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Basic Info of Diethylenetriamine

What is Diethylenetriamine?

Diethylenetriamine is colorless hygroscopic transparent visible liquid with irritant ammonia odor, which can be miscible with water, ethanol and acetone. It is mainly used as solvent and organic synthesis intermediate.

Diethylenetriamine (abbreviated as Dien or deta), additionally known as 2,2 ‘- iminodiamine (ethylamine), is a natural substance with the molecular formula C4H13N3. It is anemic and insoluble in natural solvents and also water.

Diethylenetriamine chemical properties resemble ethylenediamine and also its use is additionally comparable. Deta is a by-product of manufacturing, ethylenediamine prepared from dichloroethane.

Diethylenetriamine Uses

  1. Diethylenetriamine is made use of in the synthesis of polyamide materials, surfactants, lubricants, epoxy material healing representatives, etc.
  2. Like some related amines, Diethylenetriamine is used in the oil sector to essence acid gases.
  3. Diethylenetriamine is made use of in biological research, and also polyamines prevent carbonic anhydrase by securing to zinc-coordinated water particles.
  4. Combined with uneven dimethylhydrazine, diethylenetriamine is utilized as the propellant Hydyne for liquid-fueled rockets.
  5. DETA has actually been assessed for usage in an anti-mine system being developed by the united state Office of Naval Research that will be made use of to stir up and deplete the eruptive cost of mines at beaches and also browse areas.

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Application of Diethylenetriamine

Diethylenetriamine is mostly made use of as a solvent and natural synthesis intermediate for the prep work of gas cleansers (for carbon dioxide removal), lubricating substance additives, emulsifiers, photographic chemicals, surfactants, textile finishing agents, paper reinforcing agents, Ammonia carboxyl complexing representative, ashless additive, metal chelating representative, heavy metal hydrometallurgy and cyanide-free electroplating diffusing agent, brightener, ion exchange material and also polyamide material, and so on.

The depictive shade taking care of agent suprafix DFC (suprafix DFC) can be prepared by the reaction of diethylenetriamine and also dicyandiamide: 30.9 parts of diethylenetriamine are contributed to the activator, the equipment is combined, as well as 24.8 parts of diethylenetriamine are added. cyanamide. When the temperature level rises to 100 ° C, ammonia begins to be launched, and afterwards the temperature is slowly elevated to 145-160 ° C, and also the material progressively becomes viscous from fluid state. After responding for 5-8 hours, the reactant was launched, cooled and shattered.

Comparable fixing agents can be acquired by responding ethylenediamine, triethylenetetramine, tetraethylenepentamine with dicyandiamide, or diethylenetriamine with guanidine carbonate. On top of that, the uniformity of the product is also various due to the different ester ratio of diethylenetriamine and dicyandiamide.These fixatives are utilized in direct color post-treatments to boost fastness properties, especially clean fastness. Treated with 0.3% fixing representative, the washing fastness of cotton can be enhanced from degree 1 to level 4-5.

Diethylenetriamine is a highly energetic epoxy material healing representative, generally utilized for laminates, casting products, adhesives and also finishes, and so on. The basic dose is 5-10 parts, yet this kind of aliphatic polyamine is water-soluble, vapor The high pressure has a revitalizing effect on the driver’s skin, so numerous customized selections have actually been established.

Production Method of Diethylenetriamine

By the dichloroethane amination method in the system. The 1,2-dichloroethane and ammonia water were sent into a tubular reactor for hot-pressing ammoniation at a temperature of 150-250 °C and a pressure of 392.3 kPa. The reaction solution is neutralized with alkali to obtain mixed free amine, which is concentrated to remove sodium chloride, then the crude product is distilled under reduced pressure, and the fraction between 195-215° C. is intercepted to obtain the finished product.

This method co-produces ethylenediamine, triethylenetetramine, tetraethylenepentamine and polyethylenepolyamine at the same time, which can be obtained by controlling the temperature of the rectification tower to distill the amine mixture, and intercepting different fractions for separation.


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