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Basic Info

What is Chromium(II) Chloride?

Chromium chloride, chemical formula CrCl3. Molecular weight 158.36. Dark green crystalline powder. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. It turns into a green solution after boiling with water for a long time. Heating decomposition. It turns into chromium trioxide when heated in the air. It can be sublimated in chlorine gas flow, and co-heated with carbon tetrachloride at 400 ° C to obtain kinetically inert purple anhydrous. There are three variants of hexahydrate, dark green, light green and purple, all of which turn into a dark green and purple mixture in aqueous solution, but appear dark green in DMSO, DMF, ethanol and other organic solvents.

Chromium(II) chloride describes an inorganic compound with the formula CrCl2(H2O)n. The pure anhydrous solid is white, but commercial samples are usually gray or green; it is hygroscopic and readily soluble in water, giving a bright blue gas-sensitive solution of the tetrahydrate Cr(H2O)4Cl2. Chromium(II) chloride has no commercial use, but is used on a laboratory scale for the synthesis of other chromium complexes.

It is prepared by the action of the mixture of chromium trioxide and carbon powder and chlorine gas or the action of hydrochloric acid and chromium hydroxide at high temperature. Used as an intermediate, mordant, pigment and chrome plating for the preparation of other chromium salts.

Chromium(II) Chloride Uses

  1. Chromium(II) chloride is used in the manufacture of other chemicals and as an oxygen absorber.
  2. The gas phase co-reduction of hydrogen and other metal halides creates fine intermetallic substances, which can be made use of as structural materials or compounds with valuable thermoelectric, magnetic and antioxidant buildings.
  3. Chromium(II) chloride is utilized as the precursor of various other inorganic as well as natural steel chromium complicateds. It is a reagent in the Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi response. It is also utilized for Alkylation of Takai, and also prep work of iodoethylene from aldehydes in the existence of iodoform.
  4. Chromium(II) chloride is made use of as decreasing representative; As a stimulant for natural reactions; Steel chrome plating; And as analytical reagent for vic-dihalides dehalogenation. As a minimizing representative, it is used to α- Halogenated ketones are minimized to parent ketones, epoxides are decreased to olefins, chloroimides are decreased to imines, and aromatic aldehydes are decreased to corresponding alcohols.
  5. Chromium chloride is used for making chromate, chrome plating as well as mordant. It is used with iodoform and also tetraethylethylenediamine to convert terminal alkenes into trans-iodocyclopropane with high return. Used for preparing bis (indenyl) chromium dimer and also associated products. Control the condensation of aldehydes and trisubstituted chloroolefins. It is a very energetic pre-catalyst for the synthesis of ethylene oligomerization. Under the activity of hydrogen, it can be lowered with other steel halides in the gas phase to create partitioned steel complicateds, which can be used as structural products or compounds with effective thermoelectric, magnetic as well as oxidation resistance.

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Production Method of Chromium(II) Chloride

The raw material is anhydrous chromium trichloride, which is refined by sublimation at 800°C in a dry chlorine or hydrogen chloride gas stream. The ferric trichloride mixed in it can be removed because it sublimes first at low temperature. The reaction tube can be a closed quartz tube or a superhard glass tube with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 500 mm. It should be pulled into a neck near the outlet to facilitate subsequent sealing. Install a silicone rubber stopper with two holes on the opening, and insert the air guide tube and exhaust tube leading to the bottom. The reaction tube was previously heated to 500° C. and completely dried under reduced pressure. Put the reaction tube horizontally, and spread 5g of sublimated and refined anhydrous chromium trichloride CrCl3 on the end of the tube, and then inject a mixture of oxygen-free hydrogen chloride and hydrogen (1:1) at a flow rate of 50mL per minute. gas.

The reaction tube is placed in an electric furnace and heated at 500°C to initiate a reduction reaction. Make all the reddish-purple raw materials turn white and let cool, replace the gas in the tube k with nitrogen, pull the air guide tube to the outlet, and then seal the reaction tube.


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