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Basic Info

What is Chromium Sesquioxide?

Chromium oxide is a basic inorganic chemical raw material. Its chemical name is chromium trioxide, Cr2O3. It belongs to the trigonal crystal system. If a hexagonal unit cell is taken, the unit cell parameters are 4.960x 4.960×13.584 and the axial ratio is 4.473. Cr2O3 has a γ-Al2O3 structure. This rigid crystal is composed of oxygen ions that are closely packed and M3+ ions fill the octahedral gaps formed by these close packings.

It is known that the ionic radii of Cr3+ and O2- are 0.069nm and 0.132nm respectively, and the ratio of positive and negative ionic radii is 0.52, in the range of 0.414~0.732. Therefore, the coordination number of Cr3+ is 6, so it is in the octahedral gap. One chromium ion Surrounded by 6 oxygen ions in the crystal structure of Cr2O3, the oxygen ions occupy the lattice positions of the hexagonal close-packed crystal, and the chromium ions are located in the octahedral gaps of the hexagonal close-packed structure, which is the same as the hexagonal close-packed and face-centered cubic crystals. On average, each array point can have one octahedral gap and two tetrahedral gaps, so the close-packed hexagonal structure contains a total of 6 octahedral gaps. In order to maintain electrical neutrality, there are only 2 Cr3+ to 3 O2-. Therefore, the octahedron Only 2/3 of the octahedral voids are filled.

As an important chemical raw material, chromium oxide green is widely used in metallurgy, ceramic pigments, leather grinding and polishing and many other industrial productions. Especially in the ceramic pigment industry, chromium oxide is widely used in most ceramic pigments as a major color development and auxiliary color additive. The market price of chromium oxide green has also been on the rise since 2008, rising from about 20,000 yuan/ton before to about 40,000 yuan/ton currently.

Chromium Sesquioxide Uses

Chromium trioxide is often used to make pigments for green paints, ceramics, etc., and can also be used as a catalyst for organic synthesis (such as the production of polyethylene and butadiene).

Chromium oxide green is mainly used for smelting metallic chromium. It can also be used as a pigment in paints and ceramics, a catalyst for organic synthesis, and is also used to make abrasive materials, green polishing pastes and inks.

As a green pigment, chromium oxide green can be used in printing inks and coatings. In addition, it is widely used as a colorant in glass, ceramic tiles, ceramic vessels, etc. It can also be used as a greasy abrasive material such as green oil, in chrome plating and plating. Nickel is used for grinding base plates and surface polishing. The powder itself can be used as a fine grinding material in the manufacture of metal and glass products. It can also be made into chromium-magnesium or magnesium-chromium refractory bricks, and can be used as raw material for metallic chromium.

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Application of Chromium Sesquioxide

Chromium oxide green is widely used in industrial production and can be used to make a variety of coatings. In addition, it can also be used for smelting metallic chromium and chromium carbide, enamel, ceramics, glass, artificial leather, refractory materials, coloring of building materials, catalysts for organic synthesis, special inks for manufacturing light-fast materials and printing banknotes, metal polishing abrasive materials, Metal surface chromium infiltration, magnetic materials, etc.

  • Practical application of chromium oxide green in the production of high-temperature refractory black coatings
    Chromium oxide green is widely used in the raw material configuration of coatings. In different types and colors of coatings, its preparation methods and applications are different. Nowadays, it is more popular in the high-temperature refractory coating industry and is used more frequently. . The weight composition of high temperature resistant black paint is iron oxide 20~40%, chromium oxide green 20~35%, nickel oxide 10~23%, manganese dioxide 8~20%, cobalt oxide 5~I2%, zirconium oxide 2 ~10%, alumina 5~10%, graphite 0~5%, silica 5~10%.
  • Application of chromium oxide green in ceramic industry
    Ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturers rarely use chromium oxide green directly, and usually use ceramic pigments that contain chromium oxide green. Common varieties of ceramic pigments containing chromium oxide green include: peacock blue, malachite green, navy blue, navy green, grass green, black, coffee, orange, beige, red brown and golden, etc. Basically, most ceramic pigments contain chromium oxide green. Chromium oxide green component, except for zirconium-based products.

    1) Application of chromium oxide green in black pigments: The black series of ceramic pigments can be divided into two parts: blank and glaze. The black spinel type pigment has a very tight structure and has very little solubility in the glaze, making it resistant to high temperatures and bright in color. It is generally believed that under oxidizing atmosphere firing conditions, NiO-Cr2O3 formed at 1000°C emits cyan, NiO-Fe2O3 emits reddish black and Co-Fe2O3 emits blue-black, and presents a purer black color through composite coloring. At the same time, CuO-Fe2O3 can also appear blue-black in the glaze. Therefore, when a small amount of copper oxide is included in the formula, it can help color and adjust the tone.

    2) Application of chromium oxide green in grass green pigments: Grass green pigments have a wide range of applications. They can present a bright grass green tone in wall, floor tiles and porcelain tiles, and are less harmful to glazes and body powders. Moreover, the high temperature stability and chemical stability are relatively good, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Russia, which prefer darker and fuller colors. Therefore, grass green pigments are better consumed and accepted in exports than in the domestic market. Chromium oxide green is the main color-developing component in grass green materials. The saturation and hue of grass green materials are closely related to the crystal form and purity of chrome green.

    3) The application of chromium oxide green in peacock blue pigments: Chromium oxide green is added as a color blending agent to peacock blue and malachite green and other blue-green materials, and cobalt oxide is used as a color forming agent. The color development intensity is very good, and the color tone is also biased towards Blue-purple tint. Colors such as peacock blue are currently mainly used in porcelain tiles, and some glazed tile manufacturers like this color of paint very much. Of course, the color intensity of malachite blue or malachite green in the green body is not bad, and the high temperature stability and hair color are very stable.


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