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Basic Info

What is Chloramine-T?

Chloramine-T is an N-terminally chlorinated and N-terminally deprotonated sulfonamide used as an insecticide and mild disinfectant.

Prismatic crystal, soluble in water, almost insoluble in benzene, chloroform and ether. Decay in ethanol. There is no certain melting point, as well as it is violently decayed (exploded) at 175-180 ℃. With minor chlorine scent, it progressively sheds water in dry air, and slowly decomposes in exposed air to launch chlorine.

Chloramine-T can be prepared in a return of 75– 95% by presenting chlorine into the salt hydroxide option of p-toluenesulfonamide. It is a solid electrolyte in acid remedy and a great oxidant in alkali option. Conveniently soluble in water, nearly insoluble in benzene, chloroform and ether. The substance can conveniently react with mustard gas to generate safe crystalline thioimides; Chloramine-T derivatives are being studied as poison gas guards.

Chloramine-T Uses

This disinfectant is only for outside use and also can eliminate microorganisms, infections, fungis and also spores. The concept of action is that chlorine has a slow-moving and also long lasting antiseptic result, and can liquify necrotic cells. Chlorine comes from hypochlorite created from chloramine-T service.

Resolution and indicator of sterilization representatives, preservatives, disinfectants, chemical reagents, sulfonamides in clinical and pharmaceutical areas. It appropriates for disinfection of alcohol consumption water containers, food, numerous tableware, vegetables and fruits, and cleaning of wounds as well as mucous membrane layers.

As medicine, it is used for injury cleaning, mucous membrane sanitation, drinking water disinfection and clinical instrument sanitation. Normally, 1-2% aqueous solution is made use of as wound cleaning agent, the focus of mucosal disinfectant is 0.1-0.2%, which of alcohol consumption water disinfectant is 1:250000. It is used as bleaching agent and oxidative desizing agent in the printing and also coloring sector. It is mainly utilized to bleach plant fibers. It is very hassle-free to make use of. Simply add an appropriate amount of water to liquify it, and after that add water to weaken it right into 0.1% Chemicalbook solution. After warming to 70-80 ℃, the textile can be put into lightening. Chloramine T responds with water to generate hypochlorite, and after that decomposes to release main oxygen. As an oxidative desizing representative, it can be made use of swiftly. Pay attention to the control of process problems, or else the fiber will be harmed. Used as a reagent for chlorine supply in lab analytical work. The item is irritant. After the dirt is inhaled right into the human body, the body temperature will certainly rise, dripping nose and also bronchial asthma will happen.

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Application of Chloramine-T

  • Amino hydroxylation reagent
    Sharpless oxidative amination converts olefins into ortho amino alcohols. The common source of the amino component of this reaction is chloramine-T. Ortho amino alcohol is an important product in organic synthesis, and also a pharmacophore that appears repeatedly in drug discovery.

  • Oxidant
    Chloramine-T is a strong oxidant. It oxidizes hydrogen sulfide into sulfur and mustard gas to produce safe crystalline thioimides.

    It transforms iodide right into iodine monochloride (ICl). ICl will quickly undertake electrophilic replacement, mainly by activated aromatic rings, such as amino acid tyrosine. As a result, chloramine-T is utilized to incorporate iodine right into peptides and proteins. Chloramine-T, along with iodogen or lactoperoxidase, is commonly utilized to label peptides and also healthy proteins with radioiodine isotopes.

Chloramine-T Chemical Formula



  • EN 1276 Sterilization
  • EN 13713 Sterilization
  • EN 14675 Virus killing
  • EN 14476 Virucidal Norovirus
  • EN 1650 Fungicides
  • EN 13704 sporicidal Clostridium difficile


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