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Basic Info

What is Cytidine 5-monophosphate?

5′-Cytidylic acid, the English name is 5′-Cytidylic acid, it is a fine off-white crystalline powder at normal temperature and pressure. 5′-cytidylic acid is composed of nucleobase cytosine, pentose ribose and phosphate groups. It has certain solubility in water and can be dissolved in strong polar organic solvents, but insoluble in low polar petroleum ether and Alkane organic solvents such as n-hexane. The compound can be used as a starting material for the production of nucleotide drugs, and it can also be used as a food additive.

5′-Cytidylic acid is one of the basic units of RNA synthesis in organisms. During the synthesis of DNA and RNA, 5′-cytidylic acid, as a nucleotide, participates in the chain extension and recombination of nucleic acids. In addition, 5′-cytidylic acid is also a biological signal molecule, which can participate in a series of biological processes of cell signal transduction and metabolic regulation.

It is obtained by extracting nucleic acid from Candida proteogenes cells in the presence of salt with hot water, adding nucleolytic enzymes for hydrolysis, and then separating them.

Cytidine 5-monophosphate Uses

  1. Cytodine 5 ‘- monophosphate has been used for Raman spectroscopy research.
  2. Parts of nucleic acid, isolated from yeast nucleic acid. Made use of as artificial additive, genetic modification reagents and also pharmaceutical basic materials.
  3. Cytidine 5 ‘- monophosphate, likewise called 5’ – CMP, is a nucleotide made use of as an RNA monomer. 5 ‘- CMP is an essential intermediate for the prep work of numerous nucleotide derivatives, extensively used in the food and pharmaceutical markets.
  4. Cytidine 5-monophosphate  is used as raw materials, intermediates as well as preservative for the manufacturing of nucleotide medications, such as raw materials for the synthesis of CTP, PolyIC, Ara-C, DDC, CDP-choline as well as blended with other nucleotides as health care products as well as food additives (such as added to infant milk powder).

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Application of Cytidine 5-monophosphate

5′-cytidylic acid can be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemical synthesis, and is widely used in the synthesis of nucleotide drug molecules. In addition, the compound can also be used to prepare a variety of biologically active nucleotide organic small molecules, and has certain applications in basic biochemical research. 5′-cytidylic acid can be used as an important biological material for the synthesis, modification and labeling of DNA and RNA. For example, 5′-cytidylic acid can be used in the preparation of biomolecular fluorescent probes, drug carriers, and diagnostic reagents through chemical modification and labeling. In addition, this compound is also a natural food additive with taste-enhancing and aroma-enhancing effects, which can be used in the preparation of various foods, health products and cosmetics to improve their flavor and quality.

In a dry reactor, 5′-cytidylic acid (400 mg), NH4NO3 (80 mg, 1 mmol) and N-chlorosuccinimide (334 mg, 2.5 mmol) were sequentially added, and then Slowly add 15 milliliters of glacial acetic acid to the reaction mixture, the resulting reaction mixture was stirred and reacted for 10 hours at 40°C, after the reaction, the reaction mixture was directly concentrated and evaporated the solvent under reduced pressure. The obtained solid residue was separated and purified by a cation exchange column (using H2O as the eluting solvent), and the fraction containing the product was concentrated and lyophilized to obtain the target product molecule.


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