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Basic Info of Dilauroyl Peroxide

What is Dilauroyl Peroxide?

Dilaurayl peroxide is a natural compound, likewise called initiator B, with the molecular formula of (C11H23CO2)2. White powder. It scents positive. Molecular weight 398.63. Melting point 55 ~ 57 ℃. Soluble in acetone, chloroform as well as various other natural solvents and also oils, insoluble in water. It is steady at area temperature and easy to explode when heated. It is primarily made use of as a high-efficiency initiator for PVC and also high-pressure polyethylene. It is likewise used as lightening representative in food industry and oil manufacturing. It is obtained by responding dodecyl chloride with hydrogen peroxide.

Bislauroyl peroxide is generally utilized as an initiator totally free extreme polymerization, as well as polyester treating agent, rubber crosslinking agent, lathering agent, bleaching representative, desiccant, etc. It is a symmetric peroxide of lauric acid. It is generated by treating lauroyl chloride with hydrogen peroxide in the visibility of alkali:

2 C11H23COCl + H2O2 + 2 NaOH → (C11H23CO2)2 + 2 HCl

Dilauroyl Peroxide Uses

  1. Dilaurayl peroxide is developed by the reaction of lauroyl chloride with salt peroxide. Its primary usage is as an initiator of vinyl chloride. It is utilized as polymerization agent and also curing agent of rubber in plastic industry. It is likewise used as an exhaustion agent for acetate thread. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes it in mix with prescription antibiotics in topical creams for the therapy of acne.
  2. Lauroyl peroxide is utilized as an initiator free of charge extreme polymerization in the manufacture of PVC. Lauroyl peroxide accounts for around 4% of all organic peroxide intake in the United States.
  3. Dilauroyl peroxide is mainly used as a free radical polymerization initiator, and can also be used as polyester curing agent, rubber cross-linking agent, foaming agent, bleaching agent, desiccant, etc. It is used as a high-efficiency initiator for polyvinyl chloride and high-pressure polyethylene. It is also used as a bleaching agent in the food industry and oil production. It is derived from the reaction between dodecanoyl chloride and hydrogen peroxide.

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Application of Dilauroyl Peroxide

Preparation of Dilauroyl Peroxide

  • Preparation of powder bislauroyl peroxide

    Supply 1250g of water, 42g (0.86 mol) of 70% hydrogen peroxide, 252g (1.58 mol) of 250% caustic soda and 60g of isohexane, as well as cool to 16 ℃. Include 240g (1.10 mol) of lauroyl chloride dropwise within 20 mins under the problem of cooling down at 16 ℃ to 18 ℃. After enhancement, the response mixture was stirred at the exact same temperature level for 20 minutes. It is infiltrated a suction filter, as well as the acquired solid is consistently washed with an overall of 4L of water. 291G of damp product with 75% web content was gotten, which corresponds to a yield of 98%. After drying out in air or vacuum cleaner, the content of dilaurayl peroxide is 99.1%. The chlorine web content in the product is 60ppm, and also the lauric acid web content is 0.01%.

  • Add dodecanamide and also 3-methylpentane service right into the reaction vessel, manage the mixing rate 230-260rpm, control the solution temperature level to 20-26 ℃, include liquid solution and also benzyl methyl ether service, add zinc chromate powder in batches within 20-40min, and also proceed the reaction for 80-120min; Then include sodium sulfate service, raise the temperature of the option to 50-55 ℃, include lead tetraacetate, proceed the response for 2-3H, lower the temperature of the option to 5-9 ℃, include potassium nitrate remedy to wash for 20-40min, include chloropropane remedy to wash for 30-50min, recrystallize in cyclohexanol remedy, dry out the dehydrating representative, as well as acquire the finished item bislauroyl peroxide.


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