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Basic Info

What is Decyl Glucoside?

Decyl glucoside is a white or light unheroic solid with a softening point of 62 ° C, a corruption point of 290 ° C, and an HLB value of 16. It’s answerable in water and fluently answerable in alkaline results.

Decyl glucoside or decyl d- glucoside, also known as decyl β- D- glucopyranoside belongs to the alkyl glucoside family and is attained by condensation of adipose alcohol decanol and d- glucose polymer. Thisnon-ionic surfactant and soap has been extensively used for numerous times due to its raging capability and good forbearance in soap, hair color, hair color, cleaner and other washing products. Decyl glucoside is also used in marshland free products similar as marshland free facial cleaners, embrocation and a variety of sunscreen agents, and in sunscreen Tinosorb ® Used as a stable surfactant for organic patches.

Decyl glucoside is a factory- grounded surfactant generally uprooted from sludge.

Decyl Glucoside Uses

Decyl glucoside is a mild non ionic surfactant used in ornamental formulas, including baby soaps and products suitable for sensitive skin groups. numerous natural particular care companies use this cleaner because it’s factory- grounded, biodegradable, and gentle for all types of hair.

Decyl glucoside is a new type of non ionic surfactant APG, which combines the characteristics of ordinary non ionic and anionic surfactants. It has characteristics similar as low face pressure, excellent detergency, wetting down power, and raging performance, making it a promising surfactant for development and operation.

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Preparation of Decyl Glucoside

A method for preparing decyl glucoside is a method for preparing an aqueous solution of decyl glucoside using decyl alcohol and glucose as raw materials, characterized in that the steps of the method are as follows:

(1) sugar solution preparation: add water in stirring equipment, add glucose and dissolve, and the mass ratio of glucose and water is 0.9~1.5: 1.0;

(2) Preheating and heating up: the sugar liquid material obtained in the previous step is heated up to 80~110 DEG C, then insulated;

(3) Condensation reaction: the above-mentioned preheated sugar solution and the alkyd mixture material that has been preheated to 140 to 220°C are respectively injected into the condensation reactor through a high-pressure pump, and a dehydration condensation reaction occurs, and the alkyd mixture The material is decanol and catalyst acid;

(4) Decompression flash evaporation: The material obtained in the previous step directly enters the decompression flash evaporation equipment for further glycosylation reaction, the gas phase product is condensed and recovered for reuse, and the liquid product is dissolved in decanol to form a homogeneous solution and enters the next step ;

(5) adjust the pH value: the material obtained in the previous step is cooled to 80 ~ 90 ° C, add inorganic alkali to it and carry out neutralization treatment, and adjust the pH value to be 8 ~ 10;

(6) Solid-liquid separation: The material obtained in the previous step is separated by solid-liquid, and the liquid phase enters the next step. After the solid phase is processed, it is used as the raw material for the first step of configuring sugar liquid:

(7) Evaporative dealcoholization: put the liquid phase material obtained in the previous step into the evaporative dealcoholization equipment for evaporative dealcoholization, steam out decyl alcohol, and obtain the crude glucoside, enter the next step for post-processing, and decyl alcohol directly returns as the third The use of raw materials for the step;

(8) Decolorization and impurity removal: the material obtained in the previous step is put into an electrochemical reactor for electrochemical oxidation-reduction decolorization and impurity removal;

(9) Blending: Put the materials obtained in the previous step into the blending and mixing equipment, add clear water to it, and prepare the finished product of decanyl glucoside aqueous solution.


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