Cocoyl Glutamic Acid CAS 210357-12-3

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Basic Info

What is Cocoyl Glutamic Acid?

Cocoyl glutamic acid is a white to light yellow loose particle with a slight characteristic odor. Unneutralized amino acid surfactants derived from coconut acid and L-glutamic acid have excellent foaming properties, good biodegradability, no irritation, and no allergenicity. Cocoyl glutamic acid can reduce the irritation and residue of anionic surfactants such as SLS and fatty acid soaps. Widely used in shampoos, facial cleansers, soaps, and baby shampoos.

Cocoyl glutamic acid is a compound extracted from coconut oil. Amino acid derivatives have surfactant properties, making them suitable for manufacturing personal care products such as shampoo and cleaning sticks. It can be used to reduce foam or improve the quality of foam, while increasing the gentleness of detergent used for skin or hair. It is usually used as an emulsifier to help keep the different components of the product together. Cocoyl glutamic acid can clean and remove dirt from hair or skin without taking away moisture.

Cocoyl Glutamic Acid Uses

Cocoyl Glutamic Acid, additionally called Cocamide or Coconut Fat Amide, is a surfactant that can be used for various purposes in industry. As a result of its amphoteric nature, completion of the molecule has both positive and adverse charges, making it appropriate for cleansing oil-based down payments such as oil externally and also getting rid of water-soluble pollutants. For that reason, based upon the existence of more hydrophobic residues, the product can execute degreasing, emulsification, and degreasing jobs in acidic or alkaline media.

Individual treatment:

  • Cocoyl glutamic acid is a tablet detergent removed from amino acids. It is extremely mild and can provide great foam. Ideal for powdered cleaning products, such as face cleansers or fluids.
  • Cocoyl glutamic acid is used in numerous consumer goods, such as individual treatment and cleansing items. It can be created right into a variety of cosmetics as well as house chemical formulations, consisting of facial cleansers; Shampoo/conditioner; Shaving lotion; mouth laundry; Dishwashing solution/detergent; Soap and shower gel.

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Application of Cocoyl Glutamic Acid

Cocoyl glutamic acid is used as a surfactant in personal care products such as shampoo and cleaning sticks. Due to its amphoteric nature, this molecule has both positive and negative charges at its end, making it suitable for cleaning the surface of oil-based deposits such as oils and removing water-soluble pollutants. Based on the presence of more hydrophobic residues, it can perform tasks such as degreasing, emulsification, and degreasing in acidic or alkaline media.

It can cleanse and also get rid of dirt from hair or skin without eliminating dampness. It can be used to make light detergents for skin or hair, while decreasing foam or enhancing the top quality of foam. It is often made use of as an emulsifier to maintain various product components with each other. It can also soften the skin and make hair easy to brush, while additionally making hair soft and boosting its quantity. It can be developed into different cosmetic formulas, such as face cleanser, shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream, mouth wash, soap, and also shower gel. Its maximum concentration in rinse products is 24%.

What role does coconut oil glutamic acid play in the formula?

  • Cleansing
  • Hair conditioning
  • Skin conditioning
  • Surface active agent

Surface area energetic agent The Cosmetic Active ingredient Review (CIR) professional team performed a safety look at amino acid alkyl amides (such as coconut oil glutamic acid) utilized as skin as well as hair conditioners, along with surfactant cleaners in individual care products. After meticulously checking out the pertinent animal as well as human data supplied, the expert group wrapped up that amino acid alkyl amides are safe in existing aesthetic use and also concentration techniques.


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