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Basic Info

What is D-Tagatose?

Tagatose is a naturally taking place six-carbon ketose sugar discovered in yogurt, milk powder as well as cheese, however in small amounts. Tagatose is an epimer of fructose, and its commercial manufacturing mainly makes use of galactose as basic material, and it is generated with isomerization, decolorization, desalination, focus, crystallization and also various other steps. In 2000, the FDA authorized tagatose as a sweetener for food, drinks and also pharmaceutical prep work. In 2001, the FAO/WHO Food Additives Professional Board accepted tagatose as an artificial additive. The European Union additionally authorized tagatose as an artificial additive. Tagatose was approved for listing in 2003, however China did not formally authorize its usage up until 2014.

The sweet taste of tagatose is 92% of that of sucrose, as well as the calories are only one-third of that of sucrose. It also has the handling attributes of sucrose, and also is prone to caramelization and also Maillard reactions. It can be used as a substitute for sucrose in food processing. At the same time, when tagatose is shown other sweeteners, it can raise the sweetness and present an unique flavor. The absorption rate of tagatose in the body is reduced, just 20% is absorbed by the small intestine, and the blood sugar level has no significant change. A lot of the tagatose in the human body is selectively fermented by digestive tract microorganisms, which contributes to the expansion of helpful microorganisms as well as boosts digestive wellness. tract vegetation.

Tagatose is a fairly rare sugar. Pure natural tagatose is difficult to discover as well as is only located in the periodontal secreted by trees. Today, tagatose generally adopts chemical synthesis and biosynthesis techniques, as well as industrial production primarily uses galactose as resources, as well as is made via isomerization, decolorization, desalination, focus, formation and other steps, yet the production range of these approaches is still reasonably small, so the price of the raw material is relatively high, as well as the marketplace application is limited.

D-Tagatose Uses

Tagatose not only tastes extremely close to sucrose, yet also has a good taste harmony with various other solid sweeteners. For instance, combining with cyclamate, saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, glycyrrhizin, stevioside, mogroside, thaumatin, alitame, neotame and also sucralose can considerably boost these sweeteners taste, flavor as well as aftertaste.

The safety of tagatose is very high. Since the US FDA accepted its use in 2001, it has been accepted by more than 30 countries consisting of China, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand as well as South Korea, along with the Globe Health And Wellness Organization, the Globe Food and Agriculture Company and the International Codex Alimentarius Payment. Use, the everyday permitted consumption is not restricted.

As an arising sweetener, tagatose has wide application potential customers in the food industry, generally made use of in health drinks, milk items, candies, grains, and so on.

At a lower temperature, tagatose is prone to caramelization as well as Maillard responses, and it is simpler to produce optimal shade and caramel flavor than sucrose. It is especially ideal for baked foods such as bread, cakes, and also biscuits.

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Application of D-Tagatose

In the beverage industry, the synergistic effect of D-tagatose on strong sweeteners such as cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and stevioside is mainly used to eliminate the metallic taste produced by strong sweeteners , aftertaste, bitterness and astringency and other bad aftertaste, improve the taste of beverages. In 2003, U.S. PepsiCo began to add combined sweeteners containing D-tagatose in carbonated beverages to obtain zero-calorie and low-calorie healthy beverages that are basically similar to the taste of full-calorie beverages. In 2009, the Irish concentrated processing company obtained low-calorie tea, coffee, fruit juice and other beverages by adding D-tagatose. In 2012, Korea’s CheilJedang Co., Ltd. also obtained low-calorie coffee drinks by adding D-tagatose.

As a low-calorie sweetener, adding a small amount of D-tagatose can significantly improve the taste of dairy products, so dairy products such as sterilized powdered milk, cheese, and yoghurt all contain D-tagatose. With the in-depth research on the performance of D-tagatose, the application of D-tagatose is now extended to more dairy products. For example, after adding D-tagatose to chocolate dairy products, a rich and mellow toffee flavor can be obtained. D-tagatose can also be used in yogurt. While providing sweetness, it can increase the number of live bacteria in yogurt, improve the nutritional value of yogurt, and make the flavor more intense and mellow.

D-tagatose is easy to caramelize at low temperature, making it easier to produce ideal color and more mellow flavor than sucrose, and can be used in baked foods. Studies have found that D-tagatose can undergo Maillard reaction with amino acids to produce 2-acetylfuran, 2-ethylpyrazine and 2-acetylthiazole, which have higher flavor substances than glucose and galactose and other reducing sugars. volatile flavor compounds. However, the addition of D-tagatose should also pay attention to the roasting temperature. Lower temperature is conducive to enhancing the flavor, while high temperature and long-term treatment will lead to too dark color and bitter aftertaste. In addition, due to its low viscosity and easy crystallization, D-tagatose can also be used in frosted foods. Applying D-tagatose alone or in combination with polyols such as maltitol on the surface of grains can increase the sweetness of the product.

D-tagatose can be used as the only sweetener in chocolate, and the process does not need to be changed much. The viscosity and endothermic properties of chocolate are similar to those when sucrose is added. In 2003, the New Zealand Mada Sports Nutrition Food Company first developed chocolate products with flavors such as milk, dark chocolate and white chocolate containing D-tagatose, and then developed various chocolate-coated dried fruits, dried fruit bars, Easter eggs, etc. Novel chocolate products containing D-tagatose.

Low-sugar preserved fruit is preserved fruit with a sugar content of less than 50%. Compared with high-sugar preserved fruit with a sugar content of 65% to 75%, it is more in line with the “three lows” health requirements of “low sugar, low salt, and low fat”. Because D-tagatose has the characteristics of very low calorie content and high sweetness, it can be used as a sweetener in the production of low-sugar preserved products. Generally, D-tagatose is not added to preserved fruit as a separate sweetener, but is used together with other sweeteners to prepare low-sugar preserved fruit products. For example, adding 0.02% tagatose to the sugar solution for preparing low-sugar wax gourd and watermelon can improve the sweetness of the product.

Synthesis of D-Tagatose

All-natural D-tagatose is hard to find and is only found in the gums secreted by trees. At present, the production of D-tagatose mainly adopts chemical synthesis and biosynthesis.


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