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What is Cyanoacrylate Adhesive?

Ethyl cyanoacrylate belongs to the class of alpha-cyanoacrylate glues. α-cyanoacrylate adhesive has the characteristics of fast curing, wide range of bonding materials, thin adhesive layer, good transparency, and convenient use, so it has been widely used in daily life and industrial adhesives.

Instant adhesives contain ethyl cyanoacrylate and are used on metal, glass, rubber, plastic, textiles, tissues, and nails. It polymerizes almost instantaneously in air at room temperature and immediately and firmly binds to surface keratin. Beautician exposure to nail glue can lead to contact dermatitis.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Uses

  • Ethyl cyanoacrylate is a kind of acrylate compound, which is used in quick sol to repair damaged nails, adhere glue impregnated silk or flax to the nail plate, and then file the nails; Medically adhesive tissue and skin cracks; Attach hair and adhesive shoes, plastic, and many other materials.
  • ECA can be utilized as a tissue adhesive for potential applications in cardio and pulmonary surgical treatment. It can additionally be combined with hydrophobic silica nanoparticles for the layout of clinical cotton fabrics.
  • 2-Neneneba Ethyl cyanoacrylate (ECA) is a monomer adhesive that can be used in a selection of products, such as steels, plastics, rubber, ceramics and timber. It creates a solitary part glue system and can additionally be utilized as a guide.

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Parts of Superglue 502 - Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

Cyanoacrylate is really a general term for a class of compounds. As a matter of fact, the ingredients in different super adhesives are also different. For instance, the adhesive for clinical glue injuries includes octyl cyanoacrylate. At present, most of the active ingredients in incredibly adhesive are ethyl cyanoacrylate Ester (Ethyl cyanoacrylate, ECA), a tiny part is methyl ester by-products. From the perspective of synthetic chemistry, this kind of substance is very easy to prepare, and also can easily understand mass industrial manufacturing by using the classic Knovenagel reaction. Nonetheless, the magic of this straightforward molecule is not only simple to manufacture, however also as a result of its strong adhesive force.

Along with being made use of in the field of very adhesive, the enhanced cyanoacrylate additionally has important applications in the medical field. During the Vietnam Battle, united state military medical professionals made use of extremely adhesive to suture the injuries of wounded soldiers urgently, yet the cyanoacrylate made use of at that time did not satisfy the medical conditions, as well as typically caused skin sensitivity after use, and what was much more significant were these short-chain carboxylates It is reasonably very easy to depolymerize, and also fragmented monomers are not for wound healing and also occasionally trigger injury infection. Luckily, individuals established octyl cyanoacrylate in 1998. The long-chain carboxylate is difficult to depolymerize as well as has a far better affinity for human tissue. Later on, this adhesive was named Dermabond as well as ended up being an unique injury stitch adhesive for human skin.

An additional use cyanoacrylate is criminal examination. The police can make use of super-glue fuming to disclose possible finger prints. The general procedure is as follows: first place the object with fingerprints in a heated as well as Place it in a closed container, and afterwards put super adhesive right into the container, the cyanoacrylate is heated and also vaporized, and also at the same time, it is flowed in the container with the help of a fan, due to the fact that the recurring compounds on the finger print, such as amino acids, sugar as well as water, will certainly combine with the air. The chemical glue undertakes a response comparable to the gradual polymerization of monomers throughout bonding, and finger prints will show up right away. It is stated that this method was used in criminal investigation in Japan as early as 1978.

Preparation of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

The prep work method of α-ethyl cyanoacrylate monomer:

① Mix 300g of ethyl cyanoacetate and solid formaldehyde or formaldehyde remedy in the tool of dichloroethane or toluene, add hexahydropyridine driver, control the temperature level at 70 ° C ± 5 ° C, and accomplish condensation response for 2 hours to obtain α-cyanide The oligomer of ethyl acrylate; wherein the feeding quantity of ethyl cyanoacetate and also formaldehyde service (determined as formaldehyde) is 1.02:1.00, and also the addition amount of hexahydropyridine is 0.15% of the weight percentage of ethyl cyanoacetate.

② Include 50g of dioctyl phthalate to the oligomer of α-ethyl cyanoacrylate, remove the solvent under typical pressure or lowered stress until the temperature of the pot is 140 ° C, add 8g of phosphorus pentoxide, terephthalate Phenol 4g, broken under lowered pressure at -0.098 Mpa, gathered fractions at 150-200 ° C, and gotten 290g of crude monomer of ethyl α-cyanoacrylate;

③ The crude monomer of α-ethyl cyanoacrylate obtained in ② was distilled under reduced stress under the condition of -0.099 Mpa to acquire 267g of the monomer item of α-ethyl cyanoacrylate, and the gas stage discovery content was ≥ 99%.


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