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Basic Info of D-Glucose Monohydrate

What is D-Glucose Monohydrate?

D-Glucose monohydrate, namely dextrose, D(+) glucose, is widely distributed in the seeds, leaves, roots, flowers, fruits of plants and in the blood, lymph, and bone marrow of animals. It is indispensable in the life activities of animals and plants. of nutrients. It can directly participate in the metabolic process in animals and plants, is the main source of energy required by the body, and is a promoter of photosynthesis.

D-glucose monohydrate is the monohydrate form of D-glucose, an all-natural monosaccharide as well as carbohydrate. Glucose is utilized to replenish shed nutrients and also electrolytes. The representative offers metabolic power and is the main component of oral rehydration salts (ORS ). It is made use of for intravenous (IV) liquids to provide nutrition for intensive treatment patients that can not get nourishment with oral route. The option including dextrose can bring back blood sugar level and supply calories, which may aid to minimize liver glycogen intake as well as play a role in conserving protein. Sugar additionally plays a role in protein production and lipid metabolic rate.

D-glucose monohydrate is the main energy source of organisms. It exists naturally and in a free state in fruits and other parts of plants. It is used therapeutically as a liquid and nutritional substitute.

D-Glucose Monohydrate Uses

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Can D-Glucose Monohydrate be Used on Crops?

  1. D-Glucose monohydrate, as the main component of water-soluble fertilizers for plants, has extremely high nutritional, anti-virus and detoxification effects on plants, and has no toxic side effects.

  2. As an organic nutrient solution for plants, D-Glucose monohydrate has good water solubility and high organic matter content.
  3. The sweetness of D-Glucose monohydrate is low, and it has no sweetness after being diluted as a water-soluble fertilizer, and will not attract ants and insect pests.
  4. D-Glucose monohydrate has the functions of quickly replenishing nutrients to plants, resisting diseases and strengthening seedlings and detoxifying.

Therefore, D-Glucose monohydrate can be applied to crops.

How does D-Glucose Monohydrate Affect Crop Quality and Yield?

  1. Increase the content of soluble solids and sugar in the fruit, reduce the content of organic acid in the fruit, and promote the expansion of the fruit.
  2. D-Glucose monohydrate promotes the absorption of various trace elements by plant roots, thereby directly promoting the photosynthesis of plants.
  3. Increase the anthocyanin content of the fruit epidermis and the fruit coloring index.
  4. Conducive to smooth fruit surface.
  5. Prevent heavy metal pollution of fruits and reduce pesticide residues in fruits.

Therefore, fertilizer products with D-Glucose monohydrate as one of the raw materials have a good effect on promoting the quality of fruit.


Quality Control of D-Glucose Monohydrate

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