an intermediate and food additive in onions, garlic, cheese, meat, soups, savory spices, and fruit flavors. It is used as a vulcanizing agent in refineries. Used to replace 2-methylfuran acrolein in the production of food. It participates in the preparation of 4- (methylthio) phenol. In addition, it is also used as a substitute for methyl mercaptan as a jet fuel additive. It can be used as an artificial seasoning agent and corrosion inhibitor. In addition, it can also serve as an effective soil fumigant in agriculture.


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