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Basic Info

What is Cinnamyl Cinnamate?

Cinnamyl laurate is a combination of cis and also trans isomers. White or colorless crystals with floral balsamic aroma. Insoluble in water and also glycerol, soluble in ethanol. (1:20), natural solvents such as ether and also benzene. The melting point is 44-45 ° C, the boiling point is 370 ° C, and the family member thickness (25 ° C) is 1.156-1.15. Natural existence: existing in Suhe balsam, white Peru balsam, and so on.

Cinnamyl cinnamate, likewise known as cinnamyl cinnamate, is naturally present in balsams such as Suhe balsam as well as white Peru balsam, and also has a flower balsam scent. Cinnamyl laurate is a crucial great chemical intermediate, widely used in the production of medicines, seasonings and also other products, mostly utilized as a fixative in flavors, and can be made use of to blend carnation, hyacinth, tuberose, Floral significances such as heart orchid, sandalwood, white orchid, and lily of the valley are extensively used in the fragrance, fragrance as well as cosmetics market, and are additionally consisted of in GB2760, as well as are permitted to be made use of as preservative.

Cinnamyl Cinnamate Uses

Cinnamyl laurate is a flavor. Generally utilized for dealing with scent of different fruit flavors
agent. Utilized as a fixative for carnation, hyacinth, tuberose,
Orchid, sandalwood, white orchid, lily of the valley, as well as various other scented everyday chemical essences.

GB 2760-96 specifies that it is enabled to make use of edible flavors. It is mainly utilized as a fixative for different fruit flavors.

Cinnamyl cinnamate is one of one of the most important parts of Albizia julibrissima: Liqidambar orientale, Liquidambar styracifluum L. It is also discovered in white Peruvian and also Honduras balsam.

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Application of Cinnamyl Cinnamate

Utilized to prepare a kind of flame-retardant and insect-proof towel for packaging

CN201710570248.5 supplies a flame-retardant insect-proof fabric for product packaging, which is made up of a cloth and also a flame-retardant insect-proof layer. The flame-retardant insect-proof layer is made of the following resources partly by weight: 20-30 parts of water, 5- 9 components, 2-5 parts of cedarwood oil, 3-8 parts of cinnamon laurate, 5-10 parts of polypropylene glycol, 3-6 parts of ammonium sulfate, 1-3 parts of magnesium hydroxide, 8-15 parts of citric acid, 6 parts of borax -10 parts, aluminum hydroxide 2-5 parts, beryllium amide 1-3 components, diatomaceous planet 1-5 parts, silane combining agent 1-3 components, tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphorus chloride 1-3 components. Compared to the prior art, the advantageous results of the here and now invention are: the flame-retardant as well as insect-proof cloth for packaging in the present innovation is made up of a fabric and a flame-retardant as well as insect-proof layer, as well as the flame-retardant as well as insect-proof layer is composed of glyoxal, cedarwood oil, lauric acid It is made of cinnamon ester, polypropylene glycol, ammonium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, citric acid, borax, aluminum hydroxide, beryllium amide, diatomaceous earth, tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphorus chloride, which has the effect of flame retardant and also insect repellent. When the packaging bag constructed from the cloth is full of garments, it can prevent fire and mosquitoes from attacking the garments.

Preparation of Cinnamyl Cinnamate

  1. Response
    In an oil bath, mix methyl laurate, cinnamic alcohol as well as potassium carbonate at a mass proportion of 1:1 ~ 2:0.05 ~ 0.1, and warm the resulting mixture to 120 ~ 160 ° C under mixing, and also respond at this temperature After 1-3 hrs, the methanol generated by the response distills out as the temperature rises. When the methanol no more distills out, quit home heating as well as reduced the temperature to 80 ° C to get a response option containing cinnamic acid.
  2. Washing and recycling
    Include water and ethyl acetate to the reaction fluid which contains cinnamic acid that step1 obtains, after that stir and clean to the neutrality of water stage, make water phase and also oily phase splitting up, eliminate watery phase, oily stage remains in vacuum cleaner Home heating at -0.096 MPa as well as temperature of 45 ° C to eliminate the ethyl acetate solvent, and then carrying out vacuum purification at a pressure of 0.1-0.2 KPa and also a temperature level of 195-205 ° C to obtain unrefined cinnamic acid.
  3. Condensation
    Recrystallize the unrefined cinnamon laurate obtained in step2 in ethanol at a temperature level of 0-10 ° C., separate the crystals, and then dry them to get cinnamon cinnamate as a white solid.

    Compared to previous art, the artificial technique of cinnamon laurate of the here and now development, with methyl laurate and cinnamon alcohol as reaction raw material, transesterification takes place under the catalysis of potassium carbonate, by the methyl alcohol that creates Direct distillation promotes the positive response, boosts the conversion price of the reaction, shortens the response time, and stays clear of the side reaction products caused by the high-pressure reaction. In the post-treatment procedure, the present innovation embraces the procedure of vacuum cleaner purification to first distill out the unrefined laurate laurate, which not only accomplishes the impact of splitting up and also purification, however also achieves the excellent result of decolorization. Finally, the item obtained by one recrystallization with ethanol has the advantages of pure aroma, good color and high purity.


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