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Basic Info of Dichloromethane

What is Dichloromethane?

Dichloromethane is a compound formed by replacing 2 hydrogen atoms in the methane particle with chlorine, with the molecular formula CH2Cl2. It is an anemic, transparent, larger than water, unstable fluid with an ether-like smell and sweetness. It does not burn, but it develops an explosive combination when combined with a high focus of oxygen. Under normal usage problems, it is a non-flammable low-boiling solvent. When its vapor comes to be a high concentration in high-temperature air, a weakly flammable mixed gas will certainly be generated, which is typically made use of to change flammable petroleum ether, ether, and so on.

Dichloromethane (DCM) is one of the most commonly used organic solvents in organic laboratories. As one of the few polar aprotic non-nucleophilic solvents, it has quite good solubility for many organic substances, whether it is petroleum ether solvent. The only small molecules that cannot be dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide are the small molecules that are often dissolved in dichloromethane quite well.

Dichloromethane Uses

  1. Dihydromethane has the advantages of solid solubility as well as low poisoning, and is extensively utilized in the manufacture of safety film movies as well as polycarbonates, and the rest are made use of as paint solvents, metal degreasers, aerosol propellants, polyurethane lathering representatives, mold launch agents, as well as paint pole dancers. representative.
  2. Dichloromethane is an anemic fluid and also is used as a reaction medium in the pharmaceutical market for the preparation of ampicillin, oxypicillin, as well as Pioneerin, and so on; it is also used as a solvent in film manufacturing, a petroleum dewaxing solvent, as well as aerosol propellant. Representatives, natural synthesis extractants, foaming agents for the manufacturing of foamed plastics such as polyurethane, as well as steel cleaner.
  3. Dichloromethane is mainly made use of in film manufacturing and pharmaceutical areas in China. Among them, the intake for movie production represent 50% of the complete consumption, the pharmaceutical industry accounts for 20% of the complete consumption, the cleaning agent and also chemical market consumption accounts for 20% of the overall intake, and also other facets account for 10%.
  4. Dihydromethane is likewise used as a cooling agent in commercial refrigeration systems, yet it is very dangerous, and also can create highly harmful phosgene when it enters into contact with open fires or hot things. In case of humid air, it can be hydrolyzed to produce a percentage of hydrogen chloride, and also light can likewise promote hydrolysis and boost the corrosiveness to metals.

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Application of Dichloromethane

  • Household use
    Dichloromethane is used for bathtub renovation. Dichloromethane is widely used in industry for the production of drugs, stripping agents and process solvents.

  • Industrial and manufacturing use
    DCM is a solvent present in varnishes and paint removers and is usually used to remove varnishes or paint coatings on various surfaces. As a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry, DCM is used to prepare cephalosporin and ampicillin.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
    Dichloromethane is also used as an extraction solvent in the manufacture of beverages and food products. For example, DCM can be used to decaffeinate unbaked coffee beans and tea leaves. The compound is also used in the manufacture of hops extracts, beverages and other food flavoring agents, as well as processing spices.
  • Transportation industry
    DCM is usually used for degreasing of metal parts and surfaces, such as railway equipment and tracks and aircraft parts. It can also be used for degreasing and lubricating products used in automotive products, such as removing gaskets and preparing metal parts for new gaskets.
    Automotive experts usually use vapor dichloromethane degreasing process to remove grease and oil from automotive transistors, spacecraft components, aircraft parts and automotive parts of diesel engines. Today, experts are able to clean transport systems safely and quickly using dichloromethane based degreasing technology.
  • Medical industry
    Dichloromethane is used in the laboratory to extract chemicals from food or plants to make antibiotics, steroids and vitamins. In addition, using dichloromethane cleaner can clean medical equipment efficiently and quickly, while avoiding damage and corrosion to heat sensitive parts.

Occupational Hazards of Dichloromethane

    • Occupational Hazards of Dichloromethane
      On October 27, 2017, the list of carcinogens published by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer was preliminarily sorted for reference, and dichloromethane was included in the list of 2A carcinogens; on January 23, 2019, dichloromethane was included in the list of toxic and harmful atmospheres List of pollutants; On July 23, 2019, dichloromethane was included in the list of toxic and hazardous water pollutants.

      As we all know, chlorine-containing compounds in general are toxic, and so is our methylene chloride. Dichloromethane can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion and transdermal absorption, and inhalation is the main route of human exposure.

    • The dangers of excessive inhalation of methylene chloride
      Dichloromethane has anesthetic effects, mainly damages the central nervous system and respiratory system. Inhalation of small amounts can cause mild irritation to the nose and throat.

      Short-term inhalation of high concentrations of methylene chloride may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, numbness of hands and feet, fatigue, decreased coordination, and eye and upper respiratory tract irritation. Exposure to high concentrations may cause ataxia, loss of consciousness and even death.

      Long-term inhalation of high concentrations of methylene chloride can cause liver and kidney damage, and reports have pointed out that exposure to methylene chloride with a content of 0.5‰ to 3.6‰ can cause brain damage. Dichloromethane liquid and high concentration vapor can cause eye irritation and even corneal damage.


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