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Basic Info of DecabroModiphenyl Ethane

What is DecabroModiphenyl Ethane?

Decabromodiphenylethane is a kind of powder with high molecular weight, very low water solubility and also low lipophilicity. These particles have a size of less than 15 μ m. As a result, it is expected that this material will be breathed in after breathing exposure.

The physicochemical properties of decabromodiphenyl ethane show that it is generally distributed in sediments and also soils by combining with the natural part of particulate issue. In the EA ecological threat assessment, it was wrapped up that dbdpethane is unlikely to go through fast photodegradation in the visibility of hydroxyl radicals, is challenging to biodegrade in the water environment under cardiovascular conditions, and also is not hydrolysable (without hydrolytic groups) (Dungey and akintoye, 2007). There is no information offered to evaluate biodegradation under anaerobic problems [e.g., in sewage treatment plants (WWTP) or debris]; EA noted the opportunity of reductive debromination under these conditions.

The capacity of dbdpethane bioconcentration was evaluated in an 8-week fish bioconcentration research (Dungey as well as akintoye, 2007). When fish were exposed to dbdpethane at concentrations of 0.5 as well as 0.05 mg/l, their BCFs were < 2.5 and < 25 L/ kg damp weight (WW), respectively. Since the water concentration utilized exceeds the water solubility of dbdpethane, the dissolution concentration is unidentified. EA appropriately considered this study void. No added BCF researches were readily available; Nevertheless, based on its physicochemical homes as well as low toxicity in intense and also repeated dose animal, water and also terrestrial researches, dbdpethane is unlikely to bioaccumulate.

DecabroModiphenyl Ethane Uses

  1. Decabromodiphenylethane [dbdpethane] is a brominated flame resistant used as an additive in various polymer as well as fabric applications. In polymer applications, such as high effect polystyrene, dbdpethane is intensified or mixed right into materials. The resulting plastic consisting of dbdpethane is after that converted into an ended up product by, as an example, injection molding. For textile applications, dbdpethane is mixed with various latex and also made use of as the back layer of textiles.
  2. Decabromodiphenyl ethane is used for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, textiles and also coverings that prevent or withstand the spread of fire.
  3. Decabromodiphenyl ethane is made use of as a new environmental friendly flame retardant, mainly to change decabromodiphenyl ether flame retardant, as well as can be utilized in hips, abdominal muscle material, PVC, PP and other plastics.
  4. Decabromodiphenyl ethane is a brand-new, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, additive and ecological pleasant flame resistant. It has superb thermal security and also exceptionally high bromine web content, as well as strong ultraviolet resistance and also reduced poisoning of chemicalbook. It is widely made use of in styrene polymers, design thermoplastics, cord as well as cable television finishings, insulators, elastomers and also thermosetting plastics.


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