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Basic Info

What is CETETH 25?

Ceteth-25 is a non-ionic emulsifier gotten by the enhancement of all-natural saturated fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide. Ceteth-25 (hlb15-17) is an oil in water (O/ W) emulsifier used to generate ointment, lotion, fluid cream, gel and various other cosmetic formulations. It is provided in the form of free flowing and dust-free fragments. It is an efficient protective colloid as well as can boost the stability of the dispersion system.

When ceteth-25 and also ceteth 6 are shared, a set of complementary emulsifier pairs are developed. The emulsifier pairs have a percentage and also strong emulsifying ability. The emulsion items prepared have high stability as well as bright appearance. It can stand up to a specific degree of not natural salts as well as extreme pH conditions. Besides creating general cream and cream items, it is also suitable for creating emulsion products consisting of fruit acids as well as solid alkaline emulsion products such as hair coloring lotion and hair elimination lotion. It is an extensively utilized emulsifier.

CETETH-25 Uses

  1. Strong emulsifying ability, can emulsify different polar oils; less dose, high emulsifying performance and also exceptional emulsifying efficiency, usually shared with CETETH-6, the overall dosage of the two is 2%-4%.
  2. The look of the solution is intense as well as fragile; it is simple to create considerable thickness as well as maintain the security of viscosity.
  3. CETETH-25 can stand up to a certain quantity of electrolyte, acid or alkali, to make sure that the emulsifier set can be extensively and flexibly used in different formulations.
  4. The ready solution product has high security as well as can keep long-lasting stability.

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Application of CETETH-25

Ceteareth-25 is an emulsifier, which can be used as leveling agent in printing as well as coloring sector, color retarder, emulsifier in glass fiber market, chemical fiber rotating oil component, emulsifier in cosmetics and ointment manufacturing. Family and industrial cleansers. In the chemical fiber industry, as one of the parts of numerous chemical fiber spinning oils, it has excellent spinnability; as an emulsifier in the general sector, it has excellent emulsifying residential or commercial properties for pet, veggie and mineral oils, and the ready emulsion is great. It is stable; it can additionally be used to develop house cleaning agents, industrial cleaning agents as well as steel cleaning agents; it is used as a moistening representative in the fabric industry; it is made use of as one of the parts of an emulsifier in the pesticide market.


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As a CETETH-25 supplier and manufacturer with a strict standard product quality system certificate, Zhishang Chemical has long been providing the best CETETH-25 raw materials to customers all over the world.

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