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Basic Info

What is Dextran?

In the 1940s, Dr. Pillemer initially discovered and also reported that a material in the cell wall surface of yeast can boost resistance. Later on, after additional study by Dr. Diluzio from the University of Tulum, it was located that the substance that boosts immunity in the yeast cell wall is a polysaccharide – β-glucan, and also this material was separated from baker’s yeast.

Glucan is a polysaccharide compound that exists in the mucus produced by some bacteria throughout the growth process. It is split right into α-glucan as well as β-glucan. This compound that can improve immunity was isolated and determined as β-glucan.

β-glucan is commonly discovered in foods such as yeast, mushrooms, oats and also barley, among which β-1,3/ 1,6 exists in yeast and mushroom glucan, while β-1,3/ 1,4 exists in Oat and also barley glucan.

β-glucan is various from usual sugars (such as starch, glycogen, dextrin, etc), the main difference is that the bond connection method is various. The molecular structure of usual sugars is α-1,4-glucoside β-glucan is mostly made up of β-1,3-glycosidic bonds, and has some branched chains of β-1,6-glycosidic bonds. β-glucan has a helical molecular framework because of its special bond link setting and the existence of hydrogen bonds in the molecule. This unique configuration is quickly approved by the immune system.

Dextran Uses

Dental yeast beta-glucans are different from other food active ingredients in that they are not absorbed by the stomach and intestinal tracts, but taken in straight via the small intestine. Macrophages on the mucous cells of the small intestine will certainly be triggered after taking in β-glucan through β-glucan receptors, thus securing as well as reinforcing the body immune system.

β-Glucan can effectively scavenge complimentary radicals in the body, thereby shielding macrophages from totally free radical strikes after radiation, to make sure that these macrophages can remain to operate usually.

β-1, 3-D-glucan has the feature of taking in bile acid as well as advertising excretion of bile acid, promoting the conversion of cholesterol to bile acid, as well as maintaining the intrinsic normal metabolic rate of cholesterol.

β-Glucan has a particular thickness and is challenging to be absorbed in human digestive system body organs, so it can function as nutritional fiber. It can promote digestive peristalsis, absorb harmful compounds in the intestines, promote the activation of helpful microorganisms in the intestines, and soothe acid indigestion caused by weak gastrointestinal system.

β-Glucan can shield as well as fix pancreatic islet β-cells, enhance the level of sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin, reduce the demand for insulin, advertise the return of glucose to normal, and have apparent repressive as well as preventative impacts on diabetic issues.

The high viscosity as well as gelling residential or commercial properties of β-glucan boost the barrier function of stomach mucosa as well as inhibit sugar metabolic rate. At the same time, yeast β-glucan can boost associated mold materials in the spleen, control insulin secretion, as well as attain the impact of balancing blood sugar.

Boost the synthesis ability of collagen and elastin in the dermis, decrease the look of skin creases, as well as reveal healthy and balanced and stunning skin.

The skin is a really crucial protection system of the human body, a natural obstacle to isolate the human body from the outside world, as well as likewise has the features of a metabolic and also biochemical immune reaction system. In the epidermis, the skin’s immune system includes cytoplasm, Langerhans cells that control resistance, as well as keratinocytes. Among them, Langerhans cells have been confirmed over the last few years to have a really unique partnership with macrophages in the skin, as well as play an exceptionally crucial function in skin resistance

Under the stratum corneum of the skin, there are lots of immune networks composed of Langerhans cells. Langerhans cells are dendritic cells whose antennae can get to the stratum corneum cells as well as are receptors for β-glucan. β-glucan is a planar helical structure, and also its combination with cell membrane layer receptors causes a collection of stereochemical changes. In addition to its very own sunlight protection as well as decreasing pain and also inflammation, it can also promote the proliferation of Langerhans cells as well as enhance the skin. immunity.

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β-Mechanism of Dextran Action on Skin

Four Common Dextrans: Dextran 10 | Dextran 20 | Dextran 40 and Dextran 70


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