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Basic Info of Citronellol

What is Citronellol?

Citronellol, additionally referred to as vanillyl alcohol, likewise known as β-andro Hemerocallis alcohol, is generally originated from vital oils such as rose, lemongrass, geranium, eucalyptus, and lemon balm, as well as likewise has a small amount of scent in high-grade ginger crucial oil. malol. Citronellol is an acyclic monoterpenoid, the simplest type of monoterpene alcohols, which can be used to formulate a selection of fragrances and also fragrances, with a more stylish climbed aroma than geraniol. Additionally, citronellol has additionally been scientifically proven to have different medicinal activities, which can be utilized for anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, analgesic, and cholesterol decreasing. Citronellol is additionally an important intermediate in the overall synthesis of various chiral compounds.

Citronellol is a natural organic substance that exists in a selection of plant vital oils and some fruits, and also is a terpenoid. Both enantiomers are dispersed in nature: R-(+)-citronellol, which is present in citronella oil (50%); as well as S-(−)-citronellol, which exists in rose plants Vital oils (18– 55%), along with geraniums, and so on.

Natural citronellol exists in more than 70 type of plants, such as: citronella, lavender, rose, palmarosa, geranium, lemon, lemon verbena, lemon nepeta, lemon fine seeds, etc.

Citronellol Uses

  1. Citronellol has antibacterial effects, such as inhibiting the activity of Vitis aureus and Salmonella typhi.
  2. Anti-gynecological diseases; in terms of skin, it can enhance skin immunity, increase skin water content, promote microvascular circulation, balance and rejuvenate (can make oily acne skin astringent, but also make dry skin moist).
  3. Citronellol is used to make geraniol or citronellal, and is also used as an insecticide, mosquito repellent and soap essence.
  4. GB 2760-96 stipulates that the edible spices are allowed to be used. For the preparation of a variety of flavors, a wide range of uses.
  5. Citronellol is the base scent of rose-type significance, as well as it is additionally typically used to sweeten the fragrance of blossoms, such as lily of the valley, lilac, osmanthus and also various other scents. It is utilized to prepare a selection of heavy and floral fragrances. It is typically made use of in mix with geraniol, geraniol and phenylethyl alcohol to form a rose base. It can likewise be used in edible tastes such as roses, strawberries, raspberries and various other berries, citrus fruits, and peaches.
  6. Citronellol is one of the most generally utilized scent as well as is most suitable for increased fragrance. It can additionally be utilized as a citrus scent and a basic material for many citronellol esters. malaldehyde. Citronellol is an important resources for the preparation of different rose -based floral significances, and also can be used in nearly all cosmetics. As an edible flavor, according to the stipulations of Japan’s “Food Additives Official Publication”, the pureness is called for to be more than 94%, as well as it needs to not be used for functions apart from flavor.


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