Cremophor EL CAS 61791-12-6

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Basic Info

What is Cremophor EL?

Castor oil polyoxyethylene ether is yellow viscous liquid, immune to hard water, acid, antacid and also not natural salt. Used to emulsify and also dissolve oils and other water-insoluble materials. Non-ionic solubilizer.

Castor oil polyoxyethylene ether is also called emulsifier EL-40, as well as the equivalent brand name abroad is EmulphorEL-620. It is a non-ionic surfactant. Pale yellow clear thick liquid. It is quickly soluble in water, as well as also soluble in oil, fat and also various natural solvents. The solubility in cold water is more than that in hot water, as well as it has good emulsifying residential or commercial properties for mineral oil. 1% aqueous remedy pH=6 ~ 8. The HLB worth is 13. The cloud factor of 1% liquid remedy is ≥ 85 ° C. It is resistant to acid, tough water and also inorganic salt, and additionally immune to alkali at low temperature, but strong antacids can make it hydrolyzed.

It appropriates for emulsification of different vegetable oils, mineral oils, fats, waxes, etc. It can additionally be used as a component of anti-static spinning oil for polyacrylonitrile as well as various other artificial fibers, a pesticide emulsifier, a component of wool conditioner “and hair oil”.

Cremophor EL Uses

  1. Polyxyl 35 Castor Oil is a triglyceride fatty acid with the prospective to push back pests and also advertise plant growth.
  2. Cremophor EL has been utilized as a detergent to enhance the solubility of dyes as well as boost transmembrane permeation. It has actually been made use of as a carrier for drug/stimulant distribution in cells.
  3. Textile industry is used as chemical fiber finishing agent, wool industry is used as blended wool oil, and vinylon antistatic spinning oil. It can also be used for emulsification of oil wax, oleic acid and mineral oil.
  4. Biochemical research; It is used to emulsify and dissolve oil and other water-insoluble substances. Non-ionic solubilizer. Used as solubilizer and emulsifier of water-insoluble drugs or other fat-soluble drugs in semi-solid and liquid preparations.
  5. Cremophor EL is utilized for solubilization of lipid-based pharmaceutical preparations and also cosmetics. Koliphor EL appropriates for the manufacturing of semi-solid and also fluid preparations of water-insoluble energetic substances as well as various other hydrophobic substances. As a result of its emulsification feature, it can be made use of for medicine transportation research study based on biofilm.

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Application of Castor oil


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