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Basic Info of Dextrin

What is Dextrin?

When starch is decomposed and hydrolyzed under the action of heating, acid or amylase, the macromolecular starch is first converted into a small molecular intermediate substance. At this time, the intermediate small molecular substance is called dextrin.

Dry dextrin is a yellow-white powder. It is insoluble in alcohol, but easily soluble in water. It has strong viscosity when dissolved in water. When starchy raw materials are cooked, the starch molecules are decomposed by heat, and dextrin is first formed. . If a drop of iodine is added at this time, the solution will be reddish-purple instead of blue like starch with iodine.

Dextrin, white dextrin and yellow dextrin seem to be the same substance, but a careful analysis is not the case. In a literal sense, they have differences in color, so we need to go into detail analyze.

Dextrin mainly refers to the product of starch degraded by different methods. It mainly includes maltodextrin, pyrodextrin and cyclodextrin. The main difference between the structure and starch is that the molecular weight is lower, and the general DE value is less than 20%.

The product obtained by degrading starch by dry heat method is called pyrolytic dextrin, and pyrolytic dextrin mainly includes yellow dextrin, white dextrin, and British gum. White dextrin and yellow dextrin are obtained by adding acid to starch and heating, the low temperature is called white dextrin, and the high yellow dextrin.

Dextrin Uses

  1. White dextrin is made use of in the pharmaceutical market, safety adhesive and suspending representative, adhesives, such as paper sizing, textile sizing, ink preparation, and so on; likewise utilized as a pharmaceutical excipient and also a replacement for periodontal arabic, etc. 
  2. Dextrin is extensively used in adhesives in medication, food, paper, spreading, wallpaper, labels, stamps, tape paper, and so on.
  3. When dextrin used as a tablet adhesive, quick drying out, quick spreading out, quickly bonding and also re-wetting solubility are required, and also white dextrin or reduced viscosity yellow dextrin products can be picked.
  4. Dextrin is made use of as a basic material when determining the complete content of organic compounds (natural substances oxidized by potassium dichromate in sulfuric acid option) by colorimetry, and as a concealing representative for tin, zinc, lead, calcium and magnesium, as a safety colloid.
  5. In pharmacy, dextrin can be used as a diluent for tablets or capsules, and as a binder for tablets. Thickener for oral liquid preparations or suspensions. It can also be used as a forming agent and thickening agent in the sugar coating component for the preparation of tablets, pills, granules and suspensions.

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Application of Dextrin

  • Yellow dextrin
    Yellow dextrin can be used as a water-soluble glue in rewetting envelope adhesives and paper tubes, as an additive in the mining industry for foam flotation, in the foundry industry as an additive for green strength in sand casting, as a printing thickener for batik resistance Etch dyeing, and as a binder in the gouache and leather industries.

  • White Dextrin
    Food processing brittleness boosters in food pastes, coatings as well as lusters;
    A textile ending up and layer agent that adds weight and also tightness to textiles;
    Thickeners and also binders in pharmaceuticals and also paper coatings;
    A pyrotechnic binder and gas; added to fireworks and also pyrotechnics to solidify right into pellets or “stars”;
    Stabilizers for certain explosive steel azides, particularly lead(II) azide;
    Dextrins are tough to absorb as a result of their branching. Indigestible dextrins have been established as soluble stand-alone fiber supplements as well as added to processed foods.

Other Common Types of Dextrins

  • Maltodextrin
    Maltodextrin is a kind of short amylose sugar used as food additive. It is also produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of gel starch, usually in the form of milky hygroscopic spray dried powder.

    Maltodextrin is easy to digest, absorbs as fast as glucose, and may be moderately sweet or almost tasteless.

  • Cyclodextrin
    Cyclodextrins are called cyclodextrins. They are formed by the enzymatic degradation of starch by certain bacteria, such as Bacillus macerans. Cyclodextrin has a ring structure formed by 6-8 glucose residues.

    Starch dextrin is a kind of linear dextrin or short chain amylose (DP 20-30), which can be hydrolyzed by enzyme α- 1,6 glycosidic bonds or unbranched amylopectin are produced. Starch dextrin is blue with iodine.

    (Beta) Limit dextrin is used β Residual polymer produced by the hydrolysis of amylopectin by amylase, which cannot hydrolyze the branching point α- 1,6 keys.

    (Alpha) limit dextrin is a short chain amylopectin residue, which is composed of amylopectin and α Produced by amylase hydrolysis.

    Highly branched cyclodextrins are produced by enzymatic decomposition of cluster amylopectin and the use of branched enzymes to form large cyclic chains.


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