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What is Dimethyl Carbonate?

Dimethyl carbonate is abbreviated as DMC. It is a colorless, clear fluid with a poignant smell at space temperature level, with a family member density (d204) of 1.0694, a melting point of 4 ° C and a boiling point of 90.3 ° C. ), refractive index (nd20) 1.3687, combustible, non-toxic. It can be blended with nearly all organic solvents such as alcohols, ketones and esters in any proportion, and slightly soluble in water. It can be utilized as a methylating reagent. Dimethyl carbonate is much less harmful as well as biodegradable than various other methylating representatives such as methyl iodide as well as dimethyl sulfate.

Dimethyl carbonate is a natural compound that can be considered as the dimethyl ester of carbonic acid. Dimethyl carbonate is a chemical resources with excellent ecological efficiency and also wide application. It is an essential intermediate in organic synthesis. Its molecular framework has practical groups such as carbonyl, methyl and methoxy, as well as has numerous sensitivity. In manufacturing, it has the features of risk-free usage, convenience, much less pollution, and also simple transportation. Dimethyl carbonate is less harmful as well as is a “environment-friendly” chemical product with growth potential customers.

Dimethyl carbonate is a new basic chemical raw material with less pollution and a wide range of uses in the past ten years. Reactions such as methylation, carbonylation, methoxylation and carbonylmethylation can be carried out. It can replace highly toxic dimethyl sulfate and phosgene to react with various alcohols, phenols, amines, hydrazines and ester compounds, and is widely used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, fine chemical intermediates, chemicals for electronic industry, Food additives, antioxidants, surfactants, solvent gasoline additives, etc. Its role has attracted more and more attention, and it is called a green raw material of organic compounds.

Dimethyl Carbonate Uses

Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) has a special molecular structure (CH3O-CO-OCH3), as well as its molecular framework contains carbonyl, methyl, methoxy as well as carbonylmethoxy, so it can be widely used in carbonylation, methylation, Organic synthesis responses such as methoxylation and also carbonylmethylation have a very large range of uses, and also are generally utilized as carbonylation and methylation reagents, gasoline ingredients, and also raw materials for the synthesis of polycarbonate (PC), and so on. The massive production of DMC is developed together with the non-phosgene synthesis procedure of polycarbonate. Its uses are as follows:

  1. A brand-new kind of low-toxic solvent can change solvents such as toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone or butanone in the paint as well as sticky sectors, and is an eco-friendly environment-friendly chemical item.
  2. It is a good methylating representative, carbonylating representative, hydroxymethylating agent as well as methoxylating representative. It is extensively used in the fields of food antioxidants and plant defense representatives. It is a widely used chemical basic material.
  3. An optimal substitute for highly harmful drugs such as phosgene, dimethyl sulfate, and methyl chloroformate.
  4. Synthesis of polycarbonate, diphenyl carbonate, isocyanate, etc.
  5. In medicine, it is utilized to synthesize anti-infective medicines, antipyretic and also analgesic drugs, vitamin medicines, and also central nerve system medicines.
  6. In regards to chemicals, it is mostly made use of to produce methyl isocyanate, and afterwards to produce some carbamate medications and insecticides (anisole).
  7. Gas ingredients, lithium battery electrolyte, and so on.

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Performance of Dimethyl Carbonate in Solvent-borne Coatings

In recent years, due to the increasing environmental protection requirements, solvent-free and water-based coatings have become the development direction, but at present, solvent-free coatings are hindered in terms of construction performance, and water-based coatings are also difficult to replace solvent-based coatings in terms of coating film performance and construction performance. Therefore, solvent-based coatings will still be in an important position, and it is particularly important to develop solvent-based coatings with low toxicity and low odor. As an excellent solvent, dimethyl carbonate (DMC) has the advantages of environmental protection and excellent application performance.

  • DMC has excellent physical properties and can dissolve liquid resins such as acrylic resins, alkyds, etc., solid resins such as petroleum resins, some types of epoxy resins, or mix with other solvents to dissolve the resin into a transparent resin liquid.
  • The volatilization rate of DMC is slightly faster than most traditional solvents, and it can partially replace traditional solvents. The performance after partial substitution of traditional solvents has been tested and will not affect the performance of the product.
  • The safety performance of DMC: DMC has a lightning temperature of 17°C, which is a medium lightning liquid, and its explosion risk is at a medium level compared with traditional solvents. Therefore, it can be used safely under the conditions of safety regulations.


Dimethyl carbonate has a wide range of uses. It can replace phosgene as a carbonylating agent, dimethyl sulfate (DMS) as a methylating agent, and can also be used as a low-toxic and excellent solvent and a potential gasoline additive.

    • Instead of phosgene as carbonylating agent
      Phosgene has the advantage of high reactivity, but the by-products of phosgene are highly toxic and highly corrosive, so it faces huge environmental pressure. Under the background of increasing environmental policy pressure, phosgene will be gradually eliminated. Dimethyl carbonate has a similar nucleophilic reaction center. When its carbonyl is subjected to nucleophilic attack, the acyl oxygen bond is broken to form a carbonyl compound, and the by-product is methanol. Therefore, dimethyl carbonate can replace phosgene as a safe reagent to synthesize carbonic acid derivatives, such as carbamate pesticides, polycarbonate (PC), isocyanate (MDI, TDI, etc.), among which polycarbonate (PC) It is the field with the largest demand for dimethyl carbonate in the future.
    • Instead of dimethyl sulfate (DMS) as a methylating agent
      Dimethyl sulfate is similar to phosgene, but also has great toxicity, and the by-product sulfuric acid is more polluted. When the methyl carbon of dimethyl carbonate receives nucleophilic attack, its alkoxy bond is broken to produce a methylated product. The effect is similar to DMS but the reaction yield is higher and the process is simpler. The main uses include the synthesis of organic intermediates, pharmaceutical products, pesticide products, etc.
    • Excellent solvent with low toxicity
      Dimethyl sulfate has excellent solubility, its melting and boiling point range is narrow, between 4°C and 93°C, it has high surface tension, low viscosity, high evaporation temperature and fast evaporation speed, so it can be used as a low Toxic solvents are used in the paint industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
      Dimethyl sulfate also has the characteristics of high flash point, low vapor pressure and high lower explosion limit in air, so it is a green solvent integrating cleanliness and safety.
    • Potential gasoline additive
      The oxygen content in the dimethyl sulfate molecule is high, reaching 53%, and it can also improve the octane number, and has the properties of no phase separation, low toxicity and rapid biodegradability. The amount of dimethyl sulfate used to make gasoline reach the same oxygen content is 4.5 times less than that of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), thereby reducing the total emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde in automobile exhaust. In addition, it also overcomes the shortcomings of commonly used gasoline additives that are easily soluble in water and pollutes groundwater sources. Therefore, dimethyl sulfate will become one of the most potential gasoline additives to replace MTBE.


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