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Basic Info of Cyanoacetic acid

What is Cyanoacetic acid?

Cyanoacetic acid is a natural substance. It is a white hygroscopic strong. The compound has 2 useful groups, a nitrile (C ≡ n) as well as a carboxylic acid. It is the precursor of cyanoacrylate, the glue part.

Cyanoacetic acid is made use of in the pharmaceutical market to produce vitamin B6 and caffeine. It is additionally made use of in the manufacture of dyes, pesticides as well as the synthesis of phenylacetate. It works as a forerunner of cyanoacrylate, i.e. Ethyl cyanoacrylate.

Cyanoacetic acid is an important organic synthesis raw material and intermediate of medicine and dyestuff, which is used to manufacture adhesives, vitamins, etc. Its derivatives, methyl cyanoacetate and ethyl cyanoacetate, are widely used in medicine, agriculture, and new materials. important applications, so there is an increasing demand for high-purity cyanoacetic acid.

Cyanoacetic acid Uses

  1. Cyanoacetic acid is the intermediate of the fungicide rice blast spirit and cyanuramide, and the intermediate of medicinal caffeine.
  2. Organic synthesis intermediates, mainly used in the synthesis of cyanoacetates, also used in the production of methyl cyanoacrylate and n-butyl ester (medical adhesives), vitamin B6, caffeine, barbiturates, etc.
  3. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for the preparation of vitamin B6, carbine, medical adhesives, etc. It is also used in the synthesis of the pesticide frost cyanide.
  4. Cyanoacetic acid is used to synthesize N-piperidine cyanoacetamide and N-morpholino cyanoacetamide. It is also used to prepare panchromatic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells.
  5. Cyanoacetic acid can be used as a reagent:
    Together with acetic anhydride, it is used for cyanoacetylation of various pyrrole, indole and aniline derivatives. It can also be used in other reactions, such as cyclization, synthesis of coumarins and other heterocycles.
    The key intermediate in the synthesis of 5-acetylamino substituted melatonin derivatives by Knoevenagel condensation is used as MT3 receptor ligand.
    Aminopyrrolidone derivatives were synthesized by the Ugi Adduct Reaction of cyanoacetic acid and aromatic aldehydes.

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Application of Cyanoacetic acid

Cyanoacetate compounds are important organic synthesis raw materials and intermediates of pharmaceutical dyes, especially ethyl cyanoacetate. As an important chemical intermediate, it is mainly used to synthesize fast adhesive 502 glue. It carries out condensation reaction with formaldehyde under the action of basic catalyst, and obtains a-cyanoacrylate monomer through dehydration, drying, cracking and vacuum distillation.

CN201110132794.3 provides a method for preparing cyanoacetate compounds in acidic ionic liquid, and the method has the characteristics of environmental friendliness, high selectivity and conversion rate, and simple process.

The technical solution adopted by the present invention to solve the above-mentioned technical problems is as follows: a method for synthesizing cyanoacetate, catalyzing the esterification reaction of cyanoacetic acid and alcohol to obtain cyanoacetate.

Preparation of Cyanoacetic acid

A preparation method of cyanoacetic acid is characterized in that comprising the following steps:

  1. Cyanation reaction: perform cyanation reaction with sodium chloroacetate and sodium cyanide to generate sodium cyanoacetate aqueous solution;
  2. Acidification reaction: adding hydrochloric acid to the aqueous sodium cyanoacetate solution described in step (1) for acidification to obtain a mixed solution of cyanoacetic acid and sodium chloride;
  3. Decompression dehydration: under the condition of negative pressure, the mixed solution of cyanoacetic acid and the sodium chloride in step (2) is evaporated and dehydrated, the sodium chloride is precipitated, and the sodium chloride is dehydrated. filter;
  4. Melt crystallization: use a crystallizer to preheat the crystallizer to make the cyanoacetic acid in step (3) in a molten state, and cool the molten cyanoacetic acid at 10°C to 20°C/h To the crystallization temperature of the cyanoacetic acid, the cyanoacetic acid is crystallized; the crystallized product is solid-liquid separated, and the solid-phase product is used as the raw material, and the residual liquid is recovered; The crystallizer is heated to 40-45°C, and the temperature is maintained to partially melt the solid-phase product, and the discharged uncrystallized mother liquor is used as the raw material for re-melting and crystallization; the crystals obtained in the crystallizer are heated to fully melt , and finally obtained cyanoacetic acid crystals.

The advantages of this method are that the purity of cyanoacetic acid can be effectively improved by the process methods of cyanation, acidification, decompression dehydration and crystallization, and no solvent needs to be added in the purification process of melt crystallization, which avoids the pollution of the solvent to the product and reduces the amount of the solvent. The recovery process saves equipment investment, the purified product has high purity and high yield, and the product purity reaches 99% and the yield reaches 90%.


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