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Basic Info of Copper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate

What is Copper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate?

Copper sulfate crystal is a kind of stunning blue crystal. Its crystal is in the form of plate or brief column, with stunning blue. Its main element is copper sulfate pentahydrate, particularly the hydrate of copper sulfate, which can be utilized for electroplating or coloring. When subjected to dry air, it will certainly end up being a nontransparent light eco-friendly white powder because of the loss of water. Along with copper, it can also be used to make mordant, medicine, pigment, rayon, natural leather making, electroplating, pesticide, fungicide, wood preservative, feed additive, and so on.

Copper sulfate pentahydrate (II) is called blue sulfuric acid. It is a tasteless blue crystal, easily soluble in water. It is additionally soluble in methanol, glycerin, and also somewhat soluble in ethanol. This very hazardous, nonflammable compound has a revolting metal odor and will certainly turn white when dried out. Structurally, in the pentahydrate particle, each copper (II) ion is bordered by 4 water molecules at the edge, and also the 5th water particle is linked by hydrogen bond. Copper sulfate (II) has lots of applications, consisting of the preparation of fungicide Bordeaux mixes. Copper sulfate (II) is made use of in electroplating, wood conservation and also textile sectors.

Copper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate Uses

Copper sulfate is a heavy metal salt, as well as its hydrolyzed copper ions (Cu2+) can combine with proteins to develop protein salts, and also copper ions can additionally create complicateds (chelates) when integrated with healthy proteins, which denatures and also speeds up proteins, therefore making parasitical The inactive enzymes of the worm have the impact of killing parasites, especially for protozoan bloodsuckers, and also have a strong poisoning effect on protozoa as well as low-grade algae with colloids. Therefore, it is one of the generally utilized medicines in the prevention and also control of fish conditions, as well as it has an excellent result. Water algae are likewise dangerous.

Adding copper sulfate to livestock and poultry feed also has a considerable collaborating result. Copper sulfate is an important trace element drug additive required for animal feed. Copper can promote the development of red cell in the bone marrow and is one of the crucial hematopoietic components. It is related to the formation of red blood cells as well as hemoglobin, and also relates to the web content of catalase, cytochrome C and also cytochrome oxidase in tissues. Complexation and promotion of methionine absorption.

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Application of Copper Sulfate in Tank Farming

  • Avoidance and also therapy of fish conditions
    Copper sulfate can be used to avoid and deal with fish conditions brought on by protozoa (such as: flagellates, ovarioles, cryptotrichuris, ichthyosiosis, trichomoniasis, chinosomiasis, ciliates such as trichoderma, and so on) As well as fish conditions brought on by crustaceans (such as Chinese snake illness, etc).
    The concentration of the drug for the whole pool: it is commonly used in combination with ferrous sulfate, which is both secure and reliable.

  • Fish (fry) medicated bath
    Generally utilized medicated bath focus is 8 g/m3 copper-iron mixture aqueous service (that is, the ratio of copper sulfate to ferrous sulfate is 5:2), copper sulfate 8 g/m3 plus lightening powder 10 g/m3 mixture liquid service medicated bath 10- thirty minutes. The above two solutions can kill germs and also protozoa on the body surface area and gills, and also are also efficient for Myxospora without cysts.
  • Kill algae plants as well as regulate the growth of dangerous algae
    Copper sulfate can be used to prevent and also kill excess cyanobacteria and also filamentous eco-friendly algae in ponds, along with fungis and also particular bacteria. Copper sulfate works in eliminating cyanobacteria, as well as can likewise be utilized to stop fish poisoning triggered by Microcystis and Dinoflagellate. The concentration of the medication sprayed in the entire pool is 0.7-0.9 g/m3 (the proportion of copper sulfate to ferrous sulfate is 5:2). Copper sulfate can additionally be used to eliminate eco-friendly mud moss, snails, and so on and also avoid fish caused by filamentous algae add-on. Shrimp as well as crab disease.
    It is advisable to begin the aerator in time after taking the medicine, or add water as proper in the next early morning. After preventing the death of algae, the hazardous compounds created will certainly create fish poisoning or hypoxia flooding the fish pond.
  • Sanitation of tools as well as food courts
    Sanitize fish tools with 20 g/m3 copper sulfate aqueous solution saturated for half a hr to kill protozoa.
    Disinfection of the food court can be accomplished routinely throughout the fish disease epidemic period. Use 100 grams of copper sulfate as well as 40 grams of ferrous sulfate each time. After liquifying in water, sprinkle it around the food court, the area is managed at 80-100 square meters, and then feed the fish, once daily, for 2 to 3 days. For the prevention and therapy of protozoan diseases.

Preparation of Copper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate

  • Report one
    Mix 20g copper ore (containing 9.25g Cu) with carbonized ammonia water, carry out the first leaching, the leaching time is 4 hours, add 3g starch, pass air, carry out the second leaching, the leaching time is 4 hours Then heat and evaporate to dryness to obtain copper oxide; add 20% sulfuric acid solution and crystallize for 2 days to obtain anhydrous copper sulfate.
  • Report two
    After degreasing the copper ore, pulverize it, take 50 grams and place it in a container, add 250 mL of sulfuric acid with a molar concentration of 1 mol/L at 40°C, and then dropwise add an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution with a concentration of 20% by mass, and react for 25 minutes. After the reaction is completed, the solution is decanted into an evaporating dish, heated and concentrated until a cotton-like substance appears, filtered to remove the cotton-like substance, and then continued to concentrate to obtain copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals.
    After testing, the purity of the copper sulfate pentahydrate crystal is 25.4% in terms of the mass percentage of copper ions, and the contents of metal impurities Cr, Ca, Mg, As, K and Cd are all less than or equal to 5ppm.
  • Report three
    A method for preparing copper sulfate pentahydrate and co-producing calcium hydroxide with phosphogypsum, first converts the amount of pure calcium sulfate contained in the industrial phosphogypsum product, and mixes the phosphogypsum containing 300kg of calcium sulfate with the diluted copper hydroxide. The solution is in the reactor (1) that 1: 0.52 is put into according to the mass ratio of calcium sulfate and copper hydroxide pure substance, and carries out chemical reaction under slow stirring; Then the reaction product is suction filtered in the suction filter (2), Obtain clear copper sulfate pentahydrate solution and calcium hydroxide filter cake; remove the remaining impurities in the obtained copper sulfate pentahydrate solution with a little calcium sulfate and copper hydroxide respectively, filter, and have removed fluoride, phosphorus Compounds, sulfides and other pollutants; the copper sulfate pentahydrate solution is sent into the distiller (3) for shallow distillation until the copper sulfate pentahydrate begins to precipitate, all of which are discharged into the cooler (4) and cooled to normal temperature, and after the first crushing Machine (5) pulverized to obtain 397.96kg of copper sulfate pentahydrate product.


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