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Basic Info of D(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate

What is D(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate?

D-(+)-Trehalose, also known as α,α-trehalose, has the special function of preserving biological vitality, and can effectively protect the structure of cell membranes and proteins, so that organisms can be dehydrated under abnormal conditions such as high temperature (drying). , high osmotic pressure), keep the cells moist when frozen to prevent the loss of nutrients and damage to the cells due to water loss.

Trehalose comes in the form of almost tasteless, white or almost white crystals with a sweet taste (about 45% of the sweetness of sucrose).

Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide used as a non-toxic cryoprotectant for enzymes, membranes and vaccines. It acts as a carbohydrate store in microorganisms and protects them from adverse conditions.

Trehalose is a non-reducing sugar composed of two glucose units linked by a 1-1 alpha bond. It is thought to provide plants and animals with the ability to withstand periods of dehydration.

D(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate Uses

  1. Baking products In baked products, trehalose has a variety of potential use values: it can adjust the sweetness and aroma of icing on cakes, biscuits and pastries, bread cream and fruit fillings, without compromising shelf life, making people Taste the original flavor of the product.
  2. Trehalose aids in fat reduction in cookies, bread cream and icing, creating a unique icing feel in savory cakes and snacks. It makes high-calorie products high in fat and sugar more acceptable to consumers due to their good sweetness. Trehalose reduces moisture flow in multi-ingredient baked goods for better sweetness while maintaining product shelf life.
  3. Candy trehalose is mixed with most other sweeteners and can be used in candy, fruit juice drinks and herbal products to adjust the sweetness of the product, so as to truly maintain the original flavor of the product.
  4. Trehalose is a specific protective agent for biomolecules. It will be used for medical biological products, such as blood products (plasma, blood globulin, transfer factor, etc.), vaccines, vaccines, antibodies, drug-loaded liposomes, antiserum, surgical procedures The dry preservation, transportation and use of the skin, organs, etc. to be stored bring great convenience.
  5. Since trehalose has many hydroxyl groups, it can replace water and hydrogen bond with the phospholipid head, thereby replacing the lost bound water and maintaining the “hydration” state of the biofilm surface. Human skin cells are also typical biofilms, and trehalose protects the skin by lowering the phase transition temperature so that the membrane lipids remain in a liquid crystal state under dehydration conditions. Experiments show that the protection of biofilms by trehalose is achieved through anti-fusion and leakage.

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Biological Properties of D(+)-Trehalose Dihydrate

Bacteria, yeast, fungi, insects, invertebrates, lower and higher plants and other organisms have enzymes that can produce trehalose. Trehalose exists in plants and microorganisms in nature. In animals, trehalose is commonly found in shrimp and insects, including grasshoppers, locusts, butterflies and bees, in which trehalose acts as blood sugar. Trehalase gene exists in slow walking animals, which is a micro molting animal found in different extreme environments all over the world.

Trehalose is the main carbohydrate energy storage molecule used by insects in flight. One possible reason for this is that the glycosidic bond of trehalose will release two glucose molecules when affected by insect trehalase, which is necessary for the rapid energy demand of flight. This is twice the efficiency of releasing glucose from stored polymer starch, in which the cleavage of one glycosidic bond releases only one glucose molecule.

  • In plants
    Trehalose is found in sunflower seeds, evening primrose, Selaginella and seaweed. Among fungi, it is common in some mushrooms, such as Lentinula edodes, oysters, oysters and Flammulina velutipes.
    Even in the plant kingdom, Selaginella Selaginella (sometimes referred to as the resurrection plant) growing in deserts and mountains may crack and dry, but due to the action of trehalose, it will turn green again and revive after the rain.
    Two popular theories about how trehalose works in organisms in cryptophytic state are vitrification theory, a state to prevent ice formation, or water replacement theory, that is, water is replaced by trehalose.
  • In the bacterial cell wall
    Trehalose has a structural role in the adaptive response to pressure, such as osmotic pressure difference and extreme temperature. Yeast uses trehalose as a carbon source to cope with abiotic stress. In humans, the only known function of trehalose is its ability to activate autophagy inducers.
    After esterification with fatty acids with different chain lengths, trehalose has also been reported to have antibacterial, anti biofilm and anti-inflammatory (in vitro and in vivo) activities.


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