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Basic Info of Dichloromethylsilane

What is Dichloromethylsilane?

Dichloromethylsilane, colorless fluid, with solid poignant odor. It has harmful fire threat, corrosivity and water sensitivity. The combustible array is extremely broad, from 6% of the lower limitation to 55% of the upper limit. The boiling point is 107 ° F (41 ° C), the flash point is 15 ° F (9 ° C), as well as the ignition temperature level surpasses 600 ° F (315 ° C). The certain gravity is 1.11, which is much heavier than water. Vapors are heavier than air and can infect ignition sources. It is immiscible with water and releases hydrogen chloride gas through get in touch with disintegration. Dichloromethylsilane is hazardous by breathing and skin absorption; It aggravates the skin, eyes and also breathing system. Contact with products might cause burns to eyes and skin. The four digit UN identification number is 1242. NFPA 704 designations are Health 3, Flammability 3, as well as Sensitivity 2. The space at the bottom of the ruby has a W with an angled line, indicating water sensitivity. The main use is to make siloxane, which is a straight chain substance similar to paraffin.

Chlorosilane, such as dichloromethylsilane, is a compound in which silicon is adhered to one to 4 chlorine atoms as well as various other bonds are bound to hydrogen and/or alkyl teams. Chlorosilane responds with water, wet air or vapor to generate warm as well as hazardous and also corrosive hydrogen chloride smoke. They may also create combustible gas H2. They can be made use of as chlorinating agents. Chlorosilane reacts violently with natural acid, not natural acid as well as alkali to generate hazardous or flammable gas. The influence of dichlorosilane will trigger the mix to fire up. When dichlorosilane and also one of the most likely related materials are combined with oxidants such as potassium permanganate, lead oxide, copper oxide or silver oxide, also in an inert gas environment [Bretherick, 1995, pg. 193] As well as dichloromethylsilane,

Dichloromethylsilane Uses

  1. It provides a better diastereoselective reduction of aldehyde and alcohol between aldehyde and acrylate than other silanes. High boiling point polymerization by-product is formed after water treatment.
  2. Dichloromethylsilane is a monomer (“structural unit”) for the production of organosilicon polymers. Intermediate (starting material) for the production of other organic and inorganic chemicals. In the electronic industry, it is used to produce ultrapure polysilicon and to manufacture semiconductors and photovoltaic.
  3. The molecular structure of dimethylchlorosilane contains energetic Si-H bond as well as Si Cl bond, which can be utilized for hydrosilylation, hydrolysis, addition and other responses to prepare a series of products such as organosilicon monomer and covering agent. It is a vital raw material for creating ultrapure polysilicon and also semiconductor as well as photovoltaic or pv devices.
  4. Dichloromethylsilane can be hydrolyzed to tetramethyldisiloxane (HMM), which is a vital silicone monomer. HMM molecular framework has active oxygen at both ends, which can form bifunctional siloxane monomer through hydrosilylation. Bifunctional siloxanes can polymerize with siloxane intermediates such as octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane D4 to obtain useful silicone polymers as well as silicone copolymers.
  5. Dichloromethylsilane as well as γ- Chloropropene can be generated by hydrosilylation γ- Chloropropyldimethylchlorosilane or γ- Methacryloylpropyldimethylchlorosilane, utilized as a covering representative. After the end covering representative including active carbon useful group polymerizes with dimethyldichlorosilane, completion team of organosilicon polymer with energetic team can react with various other polymers, hence granting the polymer with new residential properties and also enhancing the physical and chemical residential properties of the polymer.


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