CocaMide MEA CAS 68140-00-1 Coconut Oil Monoethanolamide

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Basic Info

What is CocaMide MEA?

Detergent 6501 is coconut oil fatty acid diethanol amide, the English name is Coconut Diethanol Amide, CDEA for brief. It is a non-ionic surfactant, has no cloud point, is quickly soluble in water, and has great frothing, foam supporting, permeating and decontaminating, anti-hard water and also various other features.

Cleaning agent 6501 is a white to light yellow half-cracked strong at area temperature. It is a nonionic surfactant widely used. Its highlight is its thickening and foam maintaining impacts. The cleaning and also degreasing ability of 6501 is poor., far substandard to the AEO series. Normally, 6501 is mainly used for cleaning agent as well as low-grade everyday chemical items.

CocaMide MEA Uses

Coconut oil monoethanolamide can be used in aesthetic cleaning make-ups devoid of sodium chloride and also sulfate based surfactants.

Cocamide MEA and also various other Cocamide Ethanolamines such as Cocamide DEA are utilized as foaming representatives and also nonionic surfactants in shampoo and also bath products, and as emulsifiers in cosmetics.

Cleaning agent 6501 is an alkanol amide, which can be utilized to prepare metal anti-rust cleaning agents and paint strippers, and so on; can enhance the cleansing result, can be used as ingredients, foam stabilizers, foam boosters, as well as is primarily utilized in shampoos as well as liquid cleaning agents manufacture. It develops an opaque misty service in water, which can be entirely transparent under specific stirring, and also can be completely dissolved in various kinds of surfactants at a particular concentration, as well as can likewise be completely dissolved in low carbon and high carbon; it can also be used It is utilized as an emulsification stabilizer for lotion products, and is commonly made use of in shoe gloss, publishing ink, drawing materials, and so on; in the textile printing and coloring industry, it is made use of as a cleaning agent for materials, and also as an active ingredient and also thickener for other cleaning agents. Among the parts of fiber spinning oil.

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Application of CocaMide MEA

  • Detergent 6501 has the features of wetting, cleaning, emulsifying and also softening, as well as has a good foam supporting result on anionic surfactants. It is an indispensable resources in different cosmetic products such as fluid cleaning agent, liquid soap, shampoo, cleaning agent, and also facial cleanser. Good resistance to tough water when utilized with soap.
  • Cocamide MEA can also be made use of as a solution stabilizer for cream products, and also is extensively made use of in shoe polish, printing ink, drawing materials, and so on.
  • In the textile printing and coloring industry, it can be utilized as a detergent for fabrics, and also as an ingredient and also thickener for other cleaning agents. It is among the elements of synthetic fiber spinning oil such as polypropylene fiber.
  • Detergent 6501 is an alkanolamide, which can be made use of to prepare steel antirust detergents and also paint strippers.
  • Cocamide MEA has an excellent thickening effect on fluid products with anionic surfactant as the major basic material.
  • Cocamide MEA has a specific antistatic conditioning effect as well as is much less bothersome to the skin.
  • As an emulsifier for oily raw materials, it is extensively used in different cosmetics as well as surfactant items.
  • Cocamide MEA has great foaming and also foam supporting residential properties, as well as is extensively made use of as a foam improver in detergent foam stablizing.

Synthesis Mechanism of CocaMide MEA

For the direct reaction of fatty acid methyl esters with diethanolamine, the raw materials must first be pretreated to keep the fatty acid content as low as possible and ensure the high purity of the product. Fatty acid methyl ester and diethanolamine react under appropriate conditions to obtain fatty acid diethanolamide. If there is excess diethanolamine in the product, the excess diethanolamine will combine with the product diethanolamide to increase the water solubility of the product. The equation is as follows:


The acylation reaction under the action of a basic catalyst is firstly the action of diethanolamine and a base, the nitrogen atom loses an H+ ion, and the nitrogen atom of the diethanolamine is negatively charged, so the electron cloud density on the nitrogen atom increases. The electronegativity of the oxygen atom in the carbon-oxygen double bond in the ester bond is greater than that of the carbon atom, and the bonded electron cloud between the carbon-oxygen double bond is biased towards the oxygen atom, so that the carbon atom is partially positively charged, so the negatively charged diethanolamine anion first Combined with carbon atoms to form an intermediate, the latter loses a molecule of methoxy anion to generate alkanolamide.


Cocamide MEA – WikiPedia

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