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What is Creatine Pyruvate?

Creatine is a normally happening compound in our bodies that is comprised of three amino acids; L-Arginine, Glycine as well as L-Methionine. It is generally found in skeletal muscle and also serves as a substrate or gas to offer a fast resource of energy in the form of phosphocreatine.

Creatine Pyruvate is a novel creatine designed to enhance the absorption of creatine over the traditional form of creatine (creatine monohydrate). Creatine Pyruvate is 60% creatine and 40% pyruvate by weight.

Creatine pyruvate is synthesized by the German company Degussa AG under the trade name Creapure TM Pyruvate. This is the same company that makes the famous Creapure TM Creatine Monohydrate.

A relatively new form of creatine, creatine pyruvate is not found in a wide range of supplements. More favorable research needs to be published before more supplements containing this ingredient become available. At the same time, contact Zhishang Chemical to learn about the creatine pyruvate products we have in stock.

Creatine Pyruvate Uses

Creatine pyruvate can be used to increase endurance and strength in the field of sports, to reduce weight and body fat in the field of health, to treat hypoxic conditions (ischemia), obesity and overweight, as a food supplement and Free radical scavengers.

Creatine pyruvate has the advantage of being more soluble in water than creatine monohydrate, so it can be used as an ingredient in sports drinks or sold as an effervescent tablet. After ingestion, the creatine-pyruvate molecule in the gastric acid environment rapidly splits to form creatine and pyruvate, so it is theoretically possible to combine the beneficial effects of creatine supplementation on the one hand and the putative synergistic effects on the other hand. pyruvate. In fact, sponsored ads claim that the bioavailability of creatine derived from creatine pyruvate intake is superior to creatine monohydrate. Studies comparing the two forms have shown that creatine pyruvate has the same beneficial properties as creatine monohydrate in terms of muscle strength.

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Main Creatine Types

A large portion of our body’s creatine is produced in our liver, kidneys, as well as pancreatic making use of the three aforementioned amino acids. The rest of our creatine comes from food resources. Given that creatine is largely found in muscle mass, it makes good sense that a lot of the dietary creatine originates from meat resources, particularly video game such as venison, kangaroo or bunny. It’s likewise found in high concentrations in fish like herring, salmon, and also tuna. Because of this, vegetarians and also vegans often do not have creatine degrees, yet this can easily be remedied with supplements. This is also why vegetarians profit much more from creatine supplementation, as they can increase creatine degrees much more considerably as well as consequently see much more noticable changes than normal meat eaters.

Creatine supplements have actually been around for some time and have actually evolved throughout the years in several various formulas, each declaring to be much better absorbed than their predecessors. The major types of creatine available today are outlined below:

What Can Creatine Do For You?

Creatine is perhaps considered one of the most effective supplements available by the exercise science community, as years of research have shown beneficial and reproducible effects. In terms of athletic performance, creatine supplements and a general increase in creatine levels in the body can help:

  1. Increase pre-workout creatine phosphate levels.
  2. Promote glycogen storage.
  3. Increased resynthesis of phosphocreatine from creatine stores.
  4. Increased expression of anabolic growth factors.
  5. Increased buffering capacity due to the use of hydrogen ions in the phosphagen system.
  6. Increase training volume.

In the simplest terms, increasing creatine means more energy at a sustained rate that promotes lean muscle mass and training gains and reduces fatigue. In terms of resistance training, research has shown that creatine has been shown to improve strength and endurance, and thus is able to influence training volume to the extent that it induces positive muscle adaptations. Additionally, creatine supplementation and resistance training have also been shown to increase muscle fiber size more than resistance training alone.


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Creatine Pyruvate Supplier and Manufacturer

As a creatine pyruvate supplier and manufacturer with a strict standard product quality system certificate, Zhishang Chemical has long been providing the best creatine pyruvate raw materials to customers all over the world.

Over the years, relying on professional team experience and customer-centric team concept to meet customer needs in a timely manner, our company enjoys a high reputation in the world. At present, our company has served more than 6,000 customers and has established long-term cooperative relations with customers from many countries.

If you have a demand for creatine pyruvate and related products, please contact our service staff Zhishang Chemical – White directly, and we will provide you with high-quality products at the best price.

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