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Basic Info of Chlorphenesin

What is Chlorphenesin?

Chlorphenesin is a secure, reliable and also broad-spectrum antifungal preservative. It has killing effect on a lot of Gram-positive and adverse microorganisms and fungis. It has no irritation and reduced toxicity. important antifungal medicines. It has excellent chemical security as well as will not be shut off under normal storage space conditions. It can be commonly used in personal treatment products as an anti-mildew and also antibacterial agent or in industrial areas such as glue, paint, textile, as well as paper production. In medicine, chlorphenesin is an antifungal medicine, appropriate for antifungal, bacterial, genital mold and mildew, Trichomonas illness and so forth. In cosmetics, chlorphenesin is commonly used as an antifungal agent in combination with other antibacterial preservatives. In the field of everyday chemical items where the quantity of paraben is restricted and triclosan is prohibited.

Many people believe that the use of preservatives is very negative for the skin. Actually, chemicals are not awful. They likewise have the difference between chemical preservatives, secure non-toxic chemicals and natural organic chemicals. As a safe and reliable chemical added in minimal amounts in cosmetics, chlorphenesin has a broad-spectrum antibacterial impact on fungi and germs, as well as can efficiently stand up to Gram-positive as well as negative bacteria, especially Aspergillus niger as well as Penicillium pinophilia. Strong bactericidal task, has a great inhibitory impact on Candida fungus albicans as well as Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Compared with various other chemicals, chlorphenesin is used at a lower focus in cosmetics. The optimum usage of chlorphenesin in the “Cosmetic Rules” is 0.3%, and 0.01% can play a preservative result. It does not have formaldehyde, additionally It is not a formaldehyde releaser, and also will certainly not denature healthy proteins. It is an efficient as well as low-toxic antibacterial and also antifungal agent, which can properly prevent the product from producing color and also undesirable smell brought on by microbial growth.

The more natural skin treatment items are, the even more they require the aid of preservatives to ensure their quality. As long as it is a preservative that fulfills the regulations, it is 100% safe if it is included percentage to the criterion. There are many kinds of chemicals, which does not indicate that they are not good. Lots of preservatives need to be utilized together to accomplish the very best antibacterial result. Different kinds of chemicals do have distinctions in inflammation. When buying, you can pick a chemical with a reduced concentration such as chlorphenesin.

Chlorphenesin Uses

  1. Chlorphenesin is an antigen associated immunosuppressant that prevents IgE mediated histamine release. Chlorophenesin is also made use of as an antifungal agent.
  2. Chlorphenesin is used to relieve skeletal muscle mass discomfort. Glycerin in which the hydrogen of one key hydroxyl group is replaced by 4-chlorophenyl. It has antifungal and antibacterial buildings and also is utilized to deal with skin as well as vaginal infections. Its 1-carbamate is made use of as a skeletal muscle mass depressant to deal with unpleasant muscle spasms.
  3. Chlorphenesin is a preservative widely utilized in cosmetics. It has actually been enabled to be used in cosmetics as a preservative because 1996 in Europe, as well as is also admitted Japan and the United States.
  4. Chlorphenesin is much more reliable versus fungis and also is used in combination with other preservatives for enhanced preservative impact.

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Application of Chlorphenesin

An instant skin repair nutrient solution, which is characterized by being composed of water, butanediol, glycerin, diethoxyethyl succinate, snail extract, panthenol, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, dipeptide diaminobutyryl It is prepared by mixing benzylamide diacetate, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol and chlorophenesin. Ethyl ethyl ester 1-3g, snail extract 0.2-2g, panthenol 0.1-1g, nicotinamide 0.2-2g, sodium hyaluronate 0.1-1g, dipeptide diaminobutyryl benzyl amide diacetate 0.08-0.1 g, 0.1-0.3 g of phenoxyethanol, 0.05-0.15 g of octanediol, and 0.1-0.2 g of chlorphenesin.

The advantages of the present invention: snail is a kind of health food, without toxic and side effects, the snail meat has a high protein content and a low fat content of only 2%, and the snail meat has more than 20 different types of essential amino acids for the human body. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, alkaloids, selenium, boron, zinc and other trace elements. Therefore, the nutritional value of snails is very high.

Preparation of Chlorphenesin

A method for green and efficient selective synthesis of chlorphenesin, the specific operations are as follows:

In a 500ml three-necked flask, 55.25g (0.60mol) of glycerol, 25.3g (0.28mol) of dimethyl carbonate, 25.8g (0.20mol) of p-chlorophenol, and 0.8g (0.02mol) of sodium hydroxide were sequentially added. Wherein, the molar ratio of glycerol: diethyl carbonate: p-chlorophenol in the system is 3: 1.4: 1, and the molar ratio of p-chlorophenol to sodium hydroxide is 1: 0.1. During feeding, keep stirring at a low speed of 30 rpm, heat to 110 °C, and react for 11 h. After the reaction was completed, the temperature was lowered to 22°C, the supernatant of 552.5g of saturated sodium chloride solution was added to the above-mentioned obtained reaction solution for washing, and then 552.5g of dichloromethane was added, and the mixture was evenly mixed and allowed to stand, layered, and the organic phase was taken, Concentrated to obtain a yellow-white solid, which was recrystallized with dichloromethane and filtered with suction to obtain a pure white powder product. The solid powder was vacuum-dried at 45 °C to obtain 33.23 g of chlorophenyl glycerol, with a calculated yield of 82%, detected by HPLC The purity is 95.4%.


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