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Basic Info of Diacetone Alcohol

What is Diacetone Alcohol?

Diacetone alcohol is also known as methylpentanol and diacetone alcohol. The molecular formula is c6h1202. Colorless liquid. It has a pleasant aroma. It is miscible with water, ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. Relative density (d254) 0.9306. Melting point: – 44 ℃. Boiling point 167.9 ℃. Refractive index (n2od) 1.4232. Flash point 58 ℃. Flammable. Low toxicity, half lethal dose (rat, oral) 4000mg / kg. It shall be sealed and stored in a cool place.

Diacetone alcohol contains carbonyl group and hydroxyl group in its molecule, which has the chemical properties of ketone and tertiary alcohol. It reacts with alkali or decomposes when heated to more than 130 to produce 2 molecules of acetone. When heated with sulfuric acid or a small amount of iodine, isopropylidene acetone is formed. It reacts with sodium hypobromate to produce 2-hydroxyisovaleric acid and catalyzes hydrogenation to produce 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol. The viscosity is low, and the temperature has little effect on the viscosity. Diacetone alcohol is non corrosive to gold chips and can be packed in iron, mild steel and aluminum containers. It shall be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, away from kindling and heat source.

Diacetone alcohol is widely used as raw material for high boiling point solvent, paint thinner, wood colorant, rust remover and dye, or as raw material for dye and resin solution. It can also act as a solvent for cellulose acetate, esterified cellulose and celluloid. It can be used for electrophoresis analysis in biochemical research.

Diacetone Alcohol Uses

  1. Diacetone alcohol is among the vital derivatives of acetone, used in the prep work of metal cleansers, timber chemicals, hydraulic oil solvents.
  2. Diacetone alcohol can be utilized to prepare intermediates such as methyl isobutyl ketone, methyl isobutyl methanol, hexenediol, phenyl oxide, isophorone, and so on.
  3. Diacetone alcohol can be used as a solvent for spray paint, celluloid, nitrocellulose, fats, oils, waxes, dyes and also materials.
  4. Diacetone alcohol can be made use of as photographic film preservative, antifreeze, extractant, pharmaceutical intermediate, special comonomer, organic synthesis basic material, etc.
  5. Diacetone alcohol is utilized for cellulose ester paint, particularly for brush layer type. It can create intense radiance and also hard movie, and also it is desirable that it has no scent. Made use of for paint thinner, paint, wood colorant, wood preservative and printing paste; Layer compositions for paper and also textiles; Irreversible noting; Utilized to manufacture rayon as well as leather; Replica gold aluminum foil; In celluloid concrete; As a chemical for animal cells; In metal cleaner; Production of photographic movie; In hydraulic brake fluid, it is generally combined with an equivalent amount of castor oil.

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Application of Diacetone Alcohol

CN201110198876.8 discloses a manufacturing procedure for manufacturing isohexanediol by hydrogenation decrease of diacetone alcohol, which comes from the technological field of production modern technology of isohexylenediol. In today development, diacetone alcohol is utilized as a basic material, as well as after combining with a supporting agent, under the action of a nickel-based catalyst, hydrogen is introduced under pressure to decrease as well as change to synthesize isohexylene glycol; the auxiliary representative is a basic compound, as long as the hydrogenation reaction is not malignant Both basic inorganic substances and also fundamental natural compounds can be affected. The addition of supporting agents gets rid of the drawbacks of reduced product return, several various other spin-offs, high manufacturing price, difficult operation, and trouble in product separation in the standard procedure, and decreases the manufacturing of other by-products in the reduction procedure, consequently improving the efficiency of the reduction process. The product return of isohexanediol synthesis, the purity of isohexanediol can reach 99.5%, and also the mass yield is enhanced to 99%.

Preparation of Diacetone Alcohol

  • Preparation of catalyst
    The steel aluminum plate (thickness of 0.1 mm, pureness of 99.0%) was immersed in NaOH option with a mass portion of 20% for 3 minutes, and afterwards submersed in a HNO3 option with a quantity portion of 30% for 1 min to remove the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal light weight aluminum. The dealt with aluminum plate was made use of as the anode, the lead plate was made use of as the cathode, and the oxalic acid with a mass fraction of 4% was utilized as the electrolyte., the Al2O3-Al carrier was made into the form of Raschig ring loading with a diameter of about 3mm, as well as after being water-sealed in a water bath at 80 ° C for 1.5 h, the provider was calcined at 350 ° C for 1h. The driver carrier was immersed in a specific focus of Mg( NO3) 2 service, mixed at a particular temperature level for a certain time period and afterwards permitted to stand for a specific period of time. After the immersion was finished, it was dried out in a stove at 125 ° C for greater than 8 hours. The filler-type MgO/Al2O3-Al solid base stimulant is prepared by toasting at a particular temperature for a specific time period.
  • Acetone condensation reaction
    The condensation response was executed in a 250mL three-necked flask, the response temperature level was managed with a junction thermometer, and also warmed as well as mixed with a SZCL kind electronic temperature-controlled magnetic stirrer. The catalytic reaction was carried out under boiling problems, 100 mL of basic material acetone was included, the stimulant loading was 2 g, no water agent was added, and the reaction time was 1 h. The item was examined by a GC-14C gas chromatograph. The outcomes reveal that the appropriate preparation problems of the stimulant are as complies with: the focus of impregnation solution is 2.0%, the impregnation temperature is 55 ℃, the impregnation time is 2.0 h, and the toasting temperature is 550 ℃ and the roasting time is 4.0 h. Under this problem, the conversion of acetone was 21.08%, and also the selectivity of diacetone alcohol was 100%.


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