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Basic Info

What is Citric Acid Anhydrous?

Citric acid anhydrous is a natural component as well as an intermediate product of physical metabolic rate in pets and plants. It is also one of the most widely utilized organic acids in the fields of food, medicine, and chemical market. It is an anemic transparent or translucent crystal, or granular or granular powder, odorless, with a strong sour preference, however enjoyable, a little astringent.

Citric acid (2-hydroxypropanetricarboxylic acid), with the formula C6H8O7, is a medium-strength organic acid that consists of 3 carboxyl (R-COOH) groups. Citric acid is an all-natural chemical normally taking place in citrus fruits and a sour seasoning additive in foods as well as drinks. In biochemistry and biology, it is an important intermediate of the citric acid cycle as well as therefore plays an essential function in the metabolism of mostly all living things. In addition, it is likewise an eco-friendly cleaner.

Several vegetables and fruits, particularly citrus fruits, are rich in citric acid, specifically lemons as well as limes – they contain a lot of citric acid, when dried out, the web content can get to 8% (the material in the juice about 47 g/L). In citrus fruits, the content of citric acid is in between 0.005 mol/L in orange and grapefruit and 0.30 mol/L in lemon as well as lime. This content varies with different cultivars and plant development conditions. “Citric acid” is named after a fruit of the category Citrus, Citrus medica.

Application of Citric Acid Anhydrous in Food Industry

Anhydrous citric acid is called the first edible sour agent, and also my country’s GB2760-1996 states that it is a level of acidity regulator for food that is permitted to be used. In the food market, it is commonly utilized as sour agent, solubilizer, buffer, antioxidant, dubious and deodorizing agent, chelating representative, and so on, and its particular uses are too various to mention.

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Application of Citric Acid Anhydrous in Pharmaceutical Industry

Effervescence is a release system for oral ingredients of popular drugs. The reaction of citric acid and sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution produces a large amount of CO2 (ie effervescence) and sodium citrate, which can quickly dissolve the active ingredients in the drug and enhance the taste ability. For example, to solubilize laxatives and analgesics. Citric acid syrup is a refreshing drink for fever patients, which has the effects of flavor correction, cooling and detoxification. Citric acid is widely used in various nutritional oral liquids, etc., to buffer pH3.5-4.5, maintain the stability of active ingredients, and strengthen the effect of preservatives.

The combination of citric acid and fruit flavors can give people a favorite sour taste to mask the bitterness of medicines, especially in traditional Chinese medicine preparations. Adding 0.02% citric acid to liquid ingredients can form a complex of trace iron and copper to delay the degradation of active ingredients effect. The use of 0.1% to 0.2% citric acid in chewable tablets can improve the flavor of the tablets and make them have a lemon flavor.

Industrial Application of Citric Acid Anhydrous


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