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Basic Info of Choline Chloride

What is Choline Chloride?

Choline chloride was developed by the Agricultural Technology Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in 1964, registered as a plant growth regulator in 1987, and also became vitamin B4. The common choline chloride on the market is divided into plant carrier type choline chloride and Silica (silica) as a carrier for choline chloride. my country’s output is about 400,000 tons, accounting for more than 50% of global production capacity.

Choline chloride is not choline, but a salt of choline cation (cholinecation; CA+) and chloride ion (Cl-). The real choline should be an organic base composed of choline cation (CA+) and hydroxyl (OH), which occurs naturally in many plants. Simply put, 1.15g of choline chloride is equivalent to 1g of choline. It has been registered as a sweet potato rooting agent and root tuber in Japan, and is widely used in fruit crops.

Actually, choline chloride was first used in animal feed, and has the function of promoting egg manufacturing in laying chickens, so it is also called egg-increasing component; it is the most extensively made use of choline supplement in the feed industry.

Cholinechloride is physiologically required for normal brain function and is used in Alzheimer’s disease; in skin care, it is primarily used as a moisturizer, sometimes in premenopausal women Used to keep the mucous membrane moist.

Choline Chloride Uses

  1. Choline chloride can efficiently prevent and also deal with fat deposition and also cells deterioration in livestock as well as chicken organs. Can promote the absorption as well as synthesis of amino acids. It can boost the physique as well as illness resistance of animals as well as fowl, advertise development and advancement, and boost the egg production rate of fowl.
  2. Choline chloride is a very efficient nutritional supplement and fat-removing representative.
  3. Choline chloride is a vitamin B drug used for hepatitis, liver function deterioration, very early cirrhosis, pernicious anemia and also various other conditions.
  4. Choline chloride is a plant photosynthesis marketer, which has noticeable effect on boosting yield. It can be used to boost yield of corn, sugar walking stick, pleasant potato, potato, radish, onion, cotton, cigarette, veggies, grapes, mango, etc.
  5. As a vitamin product, it is extensively utilized in medicine, healthcare items and also food nourishment.
  6. As an artificial additive, choline chloride is preferred by residential users as a result of its high web content of choline (85%) and also its low price.
  7. Choline chloride is an important feed additive, especially for growing chickens.

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About Choline Chloride

Choline is an essential component of lecithin, which plays a vital function in keeping the regular structure and feature of cell membrane layers and lipid metabolic process, and also can prevent fat deposition in the liver. Choline is additionally an important element in the synthesis of the natural chemical acetylcholine, which also functions as a methyl benefactor in the synthesis of methionine.

Feed contains a certain amount of choline, and the liver can also synthesize some in the body, so it generally does not cause choline deficiency, but poultry, especially chicks, have a large demand for choline, and the synthesis is also small. Or long-term feeding with less choline-containing feed (such as corn) can easily lead to deficiency. Choline deficiency can also be caused when poultry suffers from liver disease and when the vitamin B2 and folic acid levels in the feed are insufficient. When choline is deficient, pigs show slowed growth, joint stiffness, dyskinesia, liver fat deposition, and reduced reproductive performance. Poultry shows slow growth, short and thick tibia, prone to tendon debridement, fatty liver, and decreased egg production.

What Effect does Choline Chloride have on Laying Hens?

  1. Chicken feed consists of a specific quantity of choline chloride, which can also be manufactured in hens. Due to the increase of its synthetic ability with the increase of age, the demand for choline in chickens increases, especially for chicks, but its The synthesis speed can not meet the needs of growth and development, if not pay attention to add prone to deficiency.
    In addition, the ability of the body to synthesize choline is related to the amount of choline added to the feed in the growing period. Adding too much choline to the feed in the growing period will cause the chicken’s own choline synthesis ability to decline, which will make the chicken’s ability to choline in adulthood. Lack is more sensitive.
  2. Choline is synthesized in the liver, and vitamin B12, methionine and folic acid play an important role in the synthesis of choline, so when poultry suffers from liver disease or the content of vitamin B12, methionine and folic acid in the feed is insufficient, it can also cause bile Alkali deficiency.
    In addition, the raw materials for choline synthesis in the liver are methionine and serine. If the level of choline in the feed is appropriate, methionine does not have to be used as a raw material for choline synthesis. Because the price of choline is very cheap, adding an appropriate amount of choline can not only save methionine, but also more economical.
  3. The demand of choline is associated with the energy concentration of the diet. When fed a high-energy and high-fat diet, on the one hand, the chicken’s feed intake is reduced, and the amount of choline intake is insufficient; on the other hand, the liver also needs More choline is used to synthesize lipoprotein to transport fat out of the liver, so attention should be paid to the addition of choline to the diet.
  4. Vitamin B2 and B5 are related to the utilization of choline in the body. When they are deficient, it will cause the utilization of choline disorder, and a similar choline deficiency will appear.


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