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Basic Info of Dexpanthenol

What is Dexpanthenol?

Panthenol is generally known as provitamin B5. Panthenol can be separated right into 3 kinds: spheroid (DL-type), dextrorotatory body (D-type) and also levorotatory body (L-type), of which only dextrorotatory body has biological activity. The levorotatory body has no organic task. D-panthenol, likewise called dexpanthenol, is an optically energetic stereoisomer of panthenol, the English name is dexpanthenol; D-pantothenyl aleohol.

Dexpanthenol is an equivalent of D-pantothenic acid, a precursor of coenzyme A, and an important vitamin medication. It can be converted into pantothenic acid and then manufactured into coenzyme A when it gets in the human body, which advertises the metabolic process of human healthy proteins, fats and carbs and also protects the skin. The mucous membrane layer as well as luster on the surface can prevent the occurrence of diseases. As a dietary supplement, D-panthenol is widely utilized in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. Particular preparations such as dental liquid, eye drops, multivitamin shots, hair shampoo, mousse, hydrating skin cream etc.

Dexpanthenol is a by-product of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). It can permeate the skin as well as mucous membranes and is quickly oxidized to pantothenic acid. The latter is extremely hygroscopic as well as can efficiently bind water. Consequently, dexpanthenol can be used as a humectant. It is contributed to medications as well as cosmetics to alleviate itching as well as boost injury healing. In lotion, it is used to treat sunburns, minor burns, minor skin injuries and illness. It is additionally applied immediately after major abdominal surgical procedure to reduce the possibility of paralytic ileus. Additionally, it can be added to readily available hair shampoos and also conditioners to lube the hair shaft for a shiny appearance.

Dexpanthenol Uses

  1. Superior deep hydrating efficiency: Panthenol has a small molecular weight, can efficiently penetrate the stratum corneum, infiltrate the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin, has a solid moisturizing result, effectively enhance rough skin, make skin soft and non-sticky.
  2. Speeds up injury healing: boosts the growth of epithelial cells, speeds up the healing time of skin injuries, and repair work tissue wounds; it has curative impacts on eczema, sunburn, as well as child diaper rash.
    Several research studies in mice have shown that pantothenic acid can enhance the productivity of fibroblasts. It helps in injury healing and also is therefore used in anti-aging products. Research studies have actually shown that in females aged 30-60, a complicated containing panthenol as well as niacinamide can boost the indications of skin aging.
  3. Look after hair: Panthenol can permeate right into the hair, lasting moisturizing hair, improving hair gloss, minimizing hair splits, preventing dry skin and also breakage, and also repairing harmed hair.
    After using hair shampoos or conditioners that contain panthenol, you can leave some sticky, clear deposit on your hair. These compounds encapsulate the hair and provide it shine. Although not thickening as well as strengthening hair, this type of vitamin B5 functions as a lubricating substance to improve hair quality.
    At the same time, in hair treatment items, panthenol can not just cover the surface of the hair for protection, yet likewise penetrate deeply right into the hair. In hair damage experiments (regular and also blonde hair), panthenol was discovered to reduce breakage.
  4. Nursing impact on nails: Panthenol can enhance hydration as well as improve nail flexibility.

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Application of Dexpanthenol

Extensively utilized in medication, food and also cosmetics industries. In the pharmaceutical market, as a vitamin B medicine, it joins metabolic process; in the food sector, it is utilized as a dietary supplement and also a fortifier to advertise the metabolic rate of human protein, fat, and carbs, maintain skin and mucous membrane layers, enhance hair gloss, as well as boost immunity. In the cosmetics market: the skin care feature is a deeply passing through moisturizing agent, which boosts the development of epithelial cells, promotes injury recovery, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect; the hair treatment feature is a long-term moisturizing feature, Prevent hair split ends, damages, rise hair thickness, enhance hair appeal; nail care is manifested in boosting nail hydration and also providing nails flexibility.

Preparation of Dexpanthenol

Take 3kg of D-(-)-pantolactone and include it to a 10L home heating activator; step 6L of ethyl acetate and also include it to the reactor, heat as well as stir, include 5g of activated carbon after reflux, and also decolorize for thirty minutes; suction filtration, the filtrate Put it right into a 25L container, add 12L of petroleum ether, mix well as well as represent crystallization at 5 ° C for 2h; filter the strong with suction, then vacuum dry the solid at 40 ° C for 2h, and recuperate the filtrate; include 5L of ethyl acetate to the strong, as well as warmth to reflux with stirring, Add 5g of turned on carbon, decolorize for 30 minutes; filter, include the filtrate into a 25L container, add 10L of petroleum ether, mix and represent condensation at 5 ° C for 2h; filter with suction, and afterwards vacuum completely dry the solid at 40 ° C for 10 hours to get 2.7 kg of white strong. rate 90%. 1.0 kg of purified D-(-)-pantolactone and also 580g of 3-amino-1-propanol were added to the activator, heated to 50 ° C, reacted for 3h, and cooled to area temperature to get D-panthenol The product is a clear, anemic and also easily hygroscopic viscous liquid. The finished product is 1.58 kg, and also the overall item yield is 90%. The item has been examined by the above quality assurance methods, and all quality assurance indicators remain in conformity with the regulations, as well as the details rotation is +30.8 °.


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