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Basic Info of Cesium Sulfate

What is Cesium Sulfate?

Cesium salts are widely used in the fields of medicine and catalysts in today’s industrial production; scintillation crystal optoelectronics industry and high-energy physics industry. The chemical formula of cesium sulfate is Cs2SO4. Molecular weight 361.87. Colorless orthorhombic or hexagonal crystal. The melting point is 1010 ° C, and the relative density is 4.243. At 600 ° C, it is transformed from the orthorhombic system to the hexagonal system. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and acetone.

Cesium sulfate or cesium sulfate are inorganic compounds and salts with the chemical formula CS 2SO 4. It is a white water-soluble solid used to prepare dense aqueous solutions for equal density (or “density gradient”) centrifugation. It is isomorphic with potassium salt. Mainly used for analytical reagents, trace analysis of lead, trivalent chromium; special glasses; ceramics; catalyst additives. Cesium sulfate has been used for many years as an analytical reagent and some catalysts.

Existing technology generally adopts cesium carbonate and sulfuric acid to neutralize to produce cesium sulfate, but this technique has the following deficiencies in use: 1, the raw material uses cesium carbonate, and the cost is high; 2, in the neutralization preparation process, because the product carbonic acid is Dibasic weak acid, the neutralization liquid is acidic, and cesium hydroxide needs to be added to adjust the pH value, which increases the cost, and the carbonic acid is easily decomposed. When carbon dioxide is released, the reaction is violent and may cause safety accidents.

Cesium Sulfate Uses

  1. Cesium sulfate is used as a catalyst for sulfur dioxide oxidation together with metallic vanadium or vanadium pentoxide.
  2. Cesium sulfate as analytical reagent.
  3. Production of cesium sulfate as a catalyst.
  4. Cesium sulfate is used to prepare concentrated aqueous solution for equal density centrifugation. It is also used for crystal growth purposes.
  5. Cesium sulfate uses V or V2O5 as catalyst for SO2 oxidation.
  6. Cesium sulfate is used for brewing and making mineral water.

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Application of Cesium Sulfate

The Preparation Method of High-Purity Cesium Sulfate

  1. Acid leaching cesium garnet: put the cesium garnet into 35wt% sulfuric acid for acid leaching, the liquid-solid mass ratio is 3:1, the reaction temperature is 130 ℃, the reaction time is 4 hours, and then the acid leaching solution is obtained by filtration at a temperature above 90 ℃.
  2. The acid leaching solution is naturally cooled to room temperature to precipitate alum, centrifuged, separated mother liquor and discharged after neutralization treatment, and the separated cesium alum crystals are added with pure water to carry out two recrystallizations, and the liquid-solid mass ratio of each recrystallization is 8: 1. After adding pure water to dissolve each time, heating, evaporating and concentrating to a temperature of 110-130 ° C and a volume of one-third of the original volume, naturally cooled to room temperature for crystallization, and the recrystallization mother liquor returned to step 1.
  3. Add 2-3 times the mass of pure water to dissolve the purified cesium alum after two recrystallizations, and the temperature is controlled at 95°C-110°C to obtain a cesium alum solution, and then add 3% of the amount of aluminum element in the cesium alum solution. -5 times of lime (CaO), lime is slowly added in the form of lime slurry of 8wt%-15wt% (measured as CaO) while stirring, after adding, continue to stir and react for 1h, filter, and rinse the filter residue with pure water twice, Use pure water of the same quality as the filter residue each time, and the eluent is combined into the filtrate to obtain a conversion solution.
  4. The obtained conversion solution adopts H2SO4 with a concentration of 30wt%-50wt% to adjust the pH value to 7.0-8.0, and after 10 minutes of reaction under stirring, the pH value of the solution is re-measured to 7.0-8.0, and then the insoluble impurity aluminum hydroxide is removed by filtration to obtain filtrate.
  5. Measure the amount of the calcium element in the filtrate, add 5 to 20 times the amount of the calcium element in the filtrate (the oxalic acid is added in the form of a solution of 30wt%-40wt%, and the oxalic acid is used Dissolved in hot water), and reacted under stirring for 30 minutes to remove insoluble impurities by filtration to obtain a cesium sulfate clean solution.
  6. The obtained cesium sulfate clean solution is heated, evaporated and concentrated to a temperature of 130-150°C and a large amount of crystals are precipitated, then naturally cooled to 20°C to 30°C and centrifuged to obtain cesium sulfate crystals, and the separated mother liquor is returned to the step 4 cycle use.
  7. Dry the cesium sulfate crystals separated in step 6 at 110-140° C. for 4-8 hours to obtain the product.


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