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What is Cedar Oil?

Cedar essential oil (Caraway) can shrink pores, stop bleeding, treat influenza, reduce phlegm, edema, antibacterial, diuretic, rheumatic pain, varicose veins, cellulitis, and has excellent effects on the reproductive system. It is a fixative and coordinating agent widely used in the fragrance industry. It is also commonly used as a raw material for insecticides, disinfectants, and room sprays. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, cedar oil can be processed to produce high-end spices such as methyl cedar enone, methyl cedar ether, and cedar alkane ether.

The main chemical components of cypress oil are: α-cedrene, γ-ylanolene, α-cedrol, limonene, ocimene, α-terpineol, curcumene, α-salpine, and terpinolene. , α-pinene, carene, δ-piperene, β-elemene, kubrene, amyrlene, α-pinene, ostene, parasulfane, B-germanene, etc. .

Cupressaceae is an evergreen tree. Also known as line cypress, cypress fragrant tree, and fragrant cypress. The bark is brownish gray, flaky and longitudinally split. Branchlets flat. The leaves are scale-shaped and alternately opposite. Flowers unisexual, monoecious. The cones are born on the tops of short branches and mature in two years. Mature fruit is brown, with woody seed scales, shield-shaped, and 3 to 4 seeds. The seeds are oblong, slightly flat, with narrow wings on both sides. There are about 20 species in this genus, and there are 6 species in China: cypress, fragrant cypress, Minjiang cypress, Tibetan cypress, giant cypress, and Jiange cypress. Cypress oil can be distilled from conifers, wood, stumps, roots, sapwood, and sawdust. Cypress oil can be used to add fragrances, fixatives, etc. to cosmetics. Cypress oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the roots, trunks, branches and leaves of the Cupressaceae trees. The names vary depending on the source of raw materials. The oil obtained from cypress is called cypress oil, and the oil obtained from arborvitae, juniper and juniper is called arborvitae wood oil, juniper wood oil and juniper wood oil respectively.

Cedar Oil Uses

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10 Benefits and Uses of Cedar Essential Oil

Eczema is a common skin disease that can cause dryness, redness, itching, blistering, or rupture of the skin. Some users have found that cedar essential oil can reduce the unpleasant dryness and inflammation caused by eczema. There are several ways to use cedar essential oil in daily life, by adding essential oil to body wash or facial cleanser; Dilute the infected or itchy area with base oil and wipe it off; Or use five drops of cedar essential oil to soak yourself in the bathtub.

What effect does cedar essential oil have on your hair? Cedar essential oil seems to stimulate hair follicles and increase scalp circulation. This helps with hair growth and may slow down hair loss. Traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapy experts often recommend cedar essential oil for hair thinning and various types of hair loss.
What is the most suitable compound essential oil for hair growth? There is evidence to suggest that applying cedar essential oil to the scalp, along with thyme, rosemary, and lavender, improves hair growth in up to 44% of hair loss patients after 7 months of treatment. To take advantage of this potential benefit, you can add cedar essential oil to shampoo or conditioner, or dilute and massage the scalp with coconut oil, then let it stand for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Inflammation of joints and surrounding tissues is a common symptom of arthritis, and this pain or discomfort leads to weakness; It can be alleviated by using cedar essential oil, as it has inherent anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, due to its therapeutic benefits, local painkillers for joint and muscle pain include cedar essential oil. Topical application on the skin can reduce inflammation and minimize joint stiffness and discomfort. You can mix cedar essential oil with a base oil and apply it locally on inflamed areas, or you can try using 5-10 drops of cedar essential oil to soak in a bathtub.

Cedar essential oil is a comfortable and peaceful essential oil, as well as a pleasant woody aroma. It adds warm hues to perfume or compound essential oils. In addition, when used at home, it acts as a natural deodorant, refreshing the air. Aromatherapy with cedar essential oil or add it to natural essential oil body.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to enhance physical and mental health. If you want to calm down and relax, you may think of cedar essential oil. A study conducted on animals found that cedar essential oil has a significant sedative effect. That’s why you may want to use cedar essential oil to treat sleep disorders. Try spreading cedar essential oil with an aromatherapy machine before bedtime to utilize its calming effect.

The active ingredients of Cedar essential oil, including Cedarol β- Cedarene and Rohamberene are known to have diuretic effects. This means that cedar essential oil can increase the frequency of urination, help the body eliminate toxins and excess water.

A study conducted by Dr. Terry Friedman and Dr. Dennis Eggert from Brigham Young University found that using cedar essential oil in children can greatly improve their attention and learning abilities. 34 children with ADHD were given one of three essential oils (cedar, magnolia, or lavender), divided into sniffing or completely non sniffing for control.
The children put the essential oil close to their nostrils, three times a day, deeply sniffing three times each time for thirty days. At the end of the study, 30 subjects underwent a re examination of electroencephalogram (EEG) and attention parameters – T.O.V.A. (Test of Variables of Attention). Researchers found that the brain activity of participants in both the Orchid Grass and Cedar groups improved and symptoms of ADHD were reduced.

Cedar essential oil has anti spasmodic effects and helps to relieve cough. If you cough, you can try using cedar essential oil before going to bed at night. Mix two drops of cedar essential oil with base oil and apply them to your chest and throat, then gently rub for another minute. If you feel suffocated, you can also apply this mixture to your upper lip to help with breathing.

Cedar essential oil can drive away pests, especially ants, ticks, and fleas. You can dilute the essential oil with water and spray it on your skin (because the essential oil is insoluble in water, “water dilution” is not accurate, shake it fully before use to make it as even as possible). As a natural bedbug spray, drive them away from the outside, or use a incense burner to keep them away from homes or apartments. You can also spray diluted cedar essential oil on furniture to prevent pests.
A study measured the effectiveness of Cedar essential oil and its active ingredient Cedarol against ants and ticks. Research has found that essential oils have a strong repellent effect on fire ants, while black legged tick nymphs exhibit dose-dependent mortality when exposed to Cedarol. In addition, when used at the highest dose (6.3mg/ml), Cedarol killed 100% of ticks.

Because cedar essential oil is a sedative, it has the ability to relieve tension and stress, which can have a negative impact on your health. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind, can also reduce inflammation and muscle pain, and cause skin irritation.

Is Cedar Oil Harmful to the Human Body?

Cedar oil is a raw material for making spices and microscope oil. It contains a relatively strong sandalwood fragrance, so it is often used in the production of cosmetics to make the texture of cosmetics more moisturizing. At the same time, cedar oil is also used as microscope oil. The texture of cedar oil is relatively delicate. When used as microscope oil, it can lubricate materials in details, but it will not cause damage to the microscope.

  1. Is cedar oil harmful to the human body?
    Cedar oil is harmless to the human body, but it is also inedible. It will not cause any harm to the skin when touched with hands on a daily basis. It is precisely because of the harmlessness of cedar oil that cedar oil is also used as a raw material for making cosmetic fragrances. It can not only give cosmetics a certain fragrance and improve the quality of cosmetics, but at the same time it will not cause harm to the human facial skin. It is A rare spice. Compared with ordinary industrial fragrances, the fragrance of cedar oil is fresher and is a simple sandalwood fragrance, so it also has a very calming effect.
  2. The effect of cedar oil as microscope oil
    The first effect of using cedar oil as microscope oil is to lubricate the details of the microscope, allowing the microscope to be used for a longer period of time without causing damage to the details of the microscope. Another function is to use it as an oil lens in a microscope. Compared with other lenses, oil lenses have higher magnification and more obvious effects. Therefore, cedar oil, which has a refractive index very similar to that of glass, is generally added to the microscope as an oil lens. It can also allow the microscope to absorb more light, thereby amplifying the effect of the microscope.
  3. Can cedar oil be used to make soap?
    Cedar oil can also be used to make soap. The main ingredient in soap is oil, which forms solid soap through certain chemical reactions. Cedar oil is a relatively greasy extract. It is harmless to the human body and has a certain fragrance, so it is also chosen as a raw material for making soap. However, because the production cost of cedar oil is relatively high, it is generally not used in too much quantity. Instead of using cedar oil in the soap making process, a small amount of cedar oil is used as a raw material in soap to give the soap a certain sandalwood fragrance.


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