D-Camphorsulfonic acid CAS 3144-16-9

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Basic Info of D-Camphorsulfonic acid

What is D-Camphorsulfonic acid?

Camphor sulfonic acid, sometimes abbreviated as CSA or 10-CSA, is an organic sulfur compound. Like typical sulfonic acid, it is a relatively strong acid, colorless solid at room temperature, and soluble in water and a variety of organic substances.

Optically active L – and D-camphor sulfonic acids are important chiral enantiomers for drug resolution. The dextror can be obtained from natural camphor by bromination sulfonation, or from racemic camphor sulfonic acid by induced crystallization resolution.

Chiral structures widely exist in biological macromolecules and play an important role in life systems, such as right-handed proteins and double stranded DNA. Due to the asymmetry factor or the group composed of chiral atoms, chiral polymers have structural characteristics, so they will form a spiral conformation. Majidi et al. have thoroughly studied chiral polyaniline. Since 1994. Recently, Yong Yan et al. Right and left handed nano polyanilines have been successfully prepared using D-camphor sulfonic acid (D-CSA) and L-camphor sulfonic acid (L-CSA) as dopants. Camphor sulfonic acid, also known as Reychler acid.

D-Camphorsulfonic acid Uses

D-Camphorsulfonic acid is utilized for the resolution of pharmaceutical intermediates or isomers, as a resolution agent, and also as a stimulant for combining dipeptides.

(1S) – (+) – camphor-10-sulfonic acid is made use of as stabilizer. (+) – (1S) – camphor-10-sulfonic acid is a very effective resolution representative In the presence of (1S) – (+) camphor-10-sulfonic acid (D-CSA) or (1R) – (-) camphor-10-sulfonic acid, chiral polyaniline (PANI) nanofiber acid (L-CSA) was manufactured by straightforward potentiostatic electropolymerization without layout as dopant. QUAT derived from (1ST) – (+) camphor-10 sulfonic acid was manufactured.


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